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Day-4 of Goa trip 28-Dec-2010 and 3rd day in Goa

Day-4 of Goa trip 28-Dec-2010 and 3rd day in Goa

I got ready early morning. Today was day leisure. So we were suppose to do whatever we want. .net frds of mine were 4 namely sam, krun, vimu & Maitu. So they rented 2 activas. So I left alone behind :( Though it was expected so i was ready with backup plan of giving whole dday to myself and spend time on beach. But then Kalpu forced me to go out. She was on activa with Mit & I met a new person called Raj.. He was quite inteligent. He was also brahmin but used to drink and eat non veg :-| He shown me nut tress. He also taught me palm reading a bit.
We visited many Anjuna beach, Vagator beach and Armbol beach. Really nice places. Arambol beach is famous for it's sunset view but 20 km far from city. The way to the beach is tooooooooo romantic. I was feeling like i wish my dream boy could be with me here rather than rajeshbhai :( But i enjoyed the beauty. And had great fun as well. Again i had enjoyed my lonelyness on beacjes intentionally. All of they were walking on the bank but i was inside the water.

We had halt for lunch at noon. But I was not feel to eat so sisn't ate ya but kalpu forced me so tasted the food. It was better than resort. Rajbhai ordered bear. Me and a boy Umang tasted it by taking a dip of it. Then i came out of hotel and was talking with a frd about it on phone at other side of road. Suddenely a foriegner cam and stand lil far from me, removed his gogles and put it on his head, stood in a style and start staring me.. I given a weird expression and came on the other side of road where the boys of group i came with standing. That forigner took a llok on me & went inside the hotel. Boys was saying "go go he is trying to impress you. Go and have snap with him". LOL but i didn't. After having great time we came back to resort. We got freshed and then to taste kaju feni and vodka mw and kalpu went to Rajbhai & Mitesh room. I tasted Kaju feni by taking a sip or 2. Then I tasted vodka. But by mistake i drunk neat sip of vodka. It was burning everywhere in a single sip. My eyes were not opening properly and i was keep twinkling.

Then we went for DJ but nobody was there so gone for dinner i was quite hungry. Then I did palm reading of so many people. But deeply read palm of Sam & Krun. It was fun. Then all of us except kalpu & meet went to the beach. On the way I got good tuning with Sam as were keep talking so much. Sam shared so many things with me. Then we went to beach, sat for a while, cracked jokes and had much fun. Then came back to resort. We sat in the boy's room for few moments and then went to our room. Maitu and Kalpu was doing packing. I was done it before as i had least lugage in all and keep packing unnecessary things. I lied on the bad. Though couldn't sleep until lights got off. :)

And that was the end of the last day in Goa tour. Tomorrow we suppose to check out early morning as we need to catch train at 11:20 AM. The check out time was of 8 AM..

Day-3 of Goa trip 27-Dec-2010 and second day in Goa

Here is the Day-3 of Goa trip 27-Dec-2010 and second day in Goa

I waked up early morning as we had decided to go for water sports on beach in the early morning. But 2 girls of my room didn't waked up so i lied on the bad again. Finally they waked up at around 7:30 AM. All 3 of us got ready and went to beach. We were 3 girls & 4 boys. they belongs to .net and sales dept. From beach 2 couple joined us. And then fun begun. BTW I wore Black pant and navy blue colored shirt. Others were wearing shorts ;)

First ride was called juchky. It is basically bike riding in the ocean. IT took 2 people. Me and Maitu gone in it. I sat in the front of bike. It was great fun. I was riding in the sea. And I dnt knw swimming :P Great fun.

Second ride was bumper. As kiran sir's daughter was crying we had decided he and his wife will go one by one. And for that we had to break pair of best friends called sam & Krun. As we had decided we will gon 1 boy and 1 girl. I had gone with Sam in Bumper. In Bumper they make us sit in small balloon boat which is tied to real boat and we jump in the waves. It was great great great fun. :) After getting out of it, I was falling in the sea due to waves. Sam helped me at that time by giving me support. Nice guy :)

