Monday, August 30, 2010

Nag Panchami

Hi Guys

As I told you the series of festivals has been started.Today is Nag Panchami. On today's day people pray to Nagdada(Cobra). Hindu people make realtion with every object and animals as well becuase they are very loving. For example we used to cal gaymata(mother) to cow, Chandamama(maternal uncle) to moon, Surajdada(grandfather) to Sun, Nagdada(grandpa) to Cobra and so on..

So let's move ahead with the holly story related to nag pancham. As always there was a village where a family was living. In that family the youngest daughter in law has no one in her maternal or parental side. She was alone as well as poor. So her mother in law and sister in law hares her. But she was very kind so bare everything with smiling face. At one time she got pregnant. But no buddy was taking care of  her. One day she cooked kheer (Indian cuisine) for everyone. She used to eat after everyone finish their meal. When everyone finished their lunch, she gone to eat the kheer but what she seen. The pot of kheer was empty. Only the ruins of kheer and milk was there. She though I"ll eat it after taking bath in river. So she went to river, put the pot of kheer there and gone for bath into the river. There was a female cobra residing near the river. She was also pregnant and hungry. So she ate all the left kheer from the pot and went into her whole. When the daughter in law came out she seen the empty pot. She kindly said "God bless the one who ate my food." The cobra  was amazed as she was expecting abusive words but she got blessings so cobra gone out and met the daughter in law and told her that I ate your kheer and you can ask anything you want. The daughter in law get emotional and started crying and said I am pregnant but there is no one in my parental side who can take me for my delivery. Nagmata(cobra) said "you start preparation I will come and take you to naglok for your delivery" Daughter in law was very happy by hearing this and went to home. She told her mother in law to start preparation. But her 2 sister in laws laughed on her. After much begging her mother in law said yes to her and on the day of celebration Nagmata(cobra) came in human outlook with too many gifts and take young daughter in law with them to naglok. Both daughter in law and nagmata delivered on the same day. She had a cute baby boy. Nagmata went her to her in laws house with too many precious gifts. And then she lived happily ever after. So as the nagmata(Cobra) helped young daughetr in law, help everyone.

Ah lovely story.. Isn't it!! You might thinking everyday I am writing a story and all but not about me. What is happening in my life. Well nobuddy is asking for it so I am thinking rather than writing about me. Let's be lil religious. By the way, why don't you tell me?? As you are my readers. I would like to know what do you like?? Do you like to read the stories, poems and so on or about me?? Because my friends told me to write stories and poems but what do you like?? Ah don't think I"ll do the same as u say. Because this is my place and I"ll do what I like to do. But yeah I"ll sure keep your liking in my mind and try to do so..

ah where are you going?? I have not written about me yet.. What don't want to know.. ok
 the this is R J Aashaka signing off for tonight and catch you tomorrow at the same time. Till then keep reading, keep commenting. And be happy and make people happy.. bbyeeeee

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Baud Chauth

Hi Guys

As you know I am Brahman and religious as well so I know many religious stories and as I told you I will keep sharing with you.

As I mentioned earlier as per the Hindu calendar, this is Shravan Mas. Shravan mas has many hindu festivals and there is a series of festivals which has been started from today. Today is the first festival from the series which is known as "Baud Chauth". Ah no it doesn't have any relation with baud rate in IT terms.
It's a hindu festival and there is a very good story related to it. There was a family living in small village. In that family there was a daughter in law and mother in law living. Daughter in law was pretty silly. They had a cow and calf. Every morning cow go for grass eating in the village and come back at evening. One day cow went for grass eating. Mother in law told to daughter in law that "Dear I am going to temple. Till the time I come back you crush the gaulo and reduce it to powder".  And she gone for the temple. Gaulo is Gujarati name of wheat. And coincidently calf has the same name "Gaulo". Silly daughter in law thought that her mother in law told to crush the calf and convert it into the powder rather than wheat. And she did exactly the same. After few hours when mother in law came back she asked the daughter in law about the work she had given of crushing. Daughter in law replied "It's done". After few minutes mother in law amazed why Gaulo(the calf) is not bellowing. Why there is not any noise of calf?? She asked about it to daughter in law. She replied "Mom I have crushed the calf as you told me to do so" Mother in law kept in grieve and scold daughter in law for her foolishness. Mother in law get worried about the cow. She thought when cow come back, she will try to find the calf and if she  find it dead, she can do anything. So she told her daughter in law to go and bury the ruins of calf under the ground. Daughter in law did the same. At evening when cow came back, she started searching for her calf and started bellowing for calling the calf. She get to know there was something wrong to her calf and she ran away. She reached the place where daughter in law had hidden the ruins of calf. Calf started hitting the place with her horn and leg. And then due to miracle of God calf came out from the ground all alive... :) This was considered as a miracle of Cow.

Because of this story on today's day means on baud chauth hindu mother's doesn't eat wheat at all. And pray to cow for long life of her child.

In Hinduism cow is really adorable and Hindu think cow has 33 cores of God in her whole body. And that's why they used to call cow as Gaymata. Means she is adorable like a mother..

