Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tooo Busy these days

Hey Guys

What are you doing these days?? I am sorry if you are coming here for my posts and got no updates. The thing is the schedule of mine is too tight. There is too much of work load.. Let me share my day schedule with you.

My new job timing is 9:30 to 6:30. And as I told you it's quite far from my home so I have to leave home at 8:15 AM. Then I get hassles in AMTS and finally reach at stop. I have to walk for 10-20 minutes to reach at office from bus stop. Then Work starts. I have to complete projects to handle. I have to maintain all activities of 2 projects so there is too much of work load during office time. There is an old man in my office. He is peon. But quite weird. He is taking some extra care of mine. He used to bring something for me to eat and irritates me in different ways. But he id quite older so I can't even talk in raised voice. Well God bless me. The funny thing is he want to be my brother while i m age of his grand daughter. LOL.. Whatever after office I come to stop and AMTS hasseles me again and then I reach home around 8. Then I take rest and eat.

At 8:30 to 9 I start working for the another company(I told you i have accepted to work as SEO Consultant and link builder for other firm). Then I check mails, talk with frinds, handle work of other clients and so on. It make time around 1 to 2 AM at night. And I get toooooooo tired so I just go into bed and get faint till morning when I hear the voice of either my mom or dad. And with great problemi wake up .. :(

I used to work on holidays also because I have to cover the pending work...

So now you can understand why I am not updating my Blog regularly.. So kind of you. Now I have some task pending so going to do it. okay??

For you it's time to sleep so Gooood Night, Gooood Bye.... C U Sabba Kher... This is R J Aashaka signing off .. Catch you at the same place soon. Till then b happy and make others happy.. :)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Am I lucky?? or I made myself lucky??

Hey guys..

How's going on?? Let me warn you 1 thing, this post is going to be quite longer because I have to talk so many things and I am going to talk a very important topic here. And at the end of the post there will be a question for you and looking forward to your reply so please read it carefully and reply me.. ok?? Thanks


As you all guys know that my past boss took me out of the job and then I given few interviews and got selected by many and I selected one company.. Remeber company didin't selected me.. I selected the company. :) Oh please don't think I am proudy. I am just happy for the achievement. And you also know that I had refused that offer as I got one another opportunity to work with an MNC company with good package. And right now i m working with that mnc company as an seo executive.

The day before yesterday the owner of the company whom i refused after accepting the job(and i apologized on my blog for that) called me up.. He told me that he really want to work with me any how and do someting. He insist me to work for him. But as I can't leave my current job, I said I can work for you from home. At a time he agreed and asked me to meet him to discuss the deal. So yesterday I had an meeting with him. And we made a deal that I"ll work for him as an SEO Consultant. I"ll work for 3 hrs a day and I am suppose to go to office once in a month to coordinate the seo team of the firm(as i have off at 2nd and 4th saturday in my working job so any 1 saturday I am suppose to go for 3 hrs) and he will pay good money for that. So I am very happy as he doesn't know me much but still he trusted me and given so much of respect.. Thanks buddy!! I would also add one thing I am very very very thankful to my previous Boss who took me out my job. Because if the y didn't fired me, I would never ever leave that firm because of emotional attachments and I could never get to know my real value in the industry.. So sir if you are reading this then thank u so very much for your decision. I can say I am the only person in this world who is exteremely happy to get fired from the job. LOL

Real thing comes now:

So the real thing or my question comes now. As I was very happy to get theses much success and respect in my field, I shared this to all my freinds. Only one did congratulated me. And others are lazy and money savers, not even msged me.. :( .Whatever!! One of my friend told me that "you got it just because of your good luck and blessings!!!!" I said yes but "you forgotten the hardwork and skill." He said "Hardwork and skill is not so important, bcz the labors also have both".. I was quite amazed by his sentence. I know him very well as he is not jealous of my success. He is not that kind of person but what I felt that he might be frustrated because he is not getting that success in his field.. I know it's not like that.. I am thinking wrong may be but I couldn't understabd his meaning and intention to say so..