Then 3rd ride was banana ride. In that there was a big ballon boat shaped like banana and shark. Was not exactly looks like banana but they used to call it the same. In that we were 5 people together namely Ash, Mit, Kalpu, Kir sir and Gaur bhai. In that ride we have to ride the banana which is tied to boat. Then they took us far in the ocean and turned around the banana which throw us in the ocean and then again we have to ride it and same thing happens near beach. When I gone for riding it a wave came and took me completely inside the water.I got my 1st complete dip. The sea water gone inside. Then it took us in the deep water and thrown us by turning around. I just gone dipped completely again and after few seconds xame out. Thogh I dnt knw swimming, my legs started moving around. I was worring of Sea creatures so wanted to go in as soon as possible. Bevause i knew that i won't drown bcz of my life jacket and life guard who was holding me. They get Kalpu and Mitesh 1st in the boat. And then my turn came. Kir Sire rided on the banana on his own again. Boatman forgotten to take Gaur up in the boat or may be he was thinking he will come up on his own as he is man. Kalpu & Mit was holding Gaur by jacket. I shouted to take him up and finally boatman took him up. 4 of us sat on the boat out of 5. But Kir sir asked us to have complete fun & get ride banana again. So except Gaur all of us rided it and again got a dip in the sea. B4 that Kalpu was shouting to take us nearest to beach and then only turn around the banana. LOL. It was really great advanture.

Then 4th ride was paracelling. We all gone in a boat and then they send us on parashote in pairs. He cahrged extra for dipping in sea. But we did it as all of us wanted to get the full fun. I had gone with Sam again. It was great fun. I was feeling like I am flying in the air. I was hanging up and there was huge unended ocean all around down. Ah what a beauty I had seen. It was a feling i cant express but it was the best best best moment in the Goa for me. I just don't wanted to go down. But I had to go :( Well All sports were over there...

Then we left the beach and move ahead for the resort. Me, Krun & Sam was together. We were playing antakshari on the way. It was really fun singing songs on the roads of Goa :D I had fast on that day as it was Monday. I didn't gone for lunch. Other took lunch and then we left for sight seing in the Bus. I sat with Vaisu Bhabhi. First we went to a famous church of Goa. I drank costly coconut water there. :)

Then Kir sir asked guide where are we going?? He told Meeramar beach but Kir sir misheard it and told us Mera MAl. LOL. It was fun. Then we gone to MeeraMar beach which is known as white sand beach. But water was mudy over there. But still I weted my feet in it. :D As this is the real fun to go at beach. Then I wrote my name on the beach. Made temples of sand on the beach. And then walked a bit around alone. As I love to be with myself :) Then We went out side and others started eating junk food called pani puri, bhelpuri and so on. I had fast so i was standing alone. I was enjoying my lonelyness intentionaly. As i said i love to be with me ;)

Then we moved ahead towards cruise. On the way we bought the famous nuts of Goa from Panjim. Then went to beach. We had to wait for quite long for cruise. Finally we got it. We had seen Santa and folk dances of Goa as well as portugal :) There was also dance for us. 2 girls with me didn't came with me but i coulnd stop myself & just gone on the dance floor and danced. :D Then we went to the bus again. Gaur and his son danced in the Bus. It was fun watching them We sung songs and did tooooooo much of fun on the way. Finaly came back to resort and had dinner. I had fast and but couldn't eat much as didnt liked the foos. But I ate ice cream well. Straberry ice cream was really nice. During that i got a call from a frd that she is getting married in 1st week of Jan. I was quite socked on that news as before 25th dec there was nothing like that. And as per the Hinduism we dnt arrange marriges in Jan till 15th Jan. Then why so early?? Why suddenly. It made me thinking. I tlked with her but didnt got answer. I can say this is what we call destiny.

Well then we went to our room. Others were playing cards. I was watching TV as per my nature. Maitu was keep saying Ash loves to watch Tv as whwnever i enter in the room I used to ask for the remote and on the TV> :D Well then they gone away. And I tried to sleep :) Suddenly i seen a dream that sea wave cam on me and wet me and woke up. Again tried to sleep and i had seen I sleeped from the stair of calangute beach and woke up again :D And finally i got my sleep ;)

The day was one of the most memorable day of my life and I will never ever forget even a single moment of it. I love u God and also very thankful to bring that day in my life. A flying kiss for u :-*

Day-2 of Goa trip 26-Dec-2010

Here is the Day-2 of Goa trip 26-Dec-2010

Early morning of next day around 6:30 AM, we got out off the train at Thivim. People were taking snaps and also cracking jokes. Funiest was Karan. He was shoting like a auto driver and name of places were of Abad like Kalupur, Maninagar, Civil.