So that's it for today. Say Gaymata's Jay. God bless everyone. And if you are reading my posts regularly then leave comments. I would love to see your thought on my posts. :) So This is R J Aashaka signing off for tonight. Ah no I am not going to sleep. But pretty tired and have to go out tomorrow so just goingto relax and watching tv. So C U Sabba kher good night sweet dream. I"ll catch you on the same place till then Be happy and make everyone happy :)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Rakhi - Divine Bond

Hi guys..
Rakhi- Pavitra Bandan

Today is a day of a divine relation between brother and sister.. It's an Indian festival called Rakhi, Rakshabandhan. On this day sister tied a rakhi on her brother's hand with blessings that his brother achieves great success in his life and God always protect her brother from all bad things, failure and negativity. On the other hand brother gives a lovely gift to his sister with a promise that he will protect his sister from all the difficulties of life ahead. And in each rough path of life , he will be there to protect her. :) So sweet.. Right!!!!

There are many holly stories related to this festival. This festival started in time of Pandvas. Kunti had tied Rakhi on hand of her son Yudishthir when he was going for the battle of kurukshetra for his protection. Another story is Draupadi - The wife of Pandava had tied the rakhi to God Shri Krishna and at time of her Chirharan by Dushasan God Krishna protectd her as a brother. The rakhi which Draupadi tied to krishna had 108 fibers and at time of her chirharan Krishna given 108 sarees to her to protect her and her dignity from Kauravas.. And there are many similar stories.

Unfortunately I don't have any sibling so I used to go at my cousin's home for this festival. And I am glad that they give the same love as own parental brother give to sister. I thoroughly enjoyed the festival. I also went to old temple of Mahakali MA. There was lock and I afraid if we couldn't find keys, I can't see her and pray there. But Thanks to my cousin, he found the key. And we prayed there. I lighten up the holly lamp and incense stick. Then after talking with her we came back to my uncle's home. My aunty came back from his brother's house. On my demand she made tea for us. But she ad put some condiment in tea because of my cough and made tea too spicy so I could ave only two sips of it. Well then I given it to dad. Then we came back to home. It was nice day and I got good gifts from friends as well.

And it's over.. So This is R J Aashaka signing off today. Catch you tomorrow again at same place. C U sabba kher. Good night. Till then this is R J Aashaka signing off. Be happy and make everyone happy :)

Project Presentation on Monday

Hi guys..

I didn't knew that there is people reading me here. I thought it's just my one close friend reading this. But seen few comments to update the blog. Thanks for both your love and hate..

As I told you that I had a project presentation on monday. So let's talk about the experience. I had presentation at 9:30 am. And the place of exam is quite far from my  residence. So I left home around 7:30 Am. I was suppose to take either laptop or CPU for the presentation. I doesn't have the laptop and  couldn't arrange the one. And taking heavy CPU with me is not possible for me as I was going through Bus. Ahmedabad transport harrased me a lot. So I used to took private transport. Though it was quite expensive but I had no other option. I reached at the RC, Chharodi, Near Nirama Uni. at 9:30 AM exactly. I was pretty nervous on being late. But what I find there, there was not even things set up. Sir is not available yet. So they tell us to wait..

All the students got sat in a room. The mam told me that you are not allowed to give exam because you don't have laptop or CPU. I felt like what a fish!!! At least let me give the presentation. But no she didn't agreed. She advised me to talk with other students and borrow their laptop. I asked a girl to lent her laptop, but she doesn't had Then another girl. She was nice. She got agreed on 1 condition. She will give me laptop only after her viva completion as she was afraid that if I insert my pen drive and her project got corrupted. So she might be in trouble. I said no problem. Give me after presentation. She was the last candidate. And sir was taking around an hour or half an hour for each candidate. My turn was second but because I didn't have laptop, I have to wait for her turn. It was taking too much time.. That girl was quite nice. She was teaching me the fundamentals of .net. I had not made that project. It was of my friend's project and I forgotten the .net. Because I have not touched .net since last 1 year. And my project had 1200 errors. yes you are reading right that many. So I was not able to run i....(I hope the sir who taken my exam is not reading this. LOL) That girl was really kind. She taught me many things. Thanks dear.. I know you are not reading this but still thanks a lot.. You are very sweet.

But I wanted to get out from the tension of exam as soon as possible.. So I tried to get another laptop. An another girl got convinced to give her after her turn so I was pretty happy as it will complete soon. But when she came out she said I have to go now and you can check your project if you want but I can't stay for your turn. What a fish!!!! What can I do nothing. I said good bye. :) And was again upset. The actual thing is I have to reach somewhere at 3 PM but I was not getting in.. Finally there was a daring boy. I asked him to run my ppt in his laptop. He just got ready without any scare of lost of his project.. His turn was just after me but he just hand over me his laptop. Thank you very much dear. Well finally I got the laptop so I got the chance to go in..