What I believe:

See I am a kind of person who strongly believe in destiny. I believe that u do anything but u wil get only what is in your destiny. But at the same time I give importance to hard work. I mean u can't sit by depending on destiny only with thought I wil get it if it is in my destiny. You have to work lil for it. What I believe is God has written our destiny with IF-ELSE condition. He has written 2 options. Means he might written that if ash will try for this then she wil get this or she will get that. For ex: if Ash will go for mnc company then she will get opportunity to work with both mnc and local company else if she go for local company then she will get only local company else nothing more than a housegirl :) .. This is my logic about God's thinking and destiny.. So to get something best you must have both destiny and hard work and skill. Alone none can help you. right??

My Payment to this success

He said I got this success just because of my good luck. But only I know how much I paid for this success!! And you won't believe from the time I get to understand things, I was thinking I am very unlucky and I can't get anything easily what I want.. As I told you this b4 also if u remeber there are always bumps ahead in my life.. There is a fight between me and destiny.. But yes I am also feeling that I am so many years or I can say for the first time in my life I can say that time is in my favor or I am feeling lucky.. And I don't think this is just because of my skills, talent and hard work. I believe it is because of my God's and well wishers blessing to me. But on the same time I think my hard work also played a good role in it..

For getting this position and success I have paid many things. There are so many sleepless night and restless days.. I have lost the golden days of life... In college time everyone enjoy their self by bunking the lectures and go for movie and stuff. But during 3 years of graduation I have seen only 1 movie and 3 lecture buned by me. I reached early to college and then spend my time in library in reading. Then attend all lectures. After coming back home, I read till late night or I can say till early morning :) Even in the reading vacation of college when no 1 goes to college, I was the one who was hassling the professors with difficulties and digging books in library. That was college time

In school time, I had given exams of 1st and 2nd standard within a  year rather than 2. As I was a bright student and my mom was teacher, she wanted to save my year. So I jumped a year.. And for that I read syllabus of 2 standards in a year.. And also got medal for that :) When I was in board, I wsa reading so much, my neighbors and dad were started worried about me and telling me to stop reading otherwise you will be made or sick :) but I didn't given up..

During my masters in first sem, We get out 1st lecture on 16th oct and we get to know we have final exams on 3rd December. I was doing part time job at that time. Within 1 month I covered whole syllabus which was of 6 months without taking leaves from my job. I was reading during travelling as well. And during my MCA, I was working for dull time so I managed both work and study. And recently I had given my last exams. So yo can imagine my dedication to my success. Bcz I don't think it's easy to work for 9 hrs, 2-3 hrs struggle in transport in AMTS and then reading for your studies.. Do u think it is easy??

And even after joining the SEO field I had given myself to it. Within few time I try to get a good knowledge of the industry. As you all know I was working in the firm for 9 hrs, then after at home I was researching SEO till midnight.

And most painful thing I have lost few close relations for this success. I couldn't given them enough time because of this tight schedule and I was also became lil frustrated and short tempered because of this pressure. And they couldn't understand me and they left me alone :)

And from tommoro my schedule will be like this:

I have office timings of 9:30 am to 6:30 PM. And it takes around an hour to travel to the company from my home and waiting for bus can be 2 minutes to 2 hours. So u can say around 11-12 hours I will be on work. Then after coming home, I am suppose to work at least 3 hours in a day. So from 24 hours there will be 14-15hrs as working hours for me.. So u can see the hard work and time i m giving to my profession and my career.

