Friday, September 2, 2011

Life is Going smooth

Hey All

I wish u all r fit and fine. I have not posted since quite long. So though lets write something new. Things are quite steady and stable now.  In June I was facing the worst time of life may be. Ah I even hate to remind those days to myself. As I written after new start, everything is settled down now.
New job is pretty good. As you know I am the PL and TL so it is good. J TLs used to make work their team members and they used to get relax and pass time. That’s something I am also doing and enjoying being official TL in good company.  Not like the one in past where almost every1 or 70% of staff was TL. Duh. :P But as you know I am one of the good TLs so used to be interactive with team and make them learn so many new things and I am also learning  more and more from their questions.  I usually spend my time in client communication, team’s query resolution,  Ranking + traffic + goal increase, new tactic and so on. And side by side having fun on FB and listening music. One more thing in my new office to I am getting max tea. I use to get 2 cup of tea. J My all office boys used to understand that I like to have 2 cup of tea or more quantity. J
Freelancing SEO task is also good. As I get tired not doing much effort in surfing clients. But yes if I get any client then give satisfied work.  I have 1 boy working under me for freelancing task. So in short business life is going good.

Personal life is also good. As I got the most loving and carrying parents of the world, I am having fun. Wright now single so enjoying the freedom. J I used to spend my holidays in sleeping as I love sleeping J It is like if time of waking up is 7:45 AM and if u wake me up at7:42 AM. I will sleep back for 3 more mints as I love my sleep. Using minimum phone. You can say right now the time is same when I love to be alone and love to be with me only. I have no friends to whom I talk every day and feel uneasy if don’t get to talk. No one is there like that. Not have much interest in TV or movie much.  So for others it could be boring but for me it is best time I m having right now. Just doing my job and giving maximum time to myself. J

 Ganesha festival is going on right now and  ganapati bapa moriya is in the air. In our office also we brought ganesha and worship it. It is really good to have vighnaharta. Apart from that my friend s going to be mumma so I am happy for her. J The only problem is the old one AMTS. Bus problem which make me irritate and agry 2 times a day. I am sick of it. :P But have no solution. Auto drivers take 3x money and even after that not coming sometime. And AMTS is same :P I am thinking to get vehicle but what about them who can’t afford vehicle or auto. I wish our Govt give lil attention to AMTS also rather than spending only on BRTS L

Huh so in short right now after quick ups and downs I am living steady, slow and sweet life.  I”ll catch u again here and try t write soon till then b bye. Live the love and feel the life. Live in the moments as u will loss it and never get it back again. J