I went inside. There was an elder professor sitting. He asked me to copy my ppt in his pendrive. I did it. He asked me to show the presentation. I started it in my own way with full confidance. Ah that's what I love about me and others as well. I can perform confidantally, though I am in pressure or nervousness. God gift. Thanks Mahakali ma(She is my fav. Goddess).. He asked me "why I am running the project from pen drive" I explained about not having laptop. He said no problem go ahead. I shown him whole project presentation and explain it quite well. He get into Gujarati but I sticked to English because of 2 reasons. 1st I am habitual in speaking English and 2nd English impress people. He was pretty impress from me. Not even asked to run the project. I had not drawn ERD and DFD so he asked me where it is!! I give n an explanation and said if you want I can draw it right now. (BTW I am good with diagrams so I can draw any diagram at any time). But he said "Ah no. No need. I know you know many things. Great." Then he asked few questions related to database. And I was good enpugh to answer as I am good with fundas and logic. Then he asked about my graduation. I said "I was ranker in Gujarat University"(and it's true) He said "I felt so". Then he asked me about mu job profile. And after hearing he said ask for more salary. And then wished me luck for my future. In short viva was great.. And sir was very kind and gentle.

You know what as i told you about the project and laptop. First I had thought not to attempt the exam and give it next time as my friends are going to give it in next sem so I can have their laptop and runnable project as well. But I am the person who never give up without trying or fighting at least once. Because I always believe failure will be there if you not try for sure. But if you try at least once the chance of winning will be ther of 50% at least. So never give up without trying. And believe me it really works as I always won with this strategy. And I give all credit to my God and my well wishers blessing for all I have and achieved.. Thanks to all of you.

Ah as always it's quite long post so bbyee.. This is R J Aashaka signing off. Catch you again and I"ll try to be regular here. Till then be happy and make people happy. Love you guys for all your support. :)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Life's Path - Always Bump Ahead

Hi friends

I am in lil bad mood today. And the reason is fight between me and The Destiny. I think it must be the same with everyone. Whenever we start thinking now all set and life is going to be smoother ahead and you will face a bump which will spoil all your planning of get settle down. And Give you a new kind of challenge or you can say in simple language unexpected situation to check you out. I think it's necessary as these bumps will help you to classify yourself from the crowd. It will give you 2 options. 1st accept that you are lost and go with whatever is going on and live smoothly but unhappily and ordinarily. And 2nd (My favorite) accept the challenge, fight against your destiny decision and try to get the best rather than compromising. I always go for the second option. And my dearer God and enemy destiny know this so whenever I feel like yes now everything is under my control and stable life is here. God creates a bump for me. I know facing it will give me the best or better than what I have right now but sometimes I feel like why me dude??? I mean give me a break... Let me live my life smoothly but no God always planning some excitements for me.

Now you must be thinking will ash tell us what is the bump for her now?? Then I would say why not. As you know I have been moved to affiliate Marketing and we have recently launched our affiliate programs so there is only one client for our affiliate program and that's my sir itself. LOL. So there is nothing to do as an admin or manager. What I used to do is promotion and more over it research, research and research and lots of research for affiliate marketing. And I have surfed and researched more than enough info for it. And I am just fade up with it. I mean I have no interest in AM and moreover it I have researched a lot. So you can say there is nothing to do in the office for me. I am free bird. Even my follow upcolleague told me to get relax.. But I am not kind of person who like to earn for nothing. I mean I am kind of person who loved to be busier and that's the one of the major reasons I have chosen SEO field as there is constantly new things apear so you will always be busy with your clients and projects and learning new techniques. Same reason of liking to be busy I got net connection at home. As I have no interest in girls talks of beauty and fashion or chatting or watching daily sops or gossiping and blah blah blah. I am very career oriented girl. But now I feel things are going wrong. So now I have taken final decision to change the company seriously. I know if I"ll goto sir and ask about this he will surely do something and might give me new project but I don't like to ask for. I mean I really don't like to go to sir like a child and say "Sir sir I don't like this chocolate of Affiliate marketing, give me my ice cream of SEO back". Ridiculus. I also know when I"ll get a new and a very good job he will start convincieng me to stay with less salary. And I also know that 90% I will stick to the company as I am kind of an emotional persona as almost all humans are!!! And I hate it as I can't opt my benefit. :( But that's what I am!!!

I really don't understand what to do!! As things, authority, power everything is in my hand but I am not happy with it. This before I was just an SEO Executive TL but now I am SEO Executive TL and an affiliate Manager - means double position and respect(Ah not double salary as all companies my company is also stingy which increase only work not salary but thats ok as thats what business is). But I am not happy because I am not working what is of my interest... Finally I got an internet connection but I am not happy as still I didn't got what I was looking for and thinking to got.. The people who had moved out of my life and with many difficulties I had learn living without them happily has started pinging me. Things are really going wrong!! Let it be. I will tackle it. But sometime I feel I am tired of fighting against destiny and situation and plz God now no more bumps please. And for each this request he adds 2 new bumps.....