My Question:

So now my questions is:
Do you think I got this success just because of my good luck??
Or do you think I deserved it as I have sacrifiesed many things to get this success??
What can be the intention or meaning of that friend by saying skill and hard work is not important just luck worked for you??
What do you believe in?? Destiny or hard work?? Or my theory of both IF ELSE condition of GOD?? :)


What I feel about my success is yes my destiny worked for me with blessings as there are many people may be more talented than me who can't make it what I did. But at the same time I think my hard work and skill also played an important role in getting this success. And if I am lucky or God given me good luck then I would say I deserved it. I deserve to get this luck bcz I have paid enough for getting this.. Am I right??

Moral of the story:

When you reach at the peak of the success, you will be alone there .. There will be many eyes on you but there will be no one besides you :)

As i told you it is a longer post. And I know you guys gives your precious time to read such long long post of mine. That's really sweet of you.. I have just 1 request, if you can give few minutes toread the whole post, you can at least give few seconds to write a small comment as your suggestion and thoughts really matters a lot for me so please leave comment.. Right now its around 1 AM and I did worked today also so I am very tired and honestly I couldn't see clearly because I am too sleepy and sleepiness is in my eyes right now. And I have to wake up early for office.. But I given time to write this for you guys so you also give me time and leave comment for me :)

Gooood Night, Sweet dreams.. C U Sabba kher... This is R J Aashaka signing off for tonight.. Catch you soon at the same place till then keep reading and keep commenting.. Be happy and make everyone happy !!! :)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Small but impressive meeting with a legendary young old man

Hi guys

I know I am very irregualr these days in posting. But what to do?? I have too tight schedule and tiring day as well so couldn't update Blog regularly. And the life is also usual so there is nothing to share..But today there was something different.. :) Though I was too tired today, I decided to share the experience with you..

My day was as usual busy working day.. At evening I missed my bus just because I was 1 minute late. Believe me it really hurts when you see your bus is going in front of you and you missed it just for few seconds... Well then I waited for long but my bus didn't came so I went to University in another bus to get optional Bus to my place. And after wait of few minutes I got the alternative bus and get in to it. It was too crowdy as usual.. A kind lady take me in to stand so people doesn't crush me(specially cheap boys). Thanks aunty.. After standing auite long I got the seat beside that aunt. After few minutes I hear some voice so look at back seat. There was an old man sitting at back seat and few biys were covring him. I thought old man will start talking something as usually old people do and boys will make fun of him.. So didn't took attention at that side..

After few minutes aunt sitting besides me said "He is a freedom fighter and showing his snaps with Gandhiji and other big politicians." So just for curiosity I looked at back side.. And that old man was showing snaps. Snaps were showing that he was getting national awards.. He had pictures with Pratibha Patil, Soniya Gandhi, Abdula Kamala and so on.. I got more curious and happy to meet him.. And other people were too. Few boys left their seat and start watching pictures

That old man was 82 years old but still quite fit. He was thin but strong. His face had many wrinkles, but a great brightness. He can see without specs. He had sitting straight with a proud that yes I fought against Britishers for freedom of my India. There was a great positive energy in him.. He has very impressive personality as well.. I got good positive vibes from him.. He was old but seems still so young. So I called him young old man

He joind freedom fight with Mahatma Gandhi when he was just 15 years old. And he had taken part in freedom fight. He met all the legendary politicians and freedom fighters. He had  very good knowledge. He told us then he got chance to be minister in past but he refused that. Then he spoken a very good poem. I couldn't hear it clearly unfortunately. But I heard few words of it and the meaning was never give up in any difficult situation. Just fight for it with a positive attitude to beat the problem and win the battle. Then everything is possible. So true and inspirational.. I just forgotten all tiredness, tensiona nad problems. And there was a big smile on my face. I was feeling sooooooooo very good I can't tell you..

