Saturday, January 1, 2011

Some unsaid talks & Some Unexpressed feeling of Goa and Ash

Hey guys

Happy New Year. I wish you a very successful, happy and lovely year ahead...

This is the last post on my Goa tour. I have written almost about the Goa and the things i did there. But there is still something missing which i m going to discuss here.

First of all i would like to say Goa is a lovers place. I mean go there with your partner and walking in the sea and hold his hand. Ah what a feeling it is!! Goa is really very romantic place. I wish next time whenever i go to Goa, I get the someone special :)

Well well now lets come to the point. I really enjoyed my trip. When i had decided to go Goa, my intension was to be with me as i have very hectic schedule and hardly find time for myself. And believe me i give the max time to myself. We stayed for 3 days and i get to meet some really nice people and some very creepy as well. But we will talk about good one only.

I would like to mention name of 4 people here. Sam, Krun, Vimu & Maitu. They were very nice, loving and carring people. I get to know them on the tour. I don't know we will be in much touch or not but i must imply i will never forget them. Specially Sam & Krun. As I got very good bonding with both of them. Sam is quite carrying. I liked that. And most amazing thing he has no bad habits which usually guys have like smoking and drinking. He hates that. That really amazed me. But he is bit short tempered according to me. He is a good boy. And Krun was quite friendly.. I have shown him all the men flirted with me. LOL. I had read their palms very deeply. :D I don't know why but i feel like i have some deep bond with both of them. Like i knw them from ages.. I would love to be their best frd forever. Maitu & Vimu r also good people. Apart from them Gaur is the best father i have ever seen according to me after mine. He had great bond with his son and it was really fun watching the pair of father and son.

Now lets come to me. I was hanging out with frds or colleagues there. But the thing is my way of enjoying is quite different than others. People used to walk on the beach, in the sand while i enjoy the waves of sea by walking in the sea. People used to enjoy by taking snaps while i enjoy by taking sights in my eyes, the beauty inside me. It is not like that i don't like to be in group and do naughty things as i m the naughtiest person in my group. But don't know why i was enjoying to be with me. And also the thing people and frds i met was new to me. If i had gone with my group of friends then scene might be complete opposite. But i enjoyed thoroughly. I could find a new Ash inside me. An Ash who doesn't care for company. Ash who was enjoying the moments. I could find quite Ash in me :) I loved that side of mine. I can say now i get to learn how to live life beautifully. How to enjoy the life. Now may be i learned that u cant get the moment back so enjoy it fully rather than thinking for past, future or anything else. And you know what this is the best way to live. The most loving thing was i got forgotten all those things which were bothering me from so long. I can advice you if u r very stressed then just go on beach.

One more thing few frds of mine get to know that i never goto beauty parlor and they suggested me to go for it as it will make me more beautiful. Specially RB. He insisted me and said it will help me to get my dream boy. On that note i would say I don't want anyone to like me for my outer beauty which is not ever lasting. The one who will like me or love me should like me in the way i m. I will be beautiful for him as everyone likes to get a beautiful partner but that will be after he likes me in the way i m. And another thing is I believe that real beauty is in the simplicity. If the person whoever frd or partner of mine can't admire my simplicity, i don't think he can admire my thinking.. I also think that God is wise enough so let's not challenge him. And the last thing is i don't like all that feminine stuff. I don't like to go parlor and also hate to do shopping. As u knw my dreams and likings r quite different and that's the way i m. If someone want to like me than here i m and if not then also here i m :)

Apart from that my room partners were not letting me go for bath first as i take much time inside. LOL but i always get ready earlier than both of them as i dnt take time in powder puffing. LOL. Second thing they get to know whenever i enter the room my 1st question is "Where is the remote?" and on the TV. No matters i watch it or not. As per my habit i like tv on.

There were few more things and feelings but some things looks more beautiful unsaid so let's make it unsaid.

Apart from that tomorrow is an engagement of my frd. It made me believe more stronger in destiny. When i left for Goa there was nothing like that in withing this 15 days she is getting engaged and married. So it is clear that everything is pre planned. You can't even imagine what is going to happen with you tomorrow. And also you can get your life partner anywhere, anytime.. Ah gosh i forgot to tell u an interesting thing. RB had read my palm. He said i m going to love marriage :P very socking for me. As i really don't trust boys in this case as i have seen worst things in it. Let's see what happens as I always say everything is preplanned. Apart from that few things he said was right about me but i thought it was obvious. And some predictions were wrong as well like he said i am suffering from lack of confidence which is completely wrong. I have never ever faced lack of confidence. Even my friends are thoroughly impressed from my confidence.