I know guys you are getting bored and thining to leave from here but today I am really frustrated and upset. So bare me :)

Let me share something .One of my friend told me that some of your posts are quite lenghty and boring so try to make it interesting. Another told me to put some love quotes, Sayaries, Lovw stories to be more interesting with post and bring more traffic to your Blog. My dear friends thanks for reading my posts and giving me your valuable suggestions. But I have not created this Blog for marketing or to make other people happy by interesting post. I have created this Blog for myself. This is the place where I share my feelings and I can talk what I like to. So I really get damn what other think about my posts(except my lovely friends as they r imp for me). And I think it will be great if I get less traffic. So I can write whatever I want rather than stopping myself with thinking that he.she might be upset or feel bad with it. And that's what I am facing right now. As sometimes some of my friends really irritate me or make me angry or upset but I can't mention that because they are one of my readers.. :( So less traffic is good for me ;) And as you might noticed my blog name which is Ash - All About Me means everything about me, no one else. This is the place Ash rules. I hope my dear friends got my point. And thatnks for reading the posts regularly. I know my this post might make you upset or will result in lost of you an an visitor(not my world as I"ll not let you know) but that's what the bitter truth is!! And that's what I am with my Blog..

I know it's a boring post and I am also bored today. And time is 1:15 am and I have no excitment to goto office as I had in the beginning of this Blog creation :( Anyways This is R J Aashaka signing off for tonight. Catch you tomorrow at the same place. You are coming no tomorrow!! Good :)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Something About Affiliate Marketing for Affiliate Merchants

Hi guys

I couldn't update my blog because of my bad health. Because of many sleepless nights and days, constant sitting against PC and working I caught by illness which force me to take rest and sleep. Yeah now I am back. As I stated in my last post that I have been moved in to affiliate marketing and I have researched a lot on that. Unfortunately there is not enough information available online for Affiliate merchants but yeah you will get lots of information and tips and tricks to be affiliate. But don't worry as Ash is here then no fear.. So let's start

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is known as SOPS by experts. It means Sale Other People's Stuff. In Affiliate marketing there are 3 parties involved.

1. Affiliate Merchant who will pay commission for affiliate referral sale or per click(depends on affiliate program and revenue type)
2. Affiliate who will sign up to affiliate programs of an affiliate merchant and will out marketing material on his own site and try to bring business as well as visitors to Affiliate Merchant's business. For each referral lead he will get paid some commission from Affiliate merchant
3. Clients/ Visitor who will get reference of affiliate merchant's services from affiliate site and who will either join affiliate program and be another affiliate or will buy service offered by affiliate merchants. Mere visitor will be counted only if revenue type is pay per click.

I am not going to give any tips to be an affiliate as there is more than enough stuff available online. But yeah for affiliate merchants there is nothing so hereby I am sharing you some useful tips which I learned from my own logic and meta information I collected from my research. And here it is:

Tips for Affiliate Merchants
  • First of all make a professional home page for your affiliate site. Don't make it attractive. Keep it simple and sober
  • Navigation system must be simpler as a child can also navigate.
  • Content must be unique, impressive and should be like visitor get convinced that this is the best affiliate program he was looking for
  • You should offer attractive commission
  • Never ever put any sign up fees
  • Promote your affiliate programs in webmaster and marketing forums
  • Use social media sites for promotion of your affiliate programs
  • Start email marketing for your affiliate programs. Better is to contact your current satisfied clients (as if they are satisfied with your services they would love to refer you to others by joining your affiliates
  • Do some SEO for promotion
I know it may be bit confusing for new comers but I have tried to made it easier and I hope you understand about affiliate marketing. Affiliate Marketing is very good now-a-days and it also have quite good future. You can earn well through it if you become an affiliate. And you can also earn good if you work as an affiliate manager or affiliate merchants. But honestly speaking This is really not made for me. This is not what I like to do or in which I have interest. I was working with my firm because I was enjoying my work and loved to do it and that was the only reason to be sticked with current job evenif I got many good offers and good salary packages from other companies of my territory. But now they have assigned me a job which I hate to. I am giving my 100% to this job also but I am not enjoying myself in it. And this is leading me to change the company as my career ambition is to become an SEO Expert, nothing else. So I have uploaded my CV in good sites. And hopping to get either transfer in my SEO Department in my firm or good job as an SEO.

 Ah as always it's too late... Time is 1:50 AM here and I have to go to office and do that boring job of Affiliate Manager so This is R J Ash signing off for tonight.. See u soon at the same place till then keep resding my blog and keep commenting :)

    Friday, August 13, 2010

    Finally I am moved to Affiliate Marketing

    Hi guys

    So how was your day?? Ah mine was quite different today. Yesterday I thought I will write about SEO misconception but today something new happened to me and also feeling bored so will write about my day.. BTW my friends used to ask me why don't u sleep till late night?? May be my eyes don't have space for sleep as they are waiting for someone... Got it?? :) Ah I am blushing.. Mona will surely comment on this tomorrow I am sure.