Then he shown us a black and white picture of his young days. Oh my Gosh!! I can not tell  you how handsome he was!!! He was tall, fair and tooooo handsome. Any girl can fall in love with him at first sight for sure. I was just mesmerized.. I was feeling to shake hand with him and tell him that I am really gald to meet you. But I couldn't  because of my shy nature and boys standing around him. That boys were quite cheap as all young boys. He were getting interested in the talks of that young old man.. Bu after each talk those boys looks at my side with a smile. I hated it. And I was afraid if I shake hand with him and get some cheap silly comment of those boys. Usaully I use a simple cell phone with FM only. There is no camera or memory card. Because I am very simple girl and use things which are needful. And I feel cell phone is just to be in contact with others so use very simple one. But today I was feeling really bad as I didn't have camera in cell phone. I wanted to take snap of that old young man.. Ah man I couldn't shook hand or took his picture. But I asked his name.. He was MansukhBhai. A boy shown me his name and year written on his young picture which was of year 1956. I was very happy to meet him. But I really wanted to shake hand with him.

Finally my stop came. I didn't shook hand but given him a very biiiiiiiiiig smile with expressiona that I am really very glad to meet his kind of legendary personality. Aunt sited besides me said "It's a luck and opportunity to meet this kind of great man" I really agreed with her. It was a great opportunity. When I seen him, I decided to write about him on my blog. I felt I should tell him that I am going to write about you on my blog as he might feel good..

You know what a strange thins.. It's not the first time I met any freedom fighter. But that young old man has something in him. A very impressive personality and positive vibes.. Honestly before I met him I was feeling really bad and sad and tired. But within few minutes, I had a big smile on my face with gladness.. I am very glad and happy meeting that young old man called "Mansukhbhai". His name means happiness/ peace of mind. He has the same personality.. Thanks to meet me :) I stll have a big smile as I am writing about him..

Well it's time to go. I wish you to meet you soon with some great shares of my life. I"ll catch you soon at the same place. Till then this is R J Aashaka signing off. Till then keep reading and keep commenting.. Be happy and make everyone happy!!! :)


Saturday, September 4, 2010

Myths in SEO peersons

Hi guys

Now lets talk about my todays day. It was really good and full of fun and most surprisingly Ahmedabad transport have not haresed me today. Both time I got bus immediately. And day was fun working day..

Now I want to talk related to my title..

Today a girl came to my new company for an interview for the post of SEO Executive. She has done a certified SEO course from some institute and has 3 months working experience as an SEO Executive. Her salary expectation was 10 k. Now the real thing come .Our TL took her interview and shared the experience of interviewing her to us. After giving her intro which I given in beginning of this paragraph he said "I asked her what is back links??" She said "Don't know" He asked "ok np what is inbound links??" She said "don't know"  Then he asked "Ok what is crawler??" She replied "a tool" LOL( I though If I am interviewing her on this note I say when did the crawler tool launched?? Give me the download link so I start crawling my site rather than doing so many link building. LOL). Sir said "After all her this kind of answers I asked her an easiest question what is seo?? and she replied it perfectly and been happy. She should not be unhappy that she couldn't give any answer... " For the current job that girl had written an SEO Executive in well known IT Company at Ahmedabad but she had not written name of the company so sir asked her "Why didn't you written the name of your current company??" She replied "I thought it's not required to write the company name".. LOL it was the classy answer I guess.. I mean name of the company is not required bcz that's a well known IT Company.. hahaha.  If I was an interviewer I would say "Dear company name is required. After reading the name I will decide or get to know wheather it's a well known IT company in ahmedabad or not.. LOL.. Before few months a man came for an interview who had 5 year SEO experience. He was doing job in SEO for 5 years and the n for sometime he went to abroad and after coming back again he wanted to start his career. When Sir interviewed him and asked SEO related questions.. He replied "I did all that and also worked as SEO for 5 years but right now I forgotten" Sir said I thought then you should come with revision. LOL... We were laughed a lot on this interviewee...

