Friday, December 20, 2013

Be positive, be yourself answer of all biting question

There are different kinds of people in this world. You might get in touch of people personally and professionally, few will make you feel higher and few might make you feel trapped :P I mean few people will be just as you are and few will be completely opposite to you and it is normal. You can not expect everyone to be like you. You have to mold yourself according to other somewhere somehow to make your and others' life beautiful. But sometimes everything seems to be wrong. You try your heart out make things fine, but it just get more and more worst and then the only option you can see can be take back step from the situation or create more space from the person. But sometimes the circumstances even doesn't allow you to do so. Then what can be the option? :P

Sometimes you know you are absolutely right, but somebody trying to prove you wrong in front of people important to you. You try to check the things inside you, you try to make all possible efforts to check is it you who is wrong? but after testing all possible fact from your own and others' point view still you find yourself right. Though you are right, but still try to compromise and keep on doing efforts to make things right. But at certain situation it just stop working, things start becoming worst. You are not kind of person who try to prove the innocence  to anyone, you are kind of person who believe in trust and truth and thinks Truth will come out itself, but the opponent go to everyone and start showing the pity side start gathering sympathy and show you guilty in front of people including the people important to you. It is possible that people will go with only what they see and hear and start believing the dramas going on around. And you just stand alone and guilty in eyes o everyone? Then what can you do?

Few people are blunt speak the thing as it is. Speak the truth which used to be bitter. And few people give everything sugar coated. They are sweet to everyone. They gain sympathy of everyone by showing their poor pity side and by projecting yourself as biggest villain of the earth. Though you are right, just because you are blunt and dislike to pamper anyone's ego and believe in showing mirror to everyone. Do not cry in front of people to gain their sympathy, do not believe in showing your weak side to anyone people will start thinking you are the only wrong person on the earth? Then what will you do?

Does it sounds like your own story? :) Hmm everyone thinks themselves are the only right in this universe so it doesn't matter. There is only once answer of every question I asked in above content is "Be positive, Be yourself". Do not change yourself for anything or anyone, specially if you are on side of truth, honesty, strength. If you get boycotted by anyone or everyone do not worry and think you are on right path because there is a saying in hindi "Sach ki rah pe akela hi chalana padata hai!" which means "On path of honesty/Truth you have to walk alone". And keep one thing in mind "Whatever happened will happened for good".

By the way, when I started writing this blog , I didn't had answer of these question nor had title of this blog. Writing or self assessment or talking to your best friend which is you yourself will give you answer of all questions.

Be positive, be yourself answer of all biting question :)

Now this is RJ Aashaka signing off for today. Good bye, good night, c u sabba kher catch u soon at same place :)

Monday, December 16, 2013

ShaktiPith in India - Ambaji holly Story Part 2

So have you enjoyed my past two legends or holly stories of Ambe ma? Today is time for third and last fable related to Ambaji – Gabbar. As per a mythological story, “Sati” daughter of Himalaya got married to God “Shiva” and Himalaya was unhappy with this marriage. Once Himalaya organized a Havan [Worship] and invited all God and Goddess except Shiva. Sati got ready to attend the event at his father's home. Shiva tried to convinced her to not to go there, but she still gone to be part of the holly event. Himalaya insulted his on daughter because of his anger against her wedding. He also insulted Shiva verbally in front od Sati. So Sati decided to give her life after getting humiliated by her on father and thus jumped into the flames of havan and died. When shiva seen the body of Sati, he was surrounded by so much of grief. He carried the dead body of Sati on his shoulder and started “Trandava Nrutya”. God Vishnu realized it will invite the and will destroy the earth. So he threw his Sudarshan chakra and cut the body of Sati in 108 pieces. Wherever the part of body of Sati fall, that place became “ShaktiPith” and that place is devotional by the humans. At Ambaji the heart of Sati fallen and that is why it is one of the ShaktiPith.