    Ok I used to go off topic and extend the converation. I also do it in my team meeting. I go off topic and start giving them motivational lecture. At that time(in the meeting) Mitesh gives expression like Oh Gosh not again!! Khusbu think like "Oh Ash please make it short as I have to achieve the target". Bhumika might think "Go on.. Who cares". But Siddhi and Krishana both always encourage me to give more inspiration and knowledge. They always gives expression like yeah Ash truly right and we will surely try to implement what she is saying. And they are also reading my blog regularly. But sadly they never left comment. Hey girls leave comment for me..

    Again I went to the off topic. Now come to the topic. Since last few days I got a news that I will be moved to affiliate marketing and Siddhi will take my place but it was not happening. I was feeling bad for Siddhi as that people made me announce this without confirmation. I want her to be TL as she was willing to. On the same not honestly I don't like AM at all. And sir if you are reading this then I am telling you I am just doing it to learn it. I will stick to SEO field only. So IF you will not move me back I will move the company..  But yeah If I start getting fun in it then we will think :) Ok sir was suppose to giving me training. And he just called me in the office and told me to watch out all the videos on AM. So during almost all whole day I watched the videos and the effect is now my prounanciation has changed to foriegn people. As right now I am speaking and typing. It's fun. The videos were also off topic. For example there wasa video for uploading pdf tutorial. Just for that they had shown how to create word doc. Then how to download open office and then convert word doc to pdf and then upload it. Petty funny and irritating also. Joy had stolen my headphone in break and put is old broken headphone. Not good!!! I am upset with u. Whatever!!! My collegue who seats beside me called Jay Singh was also watching the video and I keep smiling on that as he doesn't understand anything but then also watching it. LOL

    After all I had a meeting with sir but that was about the old task. BTW Anthony took my exam as well like how much I really learn. And I passed it :) But still Sir remained. Sir was tired today so we will have meeting tomorrow on that.

    I also got an opportunity to do some research kind of work for  e-commerce. So it will definitely increase my surfing skills :) Apart from that I am also learning more on SEO as I got net at home. Though I have not implemented it for my own site. Thinking to start it from next week.

    Tonight had not read anything on SEO except my keyword checking. I was feeling bored so send sms to friends and chat with friends and check msgs. After long time I had also entered in my fropper account. I think the people got worst there. Twitter, Facebook and of course orkut is good. I have account on many SEO sites.. Whatever.

    Ok though I didn't wanted to write too much it's again a long post :) I am talkative I can't help it. Though I am not sleepy yet as usual but it's 1:35 AM and tomorrow I have to go office early. So  Good night... This is R J Aashaka signing off and will catch you tomorrow for sure. Till than keep following me.. Love you guys :)

    Thursday, August 12, 2010

    Does SEO has no future??

    Hi guys

    Hows going on?? My day was as usual had too much of work so there was nothing new. But at night I had real fun. I had debated on the topic of my title that's the Does SEO has no future?? And does SEO really unnecessary?? with my collage time friend on a social networking site. Let me introduce him. Ah no I am not going to reveal his name just the intro of him. He was with me in college, just a hi hello kind of friend. And after college we had also worked together in a comapny for a year. At that time I was working as a developer, content writer, site administrator, server administrator, adsence, affiliate marketing, trainer, SEO and a foreign education consultant. I was doing multiple jobs because I am multitasking and multi- talented as well. :) And he was developer, server administartor, client supporter and worst partner of my boss of New Zealand. So you can say he was also my boss but I hav never taken kim like one. Not because he was my friend but because I never seen that quality. Whatever he is.. But he is very good developer (with bad arrogance LOL) and has no knowledge of SEO. HE even doesn't know about S of SEO.

    Now lets come to the point he told me that "SEO is really not important and not needed for future scenario specially". He told me that "Microsoft has launched some tool or something which gives automatic SEO". I replied no tool can give the result which organic white hat SEO gives".Then he said "Google is moving towards automation. Google updates database daily. And what actually needed to get good traffic is keywords because SEO people work on keywords and content.." On this I would like to say "Google will never ever approach any automatic technique for indexing. Even in todays advanced time Google is still using algorithms and crawling techniques to update the indexing. Another thing Google might update database everyday but not index everyday. It index pages periodically. And yes SEO people work on keywords to bring keyword up in SERP because there is a tough competition on net for keywords. Unique keyword really doesn't work at all. Of course unique conetent does but unique keyword doesn't. Because people will surf for common keywords not the unoque one and Google is there to serve people." He said "good traffic brings PR higher". I would say "Dear dear... Your concept is so unclear. Traffic does not really help to bring PR much higher. As there are many sites who has high traffic and low PR and contrary also does exist. Traffic and PR are not really related." Then he said " Orkut, FB doesn't use any SEO but thet are up" " Dear they have other techniques of internet marketing you can say sister of SEO. By giving offers, applications, free sms and money also"  To prove this he told me to get reference from our common SEO friend who might told him few of facts from these. That friend has done course of SEO and has more experience then I do. But I just simply say experience or mere reading will not make you expert, Specially in SEO. As I always said SEO is a mind game. You can learn it only by your on knowledge. It's really easy to know about SEO and it's techniques but to get into it and bring result is not for all. You can of it only by your own strategy and skill plus logic.It doesn't matter how much time you spend in SEO but what really does matter is how much you actually learn and how will you implement it by your logic.