When a person work in SEO for few moths or year, they start thinking that they are expert SEO people. But they don't know they have done mere link building which can't make them SEO Experts.. Eventhough you know all kind of link building, you must have knowledge of some SEO theory and techniques to be an seo expert.. Otherwise your years are just wasted.. You have to be actively aware of all the facts and updation in SEO techniques and SERP factors and much more... Though I know all the answers of all those questions asked by my TL to that girl, I don't think I am an SEO Expert.. I feel like there is many things which are remaining and still I have to learn in SEO. In fact SEO is a field where everyday new technique emerge and an SEO person has to update his/her knowledge. For example when initially SEO had started there was only SES and DS but now so many link building techniques are there.. SEO profession is like medical profession. As in medical everyday new disease come in existence and new medicine invented to cure it. Same in SEO everyday search engine launch new crawling and SERP techniques(disease) and new techniques to beat that algo and get high rank.. In medical doctor can be specialist or physician. Same in SEO a person can either know all techniques or master in any one SEO method for example DS...So we have similarities.. Ah sorry I went to off topic. Now as I said an SEO person after doing few months link building start living in myth they are the king of SEO and can earn a lot.. Ah no guys you need something more :)

Apart from that few developers and IT people who has know or low knowledge of SEO thinks that SEO is a kind of data entry.. And sEO doesn't require brain so I would say this is just a myth.. SEO is not mere data entry. Yeah there is some link buiding technique where copy paste work has been done but that's not data entry at all. And developers also do copy paste for same kind of code. For example they copy paste the code of insert/delete/update buttons. So does it mean developers does data entry?? And according to me in developing once you get to know the coding then you don't need much more brain bcz then almost all applications are same except few corrections and modifications as per the requirements.. But in SEO everyday new search engines introduce and new T & C and crawling rules and algos and so on. So we have to use more brain and logic. We have to invent a technique to beat so powerful and intelligent search engines.. So don't you think SEO people have to use more brain.. Developers and non seo people think SEO doesn't has as much scop and importance as a developer or designer has. I would say that's the myth again. Because a developer or designer get a site only once to deveop or design it or 2-3 times to redevelop or redesign it. But when a site come in hands of an SEO person, site never goes back :) Because even after getting high SERP and PR, SEO people has to maintain the position. So once we get the site for an SEO  that site becomes permanamt work resource for us. So how can you say SEO has less scop. In fact I think we have more wider scope?? Am I wright!! They might have all these myths because they have never worked as an SEO and are not aware of SEO facts.. What?? What did you said?? I can't speak about developing bcz I don't have knowledge of developing... Ah dear you are mistaken here. I have worked as a developer for a year and have knowledge of ASP.net, VB, JAVA, PHP, WORDPRESS and CORE Joomla.. I was a good developer who has an excellent developing logic. You can ask this to my boss and my college professors as well. I made many difficult applications So I know the developing and SEO both so I can compare... :)

Few of my friends when go for an interview of SEO post they told me know technical questions had asked to them. But when in the same company I go for an interview they asked me many many technical question.. The reason is they try to inspect your actual knowledge. If you keep giving right answer with technical knowledge, then they go ahead  to check your depth knowledge. But if you loose to answer in initial stage.. How can they ask more depth when you don't know the basic answer.. Right?? For example in today's girl interview my sir asked many questions but when can't get good answer he asked what is SEO? So enhance your knowledge in SEO theory with practical. ok?? :)

So if you are thinking to go in SEO Field then don't listen to the people with myths of SEO and doesn't know importance of SEO field.. You have opted the right field and if you really want to be an SEO expert then apart from practicle SEO, start reading SEO techniques to build your base of SEO expertise. Because you can't beat the GOOGLE until you don't know it's algo and linking tactics. right?? :)

I think I have explained enough.. right?? Was it informative for you?? No need to thanks guys.. :) if you want to or need to know anything else in SEO then let me know. :)

As always it's too long post. So Gooooooood niiiiiiiight.... Goooooooood bye. C U Sabba kher.... This is R J Aashaka signing off. I"ll catch you at the same place. Till than keep reading and keep commenting. Be happy and make everyone happy :)

Who is jealous from me and my success??