I am badly caught by cough and cold. Ah plz don't ask about medicine as i hate to take any pills without doctor's prescription. And i hate to go to doctor as i m very lazy in this matter. So i used to take home medicine and just wait and watch :)

I have written so much in these 2 days.. When i have started this blog i was thinking i should get 0 traffic. Bcz this blog has almost everything about me and there may be facts which someone doesn't like to know. But after watching it i get to know i should not worry much as even if someone come here, posts are so longer nobody dare to read it completely apart from me or my hard core friend or fan. LOL.. So if you are one of my hard core fan or friend and read my posts completely then plz leave a comment so i get to knw this ;)

Finally this is time to say Bye for now.. Happy New Yea to all of you.. Have a great and successfull year ahead. This is R J Aashaka signing off . Gooood Niiiiiiiiiiight... Goooooooood Byeeeeeeee. C U Sabba kher.. Will catch u at the same place soon. Till than be happy and make people happy.. :) :-*

Back to Ahmedabad at 30-Dec-10

Finally the journey ends. When my eyes got opened there was light dark in the sky. Gradually light started spread out. I have seen the complete sunrise today. It was so beautiful. But unfortunately i didnt had cam at that time :( Gradually everyone woke up. Halt came. Our driver was using typical Gujarati when he stops the bus an ask us to go for washroom. It was too funny and bit embracing as well.

I took tea only bcz as u knw i dnt eat or drink anything before bath. But due to bad condition took tea. Then again get back to the bus. After long journey cam back to ahmedabad. And the journey got ended. My cousin came to pick me up and took me to his home at Maninagar. I drank 3 cup of tea and also got fresh n up. I traveled around 26-27 hrs continuously. Then I left for home but they have sme work so i traveled ahmedabad and reached home at 3:30. I was so tired & sick so just go to sleep. After 1-2 hour wake up and seen the mails and back to the normal life. So much pending task is there. I have to deal with UK client. Take interviews. boost up ranks and so on...Ash is back to the reality from dream world. And the tour ends..

Tour ends but still i have to write some unsaid facts and feelings so I will devote a compete post for that. So don' forget to read my next post.. I love you :-*

Day-5 of Goa trip 29-Dec-2010 - Day of check out

Day-5 of Goa trip 29-Dec-2010.

It is the day of leaving the Goa. Our group was the first in checking out. We checked out at 7:30 AM. And took breakfast. I was badly caught by cold and throat of mine was jammed. I was feeling like vomiting. So didn't ate much. But tasted it. Fun was still on. Gradually people gathered . I was sitting alone in lobby again and being with myself intentionally. We had to wait quite long and got buses for Madgav station. We sat in the 1st bus but it left at last. LOL. I sat with vaishubhabhi. We left resort at around 9 AM. We travelled quite long to reach to station. Finally we reached and waited for quite long for train as well. Then we got the train. But had to struggle to get our coaches as that was not written properly. I sat alone for quite long in my coach alone. Nobody from company was there as they had exchanged their seats with others. I met a man who given me some good info about Goa. He was in hotel management. Nice guy. Finally i got bored and bit uneasy as well in strangers so went to the coach of my tour group. I got a blasting news there that there is some political problem in Rajsthan and due to that this train is going to change it's root and will not go to Gujarat. It will go to MP. So we have to get down on Panvel - end of Maharastra and then we have to arrange everything on our own to reach the home. People were making plans for that and also discussing that this is not the fair. But in between keep cracking jokes and having fun. Finally we got the news, if we have to get down at Panvel then company has arranged 3 Volvo and we have to go in it compulsory. Then friends of mine slept and I gone in the next birth behind the group. As the whole boogie was empty. I sat there alone and watching the scenery outside. Then Sam came and took me to the door of coach and shown me the real beauty of God. It was so beautiful to see all that and feeling that moments and art of God. I don't know Sam will read it or not as i used to not give my blog url to anyone but I would love to thank u for that. U literally made my day. Train was running on round track and too many tunnels were coming one by one. The strong and cool air was blowing with digital dolby sound of train. LOL. It was really amazing. I loved it. If you ever travel in a train, I suggest you to stand in a door and see the view. But yeah take care to not fall down :) Well then again i came back to the place where i was sitting before. Sam also sat with me. And we had shared many things. :) Finally our friends waked up and we go there to sit with them. But still i was doing the same here and there as i liked the view from door. :) There was a cold drink vendor, again and again he come where sam is sitting ans shout for colddrink. Sam keep giving him a look. It was really funny. LOL. Panvel was nearer but still it was not final that we are suppose to get down there or not?? We get the instruction that just leave the train at Panvel. If it is going to Gujarat then we will get in again. Finally the station was coming and we were standing there and waiting to train get stop. Kalpu was standing there with Mit. I did usual hi to her. She said "You have changed ur colors so quickly". I thought she might talking about my clothes or pulling my leg or something like that. So I said with a naughty expression "So how did u liked my colors?? hmmm" bt then she made blast. She was in mood of creep with me. Sam signed me not to speak anything. But i was like i m also nt interested in any creep. Well finally we get down at Panvel. Kalpu was creeping as I am selfish girl and i was with them yesterdya jst bcz .net guys left me alone. I was not in a mood of fight at all. But i wanted to clear the thing bt she said "There is no meaning of discussion" so i just came back with .net frds.