    Apart from these I told him that I am starting my own site: ashseo. So he said business needs certificates. I said none of my clients ever asked for any kind of certificate. Even they never asked my education till that. And for your kind of knowledge I have international clients. And honestly client never cares how many degrees you are carrying with you. They just want result they are looking for. He said for big projects you need certificates. I would say "Dear for big project client need your previous results of satisfied clients.."

    And I am not saying developing is bad or not good. But SEO is not bad at all. Let me tell you one thing. A developer gets a site once to develop it but SEO people get sites once forever as even after getting the indexing, traffic and PR, you have to maintain it. Now you tell me what's the best??

    And at the last I will share the funniest quote made by him. For creating his new site he has given content writing job to a film writer. LOL. And the most funniest thing is the film writers are Gujarati movie writers. LOL. I am rolling on the floor. LOL. I am not laughing on the writers, they are really nice and must have good English knowledge. But I find Mistry very funny as in a way he announced this fact to me was very funny. LOL. He has an attitude of I am the best and others are the worst. And I hate it. I also have the attitude of I am the Best. But I never consider others are worst.

    I have challenged him today that Though you are in longer in your business than me but we will see who reaches where after 5 years. We will surely meet at 15-August-2015 to see the position and progress. Best of luck to him.

    OMG the post becomes too long. But SEO is my favorite topic and I am also too talkative. Anyways it's 1:40 AM now. And I also have to go to office tomorrow so good night, sweet dreams.. This is R J Ash Signing off for today and will catch you tomorrow on same place.... :)

    Wednesday, August 11, 2010

    Aashaka Mandal Novel


    As My visitor wanted to know about Aashaka Mandal I thought why not write a post on it. First of all I would like to tell you one thing Aashaka Mandal is my favorite novel forever.

    Aashaka Mandal is a desert treasure story. Aashaka Mandal novel is written around the time of royal palaces and kingdom. And the same time when Britishers were partially ruling India. Aashka Mandal is a novel written by very famous gujarati novelist Mr. Ashwini Bhat. (Coincidentally we share the same first name). Aashaka Mandal is the heroin of the novel. She is very pretty and beautiful. She was a daughter of freedom fighter which has been declared as bandit by Britishers. Her father had a group of bandits which was collecting gold and money to give a good fight to Britishers and get them out of India. They have placed all the treasury in middle of the desert and the way to the treasury was very difficult. There are many sand dunes which were uneasy to recognize and also the people between the sand was very wild Aboriginals.

    Sigaval is the hero of story and his father who was king of Rajstan got killed by someone. He was trying to  figure out who is the killer of his father and during all these situation occur which made situation very defuclt for him by killers of his father. Her mother god kidnepped and kidneppers asked him to get that tresury for them and get her mother back. And all these thing make him meet the heroin "Aashka Manda" and he fallen in love with her. The love at first site. There was one more boy who was in love with Aashaka and he was Aashaka's childhood friend and in the group of her father for freedom fighting. Aashka Mandal wanted to reach at treasury to meet his father as she was thinking that his father is there protecting the treasury. And then a tresure hunt started in the desert. There are three groups in this treasure. First group of kidneppers who wanted to get that tresury and want to become rich. Second Sigaval wanted to make his mother free and win the heart of Aashaka. Ans third Aashaka and her group who are searching for Aashka's father and their leader. And a suspence and thriller start as one by one people start get killing and many difficulties arose on the way. And on the other side Sigaval continusouly try to win Aashka's heart in very romantic way but trust me Aashka was very difficult to win. If you want to know does Aashka won by Sigaval?? Did they reached to the treasury?? Which kind of difficulties they faced?? Does Aashka met her father?? And who got the Aashka??

    Aashka Mandal's nature was stubborn and I am also like her. If once I decide to get something I do harder efforts to get that.. She was also very brave and intelligent, you believe it or not but I also have the same features.. And that's the reason I live Aashaka Mandal.

    Now you say do you find the Aashaka Mandal interestring??

    99 facts about guys

    Hi Guys

    Today was a long tiring day. Too much of work load and it was also tooooo boring so there is nothing to write about. So today I will share you something new.. As a link Builder I used to do forum link building and one day I got  very interesting thred. That was 99 facts about a guy. I think it was written bu some guy and that's why it was not so true but interesting for sure so lets take a look.

