Saturday, November 20, 2010

Run after dreams can make us lonely

Hi guys

How's life going on?? Today again I am here to share a poem with you guys. Ah no it is not made by me so u don't need to bear me :D . The thing is my life is too much busy in making my career. I have just isolated myself from the world around me. You can say I have lost the relations and friends as I couldn't give them time and importance as much I love them. And they couldn't understand me, so they left me behind. And right now I don't have any kind of regret for that. But it might be possible after few years I"ll think about the dear ones. :) The poem which I am going to share is something I will think when I"ll get time for myself and sit quietly.

So here we go..

Aaj na jane kyu rone ka man kiya,
Maa k aanchal me sir chhupa kar rone ka man kiya,
Duniya ki bhag daud me kho chuki thi rishtey sab,
Aaj kyu un sare rishto ko ek sire se sanjone ka mann kiya,
Kisi din bhid me dekhi thi kisi ki aankhe,
Aaj phir un ankhome khone ka man kiya...
Roj sapanose batein karati thi mein,
Aaj na jane kyu unse muh modne ka mann kiya..
Juth bolti hu apne aap se roj me,
Aaj na jane kyu khud se ek sach bolne ka dil kiya..
Dil todti hu sabka apni bato se me,
Aaj na jane kyu ek tuta dil jodne ka dil kiya...
Na Jane kyu aaj rone ko man kiya..

This poem is true for all those people who are running for their career, business or money.. I would like to say one thing I have never given importance to money more than my relations or friends but my friends got busier in their life and left me alone behind so I made myself more busier and see now I am happy. Because my funda is be happy and at least try to make others happy in any situation. Because you get life only once and anyone's presence or absence never stops life. So try to enjoy each and every moment in a way life wants. If you are alone then enjoy loneliness as it has it's own fun if you see. And if you are in crowd the enjoy there as well. :) Try this once. I am sure you will fall in love with life, just like me. So say cheers to the beautiful and precious gift given by God and our parents called LIFE. :)

So it's time to go. This is R J Aashaka signing off for now. Gooooood Bye.... C U.. Sabba kherr.. And I"ll catch you soon at the same place ;) Till then be happy and make others happy :)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Poem Made by me


How are you guys. I am tired and sleepy and lil sick due to bad weather here. As you might know, it is time of winter but it's raining here. Today I was just sitting and got remembered all my friends whom i lost in the run of career and studies and just made a poem in Hindi. I know i m not a big poet but i would like to share this with you guys..

Judai me bhi pyar tha jab humara Dil bekarar tha..

Dur rehkar bhi pas the hum jab aapke liye khas the hum...

Aaj Pas hokar bhi sath nahi.. Wo ehsas wo jasbat nahi...

Milo ke hai jese fasle jinake bharane ki ab koi aas nahi....

Tera sath hota to akele hi lad lete hai is jahan se...

Par sayad ab hum itane pas nahi...

Meri ankhe tarasti hai tere didar ke liye par ab sayad tuje mera intejar nahi..

Karungi intejar janmo janam tera,  Chahe tere laut kar aane ki ab koi aash nahi..

Missing you

I know i am not so good but it is something i written roughly and wanted to share with you guys. I will appreciate if you guys say something on it. I mean leave a comment with your thought. Specially you my regular visitor from Maharastra. I know you regularly visit my place so i would like to hear from you. :)

Ah this is too late now. No I"ll see TV for few minutes now and then sleep. I am feeling very sleepy but i used to not sleep till at least 1 AM. Why? Even i don't know. You can say I am complicated. LOL..

Ok so I"ll come back soon. Till then gooooooooooood byeeeeeee. C U Sabba khaer.. I"ll catch you soon at the same place. Till then be happy.. make others happy :)

Some more pictures of Diwali celebration

Hey guys

I am really sorry for being so irregular but what to do there is tooooo much of work load i have and also other stuff going on in life. I"ll share it with you soon. Right now i m sharing few more diwali celebration pic as per promise. so here we go.
Rangoli at other office - so beautiful!!!