We had to wait for sometime for the Bus. Finally got the Bus which took us to the 4 star resort. The morning view of Goa was beautiful. When we reache at resort, we got 1st bad news that we can't get check in untill 12 PM. Bcz as per the rule check in time is 12 PM. I find that behaviour of hotel staff was bit rude towards Indian tourists and biest to forigners.

We had nothing to do with and even didn't got morning tea :( We put out lugage in lugage room and went to beach called Calangute. From far It seems to be a huge blue wall. When I came nearer I was mesmorized. I have seen ocean for the first time in my life. It was great feeling. Local vendors harresed a bit. Specially earing and tatoo vendors.

I sat there on a beach. People were started taking snaps and so on. After sometime We go to get tea. As I am Brahmin by cast, I even don't drink water before taking bath. At that day I had to take tea bcz of Dad and lack of managment of the company. :( I was with the PHP guys and multimedia girl. Then we had gone to see dolphin fish. We went in the middle of the sea. Dolphins were not coming out. Boatman took us here and there. Then he stopped engine and started playing songs. And when he played song "Tere mere bich me kesa hai ye bandhan anjana..1 dor khiche duja doda chala aye.." 2 dolphins came out. Though it wasa gimik of song as dolphins were far away, we staretd saying Dolphins love this song. LOL.

Then we came to hotel and finally got check in. Room was for 2 people but we have to stay 3 people there. One room partner of me was very creepy by nature. She was creeping from the morning with managment and then also creeped with another room partner of me. They were littreally fighting and asking me to judge roght & wrong. I was feeling like Oh Gosh what to do as i didn't knew the whole matter. Well then we gone for luch. I didn't liked it much so ate very less. I tasted bit everything and mostly ate rice only. Then came to my room. Changed clothes..

Then 1 partner of me called me to go out with her but i was quite tired so wanted to take rest. So i refused. But then room service and all disturbed me a lot and i couldn't rest. So I decided to go out. Though my room partner was far away. Then I gone with other girl to the beach. I weted my legs in the sea and enjoyed my evening there. It was really great feeling.

Finallyb I came back to the resort. I was feeling bit bad there as i had no group and missing my parents so i was bit upset as well. Then gone for the DJ bcz my RP-1(Room Partner-1) forced me.. I danced a lot and had great great great fun there as i m crazy about dancing. And I also got reminded that i m here to enjoy myself so i should nit care is there any 1 with me or not. I am here to enjoy my lonelyness... There was few people who were drunk over there. One of them came to me a speaked something in my ear. I couldn't here it so asked to repeat and that silly man said "I Love U". I given very weird expression and gone to the next side of the dancing group and asap got out of the DJ. BTW We did Garba on english song. Gujarati people never leave any chance of playing Garba :D Then I took dinner. Went to my room and wached TV till late night.

And then went to bad, actully sofa as I slept on sofa cum bad :) And that was the end of my first day in Goa.

Day 1 of Trip at 25-Dec-2010

So let's start talking about my trip of Goa.

My trip started on 25th-Dec-2010. My dad came with me to drop me on the station. We reached at station at exact 10:10 AM as per the call. Few people were already there and gradually all collegues gathered there. My dad asked my HR to take care of me. Then asked another sir called Mihir to take care of me and also implied that she is going alone so far for the first time so plz take care of her. It was like he still thinks i m a school girl. But it also made me feel great as it was showing his care and love for me. Then all of us gone to our platform for the train which was no 6. My coach no was S3, seat no 8 & train was okha Emalumpur Exp :). Train was bit late but finally we got it. In my coach there was a man called Bhavesh with us with his wife called Hetal. Bhaveshbhai was really kind and took great care of me. He was like an elder brother of me. Took complete care. I sat with Bhabhi for few hours. There was no lunch arrangment of lunch and dinner in the train. Though I was not hungry BhaveshBhai & Bhabhi forced me to eat so I ate little just to respect them.