    99 Facts About Guys

    1. Guys don’t actually look after good-looking girls. they prefer neat and presentable girls.
    2. Guys hate other flirts.
    3. A guy can like you for a minute, and then forget you afterwards.
    4. When a guy says he doesn’t understand you, it simply means you’re not thinking the way he is.
    5. Are you doing something?” or “Have you eaten already?” are the first usual questions a guy asks on the phone just to get out from stammering.
    6. Guys may be flirting around all day but before they go to sleep, they always think about the girl they truly care about.
    7. When a guy really likes you, he’ll disregard all your bad characteristics.
    8. Guys go crazy over a girl’s smile.
    9. Guys will do anything just to get the girl’s attention.
    10. Guys hate it when you talk about your ex-boyfriend.
    11. When guys want to meet your parents. Let them. …….dont think so
    12. Guys want to tell you many things but they can’t. And they have one habit to gain courage and spirit to tell you many things and it is drinking! but do not generalise
    13. Guys cry!!!
    14. Don’t provoke the guy to heat up. Believe me. He will.
    15. Guys can never dream and hope too much.
    16. Guys usually try hard to get the girl who has dumped them, and this makes it harder for them to accept their defeat.
    17. When you touch a guy’s heart, there’s no turning back.
    18. Giving a guy a hanging message like “You know what?!..uh…never mind!” would make him jump to a conclusion that is far from what you are thinking.
    19. Guys go crazy when girls touch their hands……
    20. Guys are good flatterers when courting but they usually stammer when they talk to a girl they really like.
    21. When a guy makes a prolonged “umm” or makes any excuses when you’re asking him to do you a favor, he’s actually saying that he doesn’t like you and he can’t lay down the card for you.
    22. When a girl says “no”, a guy hears it as “try again tomorrow”. ……so true.
    23. You have to tell a guy what you really want before he gets the message clearly.
    24. Guys hate gays!
    25. Guys love their moms.
    26. A guy would sacrifice his money for lunch just to get you a couple of roses.
    27. A guy often thinks about the girl who likes him. But this doesn’t mean that the guy likes her.
    28. You can never understand him unless you listen to him.
    29. If a guy tells you he loves you once in a lifetime. He does.
    30. Beware. Guys can make gossips scatter through half of the face of the earth faster than girls can.
    31. Like Eve, girls are guys weaknesses.
    32. Guys are very open about themselves.
    33. It’s good to test a guy first before you believe him. But don’t let him wait that long.
    34. No guy is bad when he is courting
    35. Guys hate it when their clothes get dirty. Even a small dot.
    36. Guys really admire girls that they like even if they’re not that much pretty.
    37. Your best friend, whom your boyfriend seeks help from about his problems with you may end up being admired by your boyfriend.
    38. If a guy tells you about his problems, he just needs someone to listen to him. You don’t need to give advice…….very true.
    39. A usual act that proves that the guy likes you is when he teases you.
    40. A guy finds ways to keep you off from linking with someone else.
    41. Guys love girls with brains more than girls in miniskirts. ……..sumtimes.
    42. Guys try to find the stuffed toy a girl wants but would unluckily get the wrong one.
    43. Guys virtually brag about anything.
    44. Guys cannot keep secrets that girls tell them.
    45. Guys think too much.
    46. Guys’ fantasies are unlimited.
    47. Girls’ height doesn’t really matter to a guy but her weight does!……very true.
    48. Guys tend to get serious with their relationship and become too possessive. So watch out girls!!!
    49. When a girl makes the boy suffer during courtship, it would be hard for him to let go of that girl.
    50. It’s not easy for a guy to let go of his girlfriend after they broke up especially when they’ve been together for 3 years or more.
    51. You have to tell a guy what you really want before getting involved with that guy.
    52. A guy has to experience rejection, because if he’s too-good-never-been-busted, never been in love and hurt, he won’t be matured and grow up.
    53. When an unlikable circumstance comes, guys blame themselves a lot more than girls do. They could even hurt themselves physically.
    54. Guys have strong passion to change but have weak will power.
    55. Guys are tigers in their peer groups but become tamed P**** with their girlfriends…..sumtimes depends wen they want sumat.
    56. When a guy pretends to be calm, check if he’s sweating. You’ll probably see that he is nervous.
    57. When a guy says he is going crazy about the girl. He really is.
    58. When a guy asks you to leave him alone, he’s just actually saying, “Please come and listen to me”……sumtimes.
    59. Guys don’t really have final decisions.
    60. When a guy loves you, bring out the best in him.
    61. If a guy starts to talk seriously, listen to him….very important.
    62. If a guy has been kept shut or silent, say something.
    63. Guys believe that there’s no such thing as love at first sight, but court the girls anyway and then realize at the end that he is wrong.
    64. Guys like femininity not feebleness.
    65. Guys don’t like girls who punch harder than they do.
    66. A guy may instantly know if the girl likes him but can never be sure unless the girl tells him.
    67. A guy would waste his time over video games and football, the way a girl would do over her romance novels and make-ups.
    68. Guys love girls who can cook or bake. ….they love u regardless.
    69. Guys like girls who are like their moms. No kidding!……true but only wen the guys are ready 2be settled down.
    70. A guy has more problems than you can see with your naked eyes.
    71. A guy’s friend knows everything about him. Use this to your advantage.
    72. Don’t be a snob. Guys may easily give up on the first sign of rejection.
    73. Don’t be biased. Try loving a guy without prejudice and you’ll be surprised.
    74. Girls who bathe in their eau de perfumes do more repelling than attracting guys.
    75. Guys are more talkative than girls are especially when the topic is about girls.
    76. Guys don’t comprehend the statement “Get lost” too well.
    77. Guys really think that girls are strange and have unpredictable decisions but still love them more.
    78. When a guy gives a crooked or pretentious grin at your jokes, he finds them offending and he just tried to be polite.
    79. Guys don’t care about how shiny their shoes are unlike girls.
    80. Guys tend to generalize about girls but once they get to know them, they’ll realize they’re wrong.
    81. Any guy can handle his problems all by his own. He’s just too stubborn to deal with it.
    82. Guys find it so objectionable when a girl swears.
    83. Guys’ weakest point is at the knee.
    84. When a problem arises, a guy usually keeps himself cool but is already thinking of a way out.
    85. When a guy is conscious of his looks, it shows he is not good at fixing things.
    86. When a guy looks at you, either he’s amazed by you or he’s criticizing you.
    87. When you catch him cheating on you and he asks for a second chance, give it to him. But when you catch him again and he asks for another chance, ignore him.
    88. If a guy lets you go, he really loves you.
    89. If you have a boyfriend, and your boy best friend always glances at you and it obviously shows that he is jealous whenever you’re with your boyfriend, all I can say is your boy best friend loves you more than your boyfriend does.
    90. Guys learn from experience not from the romance books that girls read and take as their basis of experience.
    91. You can tell if a guy is really hurt or in pain when he cries in front of you!
    92. If a guy suddenly asks you for a date, ask him first why.
    93. When a guy says he can’t sleep if he doesn’t hear your voice even just for one night, hang up. He also tells that to another girl. He only flatters you and sometimes makes fun of you.
    94. You can truly say that a guy has good intentions if you see him praying sometimes.
    95. Guys seek for advice not from a guy but from a girl.
    96. Girls are allowed to touch boys’ things. Not their hair!
    97. If a guy says you’re beautiful, that guy likes you.
    98. Guys hate girls who overreact. ……sometimes.
    99. Guys love you more than you love them IF they are serious in your relationships