Decoration done by Ash & Setu

My Glass

Mobile Computing guys

Setu's Desk Blloon

Setu made my A at my Desk :)

Mobile Computing Dept - just beside us

Mobile Computing Part - Decoration by Mobile Computing Guys

Mobile Computing Part - Decoration by Mobile Computing Guys

Mobile Computing Part - Decoration by Mobile Computing Guys

So here are the picture. We took 121 snaps but I was there is in others and I really don't wanted to break the surprise and your imagination about my looks :) BTW this mobile computing guys make much noise sometimes by cracking poor jokes in between. They were seated inproperly but I instruct them to sit in good pose so you will looks nice. LOL

Ok the bbyeeeee. C U. Sabba kher. This is R J Aashaka signing off. I"ll catch you soon at the same place till then Be happy and make others happy...

Friday, November 12, 2010

Photos of Diwali Celebration at Office

Hi Guys

As I promissed hereby i m posting some snaps we took on kalichaudas in Diwali celebration. Ah no you will not get to see me but you will get to see others :)

Happy Diwali

Rangoli Made by us with my Hand snap

Rangoli Made by us with my Hand snap

Rangoli Made by other girls

I"ll add some more tomorrow

Till then byeeeeeee

Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Best Kali Chaudas of my Life

Hey guys

I wanted to share this on the same day but I couldn't find time. As on kali chaudas means at 4th Nov I had to work till 3 am as I had to go out of station on Diwali for worship and I also have to submit the reports to client.

So let's talk about the fun I had and I was too exited to share with you guys. On 4th Nov we had Diwali celebration at office. I went to office on my time. When I reached at office it was completely decorated but the 2 big glasses behind me were undecorated. My friend loves to do decoration as per her verdicts she given me before. And I also like to do it but I have one stat of mind either I let others do decoration and I sit quietly or if I start then I do it thoroughly as I always give my 100%.  Ok ok  I am coming to the point. A boy my office came and ask us to decorate our part and for that he given us few baloons and decorative strings. I took it for my friend as she like it. But after just started decoration, she has started feeling shy as boys were staring at 2 girls decorating the office. BTW in my office we are only 2 girls among around 40 boys. I was doing my job of decoration as I was not looking at others. But she was feeling awkward. I ask her to ignore them but she didn't. So after sometime, she gone outside for helping in Rangoli drawing but I keep decorating. I deorated my desk and others as well. :) People were seems happy and pleased and impressed from my decorating skills. LOL I am apreaciating myself but truth is truth. I did best out of waste as we got material not used by them. Some strings were broken and so on. But our part was looking too good :)

After that a boy of our company told us to draw another Rangoli as the previous one was not so good according to him. I thought let's give it a try. I had never tried my hand on Rangoli this berfore. But fortunately the first rangoli of my life was good. And there was equall contribution of my sweet friend in drawing it with another SEO collegue. A mobile computing guy was also came there to help but he was just taking chance of talking with girls. Ah boys will be always boys. LOL

After that we worked for a while and then in break time. For the first time we get down of our building and took too many snaps. I was really exited. We took snaps in stairs, lift, to cars, activa and so on. People were staring us but when Ash is in mood of fun, she doesn't care of anyone. She just live in her own world of joy and happiness but shetu(my frd) was lil shy so we couldn't take as may snaps as I wanted.

Then I had also took snaps of our office decorations. Mobile computing guys ask me to take their pics. So I took their pics also. When I go there with cam they just sat with a pose and dirt. I pointed to unarranged chairs and packet of wafers so they arranged those stuff and I took pics. For the first time I walked in 80% area of my office. Otherwise in past 2 months of my job I have used only 30% area. Boys were keep trying to talk with us ;) but we didn't given them much opportunities.

After some work we get breakfast. There was burger, Samosa, Kachori, Gulab Jamun and cold drink. I ate all that stuff except Kachori. Then we used to talk with each other. Not worked much as we were in mood of enjoyment. At the end guys were leaving the office early but as we were new comers me and shetu can't leave. So we just sat there and people came to us and wished us diwali. Surprisingly again that mobile computing guy came to us to say happy diwali and for shaking hand with us. I used to call him Chimpanzee.  I give him surprising look and then shook hand with him with an artificial smile. After he gone, my friend said "He didn't left a moment" LOL.