Then I came back to my seat. It was really fun sitting alone. I was enjoying myself. Then a south Indian girl came & sat on my Seat in remaining place of birth. She was looking like mentally gifted kid. She was asking me to take my leg & but i refused as I thought it's my birth. She was littrealy disturbing me. Then my HR came to take me with her. I wanted to be alone & wanted to enjoy my lonelyness but due to her force I gone with her. Then I get to meet few more employees of Indianic. Played Antakshari. And people was saying I am very rich in song. And I am the master. Well thatr's true ;) It is very difficult to beat me in Antakshari. Then I came to my place late night and lied on my birth. Thogh dednt slept as i can't sleep in travelling asd didn't ate as well. That was the end of Christmas and first day of my trip. So let's go to second day in next post... I"ll catch u there

Something About Goa

Hey guys..

How are you?? I am sick. I have caught by the bad cold and cough as I drunk sea water in Goa. I came back yesterday to ahmedabad after a long travelling of around 26 hours.. And reached home even late :)

I had great great great fun over there. I have enjoyed each and every moment at Goa. Sometimes lonely and sometimes in group. Only one thing which i didn't liked was the food of Goa. But that's obvious so no complaints. I will share my experience and pica as well.. But it's too long so I"ll write it in parts. First let me write something about Goa

We stayed for 3 days there. Goa is nice place or I should say it's a lovers place. If you go there with your partner, you will feel that you are in the heaven. It is very costly as well. Because Goa is a tourist place so and also seasonal. So people try to earn as max as they can in seasson. Single cup of tea was of 15 rs. Goa is an undeveloped place and i think that is the only reason it is still so beautiful like a canvas painted by great painter God :) Beautiful beaches and natural beauty is charm of Goa. The choice of color is really weird there. Houses were painted with yellow, lemon, orange colors. Houses had roof. Only few houses has constructed ceilings.

Transport system is not so good. I had seen few taxies and no auto there. For transportation you have to either go in bus or rent bike or activa. No Petrol pump or situated at very far. So u have to buy a bottle of petrol which is also very costly... Coconut water was also costly 30 rs....

Goa is partitioned in 2 parts by a river. North Goa and South Goa. It has around 650 beaches. Few are famous. And calangute is the safest beach there. Many bollywood movies were shooted there.. And Goa is also famous for it's nuts.

Most of the foriegners were russian over there. And reason for that is Govt of Russia gives special subsidies, loans and even free trips to Goa. Yeah yeah i m telling you the reason. Actually India got free in 1947 but Goa got freedom in 1969. Till date it was under portugise rulers and portugise people promoted Goa as a tourist place to Russians by offering free or cheap trips for their business. And Russian Govt. Continued this tradition.

Goa gets tourists only in December to Feb. Indian tourists go there only in Dec-Jan. And forigners till Feb. But from March to November you will not find even a stray dog there after 10 PM. This are the words of local Goa man. So plz don't sue me if it is wrong. LOL

So that's all about Goa. Now let's talk about my trip ;)

Friday, December 24, 2010

Happiness is all around :)

Hey Guys.............. :)

How are you?? I am very good and very happy these days as there are so many reasons to be happy all around me. First reason is my close friend is getting married in this feb and we have started planning the wedding. I am going to be her best man(woman ;) ). For that we have started visiting parlours and shops for the wedding shopping and planning so much. Today we gone to 2 very famous sari shops in ahmedabad called Asopalav & Deepkala. I must say people of Deepkala doesn't have sense of handling customers at all. Both of us were gone in lunch break from office so wearing formal dresses. I liked a sari in 1st glance at Deepkala & I exclaimed "this one is beautiful". A silly rude salesman over there just speaked very rudely "It's of 23,000". I felt to leave the shop at a moment bt i had to be calm bcz of my friend. Then we gone upstairs to see Chaniya choli and the attender was as rude as the one at downstare. He might thinking that we might dnt have enough money to buy costly stuff from there. I felt like after all u r a cheap salesman. We have more than enough money to shop from here or even more costly shop. I just felt they have lost 2 future clients. Their badluck. But I would recommend not to go at deepkala ever as they don't have sense of attending a client, specially if you are not looking rich to them. x-(

Then we had gone to Asopalav and i must say the service was mind blowing. They knew that we are not going to buy anything today but still they had shown sarees in our range so nicely. And even they given demo as well. I really liked the way they attended us. My frd decided to buy sarees but nw i m also going to buy 1 for my mom.
Looking For New Happy World

It is not like that i am doing SEO of Aasopalav but this is what i have experienced. I would like to say this to everyone don't u ever judge a person from his clothes or look as he can be more than what he or shee looks. I had selected saree of only 23K but I have capacity to buy even more expensive.. Whatever let's not spoil mood.