    According to me fact no. 29, 35 is completely wrong. Some facts are partially wrong and 90% facts are 100% true. Though I am a girl but I had a boy as my best friend.

    What do you think guys?? All these facts are true??

    Tuesday, August 10, 2010

    Shravan Mas

    As I already told you I am brahmin so I am very religious. And I respect all religions. But I have quite good Knowledge of Hindu religion So you will get many post on religion ;)

    In Hindu religion there are many months completely dedicated for God and good for prayer, Alms-deed, Benefaction, giving. And Shravan Mas is one of the month. I have shared about Purrushottam Mas this before if you remember. From today Shravan Mas has been started. This month is dedicated to God Shiva. And as all Hindus know Lord Shiva has greatest place in all God and known as "Devadhidev". He drunk poison to save the world. He has three eyes. And he is very simple hearted. Shravan Mas is dedicated for his worship. People used to go for fast for the whole month. If they can't they used to take fast on Monday as Monday is known as Shiva's day. People go for Shiva's temple known as Shivalya either everyday or Monday specially. And pray for goodness as well as worship with milk and bilipatra(Special kind of leaf) to make him happy.

    One interesting thing is if you are looking for your life partner and you are not able to find the one there is a way to get that one. The way is know as "16 Somvar Vrat " means 16 Monday Fast. You have to start fasting from 1st monday of Shravan Mas and have to fast consequetively 16 mondays then after. You have to go at Shivalya (Temple of Shiva) and pray to him. If you also bring red flower for Parvati Ma(Wife of Shiva) than it would be help you to get the one quickly. After 16 monday fast you have to give Junketing to brahnis and should do Alms-deed. And you will surely get the one made for you. Ah no I have not tried it yet but you can try it as next monday will be the first Monday of Shravan Month...

    Ok guys its too late now 1:15 am and I also have to go to office tomorrow so for now This is R J Aashaka signing off. Catch you tomorrow same place.. Till than Keep rwading and Keep Blogging :)

    Ash is back

    Hi guys..

    Ash is finally back. I was not blogging from quite long but finally I got the net at hoe so I will try to blogging everyday as I love to do it. First of all I would like to give my brief introduction for them who yet not know me. My name is Ashvini Vyas. I am avadit sahstra brahmin of Umreth, Kheda which is situated near Dakore in Gujarat. But from my childhood I am living at Ahmedabag, Gujarat, India. I have name Aashaka at social networking sites.. why?? Even I don't know. May be because I like the character of Aashaka Mandal in a gujarati novel Aashka Mandal. And it also sounds good and start with "A". I am working as an SEO Executive (TL) at well known SEO company at Ahmedabad. My mood is unpredictable like girls. I love red color. I like roses, chocolates, teddy and all other stuff that other girls like except beauty products. As I strongly believe in simplicity. I believe that Real beauty is in simplicity. And God is wise enough in his job. Though I came accidentally in SEO field but now I am loving it. I think its enough for now right...

    If you want to know more about me keep following me. ;)