The most funniest thing happened at last. My friend gone to washroom for getting ready as his fiance was coming to pick her. And there is a bad habit of my office's boys that sometime they go in ladies washroom. But this time my friend just knocked the door until that guy came out. LOL. That was really funny and the thing she did even i can't. LOL I am sure that boy will never go in girl's washroom ever. LOL.

Finally the day ends at the office. So I just came home. Yeah AMTS troubled me on festival day as well. I had to wait for 1.30 hrs for a bus :( then I came home took rest and then work till 3 AM.

Ah as always a too long post. But what to do I am too talkative  :) Thanks guys for reading this long long posts. But why don't you live comment?? I would like to see your thoughts and views as well and would love to talk with ou. So in this new year leave comment. I"ll get snaps of office celebration tomorrow so I"ll post pictures here :) Ah no you can not see me but you will get to see my office and other people probably.

So Wish you guys great Diwali and a successful new year ahead. This is time to say good bye to you guys. I"ll try to catch you soon as I love to write here. Goooooooood Byyyyyyyyye, C U Sabba Kher This is R J Aashaka signing off ... Till then keep smiling. Be happy and try to make others happy.

Diwali - Hindu Festival chain of Happiness and Joy

Hi guys..

Happy Diwali to all of you. Finally I got time for my place. Today I would like to talk about the biggest Indian festival which is known as Diwali. Ah don't worry it won't be long speech. It will be short and sweet introduction to the longest Hindu festival

Diwali is festival of 5 continuous days and 1 day come after the break. :)

Diwali starts with Vag Baras. In English it's Tiger Twelve. LOL. funny name.. From this day Diwali get stared. People starts lighten up their houses, offices and also start eating good food as Indian loves eating good foof. Specially we Gujjus. ;)  Our mother used to make many items at home like Mathiya, Suvari, Gugara, Puri, Chevado and so on.You have to be my guest this diwali to taste it :)

Second day is Dhan Teras. In English it's Money Thirteen. :D On this day people used to worship their jwellary and money and pray to Lakshami mata who is Goddess of Money. And for Indians money is adorable. On this day people also do worship of Books and notebooks. On this day we pray to Lakshmiji to be with us forever and give us wealth. :)

Third day is called Kali Chaudas. In Eng. it's black 14 :D . On this night our moms make special food called vada and she glance off us and our home. She used to pray that black looks and negativity stay away from us and our home. And She go and put that vadas at circle. This procedure is called "Kakarat kadhvo" LOL means get discord and negativity and fights out of our home. Forign people might think it's weird or funny but for us it's our tradition and we love it :)

Fourth is Diwali. There is Mythical belief that on this day God Shri Ram came to his kingdom with his wife Sita and younger brother Lakshaman from exile after 14 years. And that's why his city people celebrate that day. And lighten up the whole city. They made firework and eat sweets in happiness. On this day they got their God back. So we people on Diwali lighten up our houses and do firework.

Fifth day is New Year which is hindu new year. On that day as per Hindu calender our year changes which is called Vikram Savanr. This time we have entered in Vikram Savant 2067. On this day we used to go and meet our friends and relatives and wish them best wishesh for new year.

Then comes Bhai Bij. In Eng it's Brother two. On this day brothers go to the home of their married sisters and his sister make good food for him and serve him with her love. And brother give good wishes and gift to his sister. As per mythical belief on this day Yamaraj (God of Death) was gone to his sister's house for feast.

This 6 days are continuously enjoyed and celebrated as chain of festival. And after 10 days a estival called Dev Diwali which is part of Diwali. Again on that day we lighten up our houses, offices and do firework..

So that was about the Diwali. Ah no I am not going as still there is few more posts to come :)

So keep reading and also commenting as I would like to know your views :)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Happy Diwali from your Ash

Hey Guys
Happy  Diwali all of you. I am going for Diwali holidays to Ambaji. I"ll come back on sunday and will share many things as i have so much to talk and share with you.
Happy Diwali from Ash

May This Diwali be as bright as ever.
May this Diwali bring joy, health and wealth to you.
May the festival of lights brighten up you and your near and dear ones lives.
May this Diwali bring in u the most brightest and choicest happiness and love you have ever Wished for.
May this Diwali bring you the utmost in peace and prosperity.
May lights triumph over darkness.
May peace transcend the earth.
May the spirit of light illuminate the world.
May the light that we celebrate at Diwali show us the way and lead us together on the path of peace and social harmony "WISH U A VERY HAPPY DIWALI"

Have great fun guys!!! :)

Monday, November 1, 2010

Holly story of Pavagadh

Hey guys

How are you doing? I am sorry as I am late again in updating my blog. But i know you guys can understand the busy schedule of mine..