I haven't said anything there as i feel like she is not the one to whom i should clarify anything. But i would like to mention here few things that when i gone for Goa, I was alone. I had no frds, no group. I knew only 1 person that's my HR. And I used to be with person or group who used to ask me to come with them. I have never approached anyone to tak me with them. As I was prepared to be alone and enjoy lonely as well. Even when Kalpu asked me to come with her, I strongly denied to go as i really wanted to be with me but she forced me a lot and she did promis with someone to get him partner for Activa(rent). I gone bcz of her. Second thing though i had gone with them, I was moving alone as she has her company mit. And in the train also i was sitting alone. I tried to say hi to her but she was sleeping. And when i came back she was gone so what to do?? Well whatever i dont care as she doesnt matter for me and i think same thing for her. But according to me she needs to change her view as everyone can't be wrong. She fought with almost all. Ok ok leave it. let's move ahead...

Then Station master adviced us to goto Bhopal and then from there go back to Gujarat. LOL. I was sitting and just thinking randomly. Maitu was asking me to not be upset bcz of Kalpu and vimu said "She has a fix expression so we cant get to know she is upset or not..." LOL Then we move towards Gangaram theater. We sat on the circle of Panvel. And again start having fun in worst situation. LOL. But there was big problem of mosquitoes.. I said "Mosquitoes are having party tonight. They must feeling to have great dinner in hotel as having blood of Gujarat with essense of Goa". LOL. After waiting for long we got the bus. In 1st bus couples and single girls gone. In 2nd general people and in 3rd only men ;) We reserved 1 double and 2 single slippers in 5 people. :D I sat in the window butthen Maitu slept so we 4 me, Krun, Sam & Vimu sat in single slipper. (BTW it was not volvo at all). We played games. Then we had started playing Antakshari. Krun, Vimu & Sam was in 1 team & me in 1team. It was really fun playing it. They admire my song database. LOL. I was having so much of fun. I felt like this journey should be the never ended one. As I knew that this frds will be lost tomorrow when we leave the tour and i really wanted to be with them for long. I had very good tuning with Krun & Sam from beginning but then i get to be tuned with Maitu & Vimu as well. I was watching Bombay, singing songs and thinking this and suddenly something happened. A bump came all of the sudden and Bus jumped and all passangers as well. I was sitting on the sode so i just fallen down. But in fraction of seconds both Sam & Krun hold my hands and pull me back on the seat. It was like wow.. I salute the presence of mind of both of them who hold me and get on the seat. I was an inch or 2 far from the floor. It was a thrilling experience. I really loved it. Seriously i thought i m gone but they survived me. It was so much thrilling and fun in that. Like a bollywood situation. Heroin is falling in the gulf and hero survived her. After paracelling this was the moment i enjoyed a lot. And u wont believe, I reminded that whole scene 100s of times till now. It was amazing..... Then people started throwing comments on that bump jumping. It was really fun. But i felt bad for maitu as she had stomach pain and this jump night hurted her more. Well Then  get calm.. may be bcz of tiredness. Krun gone to sit with driver and Vimu sat on another seat so i just lied down as i had back pain. And dont knw when i got sleep. When i waked up i have seen i m covered with shawl.. all 3 guys were sitting as i have reserved their coach. :) So nice of them. Thwy haven't asked me to go on my coach and let them sleep. May be bcz they didnt wanted to disturb me. Thanks guys to take care of me.. Well then halt came so people gone for breakfast and all. But as u knw i dont wat anything after 12 AM. I just sat in the bus. Then i sleep with maitu in double coach. Nice people given me the blankate due to cold. :) And the day ends here....

It was the journey which i will cherish forever.. Thanks guys to make an unforgettable journey for me...