So this was the last mythological story of Ambaji. Apart from this there are many tourist places like Kailash Tekari which is also known as sunset point of Ambaji. Kumbhariya where temples of Jains are situated since ages, Koteshvar, gulf of Valmikiji who written “Ramayana” , Gupt Sarswati, nobody knows where is the end point of the water. And many more such places.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Story of Ambe MA, Gabbar, Gujarat: Ambaji holly Story Part 2

In my previous post, I talked about the story of Ambe ma and Danta's king. Today I will share the legend of swing [julo] of Ma Ambe. Ma Ambe used to go to mountains for cow grazing. She used to start swinging on a swign and her cows wander here and there for grass with other cows of a cow boy. It was daily routine. Once that flockman seen those stranger cows with her own cows and decided to follow her.

When cows of Ambe Ma was returning back to her, as per his decision neatherd followed those cows and reached to Ambe ma. He asked for wages for grazing her cow. She smiled at him and given him dustpan with oats. Cow boys walk away with that and got furious on this. So he just threw the oats and went back to his home.

When he reached his home, he talk about this to his wife. When her wife checked his scarf she was astonished. There was 4-5 pearls and Diamonds. Four – Five oats which he threw away was stuck to his scarf and converted into earls and diamonds. He just realized her mistake and repentance a lot on his stupidity. He just ran back to the place he met Ambe Ma, Wandered near by places but he lost everything he got. And never got anything back.

If you climb the mountain Gabbar, There will be a place called “Ma no Julo” means swing of Goddess. There is an idol of Ambe ma in swing. And as per the legend it is the same place where she was swinging. As per devotees, people say still if you keep your ear there on that rock where swing is places and if you have pure heart and trust on Goddess, you can hear the voice – noise of swinging swing. So if you go to the gabber, you can try this.

The moral of the story which we can use in real life is nothing and no one is of less importance. Always value what you get. If you devalue it and loose it with your arrogance, time will teach you the real worth of it and then nothing will be left for you except remorse, penitence, contrition...  

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Holly Story of Ambaji, Aarasur

Holly Story of Amabaji Gujarat
I am a religious person as you guys already know. I visited one of the very famous temple of Gujarat, namely, Ambaji. Goddess Amba's temple is there. Ma Amba has many names like Ambika, Amba, Ambe-Gauri. She is the most beautiful goddess according to Hindu mythology. The place I visited is known as Ambaji, but originally the name of that village is “Aarasur”. Today, I would like to share the mythological story attached with that place and Ambe Ma. There are three different stories attached with it, so I will share it in three different posts.

Today I will talk about the legend of Ma Ambe and king of Danta. As per the mythology, Ma Ambe resides at Aarasur and used to play Garba [Gujarati folk dance] there. There was a king who resides at Danta [Pronounced as Daanta] Village in his palace and rule Aarasur as well. Once he seen a beautiful girl playing Garbas and just got allured towards her with her mesmerizing beauty. She asked to come to him and be his queen. Ambe ma agreed upon, but put a condition one condition. As per that, the she will walk behind the king and king is not suppose to look back in any circumstances. He has to put blind trust on her that she is coming behind. King agreed upon and both of them start moving towards king's palace at Danta village. After walking some miles, Ambe ma stopped the sound of her anklet. So the king felt something suspicious. He thought that girl must be escaped and not coming behind. So he turned back to check weather she is coming or not and he lost the condition. At a vary moment, earth get split and Ma Ambe het in to the earth and fissure seales behind her. After that Danta and Aarasur also split into two different villages.

Still there is an Arasaur chawk in main temple at Aarasur – Ambaji where she was playing Garba. And devotees plays Garba in the evening called “Aanad no Garbo”. If you climb the Gabbar mountain there, still there is a place where Ma Ambe got in to the earth. There is an old people tree known as “Paras Peepadi” where married woman tie their bangles and pray for long life of their husbands. As per the fable, the gap where Ambe ma get into earth was till as high as the Mountain Gabbar. As the mountain itself get split caused in split of earth and Ma ambe get into the earth.

The moral of the story can be have faith. Have trust on people and thing you have. If you will suspect on that you might loose them forever.