Second reason of being happy is my papa's friend is coming to India from US so I am planning much fun and travelling in Jan. Also going to do so much wedding shopping. Apart from that we have planned a blasting celebration of Utarayana with frds. And mind blowing marrige in feb..

Now coming to present, I am going to tour to Goa tomorrow. I am going to have Christmas holidays of 5 days at Goa. And I am very very very happy about it. As finally I can get time for myself. I am going to do too much fun there. I am going to find the naughty bubbly Ash again of college time which i have lost in the professional Ash. There will be no client, no boss, no SEO, no lead, no Emp, No phone calls. Just me, My lonelyness and beaches of Goa. I can see a girl sitting on beache of Goa and have a sweet smile on her face and trying to get whole site in her eyes. Ah do much of fun!!!! I"ll share all details after coming back. I am looking for the new world!!!!!!!

As my habit I have talked a lot and now it's time to say bye for now as i haveto do so much preparation for tomorrow's trip as still i have not packed anything. So this is R J Aashaka signing off.. Till then Gooooood Byeeeeeeee.. Take care.. C U soon and Merry Christmas in advance... Have a great time.. Love you all. Be hapier and try to make people happyier around you :)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My Childhood Dream

Hi guys

How are you?? I have not decided what to write today. But when I started writing I thought let's share a dream I was seeing from my childhood. Usually girls, specially Indian girls see a dream from childhood is one day her prince charming will come on white horse and will take her to land of angles where she will live with his loving and carrying hubby and cute children.

But as you all know guys Ash is quite different from others so my dream is also different. There is a dream which brings smile on my face and always want it to happen. Ok I am not taking much footage ;) and revealing it. My dream is I enter in the office wearing feminine business suit (without tie) and employees get stand up with saying "Good Morning Mam" and I just keep walking with sweet Good Morning smile on my face and walk towards my own glass cabin. ;) I just come at home and just sat for the dinner and phone ring and I say "yeah yeah just wait I am coming now and go back to office for work" :) I have just reached at family wedding and keep instructing my employee about work and then within 5 minutes, I need to walk out from the wedding :) Office stops working or face too many problems when I take leave :) yeah my dream is to work toooooo much. I love to be busy. I love to work till mid night or over night.

You know what when I was kid and played house house, I never ever stayed at home. I have always been a working girl and goes to office and have much work and just give a call at home that I can't come for lunch as i have lots of work. :) I really loved it and still I love it.

When I talked about it to one of my male friend, he said "you are talking about girls, a guy will also not see this kind of dream". Ah but that's what I am ;)

Ad due to God and my well wishers blessing I am on the right track. As I have clients for my SEO work from overseas like US, UK, Dubai. I am regularly working for 2 multinational firms. And as you might read my previous post, I have very tight schedule. I used to wake up at 8 AM and work till 1 AM minimum. Yeah I take breaks for lunch, dinner, travelling and usual things. But you can say I used to work minimum 13 hours in a day and be on net more than it. :) Ans sometime this hours increase. As I used to work till 3 AM at night. And believe me it's really fun :)

Even when I was studying, I used to read overnights and on library. Can you believe in my college time I had only 1 bunk. Yeah that's true. I used to reach college early and goto library and read untill prayer finish then atten all lectures. And I still remember in FY I had evening lab in BCA. My lab professor used o ask me to go and I say "just 5 more min" and practice too long. I used to g oat college even in reading vacations with my queries. Ah believe me it is really fun being busy. :)

Okay okay again lmy post is going off topic and also long so I will talk to you later soon. And I will really like if you leave a comment here. I will surely reply back that's the promise.

Ok this is time togo for me now. Ah no I will not sleep. I"ll watch TV till 1 AM as I should give lil fun time to myself as well right?? So Goooooood Niiiiiiight... Gooooooooood Byeeeeeeeee. C U. Sabba kher. this is R J Aashaka signing off I"ll catch you soon at the same place till then be happy and at least try to make others happy..