Now lets talk about Pavagadh. Pavagadh is a heritage place of Gujarat. You can get the history of it's heritage tombs  on Google so i m not gonna repeat it. I am just going to share the holly story of Ma Mahakali who is residing there.

There was a king called Patai Raval who was ruling the Champaner which is situated in the foot of Pavagadh. That was the golden time of Pavagadh and Champaner as Ma MAhakali was residing there happily. Mahakali ma was not so dark at that time. But she was very beautiful, fair and pretty. She used to go to Chmpaner to play Garba. And Patai used to see her. He got attracted towards Mahakali Ma.

Bhadrakali Ma is elder sister of Mahakali Ma. Bhadrakali get to know that king is looking Mahakali with dirty looks so she stopped Mahakali to go for playing garba. But Mahakali refused to stay and went for playing garba. As Bhadrakali is elder sister and Mahakali didn't listened to her at all, She got upset and angry with Mahakali. And that's why she sat in opposite side of Mahakali. Still if you go to Pavagadh, You can see the temple of Bhadrakali which has Bhadrakali's Back towards Mahakali Temple.

After ignoring Bhadrakali, Mahakali went for playing garba. When she was playing garba, king Patai forgotten everything against her beauty and decided to make her queen of him. He just went to her with a dirty look and hold her Palav(sari). Mahakalai laughed and said "Poor king! Leave my sari. I m like your mother". But Patai said "No I wont leave you at all. I am going to make you my queen". Mahakali got very very angry and became too black and darker in anger and give him curse that Champaner and your complete kingdom will destroyed completely. Now no one can save you and your kingdom" After that curse Mohammad Begada attacked Champaner and won it. Patai got destroyed completely. Because of Mahakali curse Champaner was compelety destroyed and there was no people for long time..

After giving curse as a woman Mahakali feel embarrassed and felt that a man looked dirtily and talked like this with me. She thought I just want to diaper and fill in the earth. Soi she ran to Pavagadh and started filling in earth. But at the end Sandasah Pir (brother of  Mahakali) hold her hair and said "If you will be completely filled in the earth and disapear then who will honor you or who worship you? You have to be here and give blessings to your followers as you will be the Goddess of Kaliyug. So Mahakali stopped filling inside at the moment. So only eyes are apear and the whole body of Mahakali is in cave below the temple of Pavagadh. The look of Mahakali in the cave is too dangerous and scary. So nobody go there and as per the saying whoever see that get scared so much, he will be died at a moment.

There is one more cave below Bhadrakali temple which starts from Pavagadh and ends at Bhadrakali temple, Lal darvaja, Ahmedabad.

So next time whenever you visit Pavagadh surely mark these things as per the story. First Bhadrakali's temple is completely opposite with showing back to Mahakali temple. Second In Mahakali temple only her eyes and head is visible. And third Sandsa pir resides above Mahakali's head who stopped her from filling in to the earth.. :)

Apart from that there are many place you can visit like Sat Kaman, Sat Kothar, Tomb and so on

 Mahakali ma as she used to get angry sooner, There is one very famous saying which i would like to share with you guys. That's " Rije to ape rajpat ne khie to kare khedan medan" which means if she get pleased from you she will give you the royalty and kingdom but if she get angry, she will completely destroy you in a momnet.

So say Jay Mahakali MA... Lil louder Mahakali Mat ki Jayyyyyyyyyy...

So it's time to say bye guy. As always again a longer post but i m helpless as i m too talkative. :)

Gooooooooood Niiiiiiiiiight, Goooooooood Byeeeeeeeeee. Have a great time.. C U Sabba Kher... This is R J Aashaka signing off .. Catch you at the same place soon. Till then keep reading and keep commenting. Till then b happy and make others happy.. :)