Hi Guys..

As I had mentioned in my yesterday's post I lost my job because of one of my previous post. We will talk about my job termination soon. Now the thing is after that I am getting negative comments and threats from silly people of my past company... I had also got a comment in which commenter written if you will write on this Blog then I will make your life hell. That was my ..... Yeah the king of game. :) I am really important so even after all relations cut from past company I am spot of attraction :)

Now I can't say that I know my sir very well but yeah I know that he really doesn't care of an employee who leave the job once so I know sir is not involved in this. But the thing is there is few people or should I say some one who is doing cheap thing here by leaving negative comment here. And you know what that man is idiot number 1. Ah I am not joking at all.. He has written a stupid comment. I didn't got angry but felt too funny.. :D

That stupid fellow written comment on my post "Ash Rocks" and his first line was "don't write about my company" LOL You chaman (means idiot) I have written about my success and other companies, there is nothing about my old company... Then he written "u r nothing" Then for that I would say "Ala bogha(means fool) I am the best as companies are running for me to get me in their company.. In fact you are nothing so you are still there in one corner of company" The he written "how dare u??" Then
I would say "A fattu(means timid person) I am not like u who has no guts.. I am writing what I feel and what is true with my own name and identity.. And you fisancani fus(means timid person) not have dare to leave cmt with your own name!! You are using fake name. If you have dare to face me than write your own name. sala bayla.. (means gay).."

And then he reached the height of stupidity.. LOL. He has written that publish my post in 2-3 business days on your Blog.. Don't you dare to delete it otherwise you will get SEO penalty from my side.." LOL LOL LOL.. Hahaha.. I want to say on this "ala gagha(means duffer) Google tara bapa nu 6?? Means IS google is your father's property.. Do whatever you want. Go and give me your SEO penalty. For your kind information I have did no SEO for this Blog and as I had written earliere also I just don't care if I get 0 traffic.. Because this is my place and I will do whatever I want to do.. Rather than behaving or doing what I am doing in my real life.. Being a goodie goodie girl with smiling face and always try to make others happy eventhough I am unbhappy because of them.. Here I will show what I am thinking inside. If you have guts to read the truth than come here otherwise BMJ(Means go to hell).. I have deleted your post and will never ever publish your any post. I have much more dare than this as I am still writing after getting many threts for not writing her. got it???

Then that silly goat written I am wasting my time after you (might be in reading my posts) and I really don't want to and like to waste my time after you.. I would say "Ala chachundar(means rat) tne tara bapa ye amtran apyu 6 mara blog vachva and taro faltu time waste karva?? (means who invited to come here and waste your already wasted time??)"

And after all this stupid sentence he has written publish my post in 2-3 business days.. Plz Plz Plz. Hope you understand... C ya honey.. This made me rolling down on the floor with LOL... Hahaha.. I think that person want to be on my Blog and have literally requested to publish his post.. LOL If you want to get place on my Blog as a commenter the first go and wash your face and then write a positive comment then I"ll think i want to publish it or not!! And one more thing don't u dare try to threaten me because I don't scare of anything.. And have much more dare and guts than you have ever imagine.. And next time use your real name u fake person..

As I said I got negative cmts these before but never talked about it because I don't want to be popular or not want to get publicity or target.. I  am writing here because I like to write here. It's my place and the place where I don't need to lie to be sugar person.. I have written this post on that comment because I find it really funny and interesting.. And I also wanted to answer all that persons who thing I am scared of them or not speaking anything on your cheap comments. I am not speaking anything because I am not your kind of cheap person and not want anything negative here. Because it's my place with positivity.. I have written many time it's my place in this post to make you aware that this is my Blog and I will do what I want to. Don't you dare try to teach me anything.. 

I had heard in a movie that when people starts writing against you means you are successful so guys I am quite successful with proof ;) And as my title of this post people may e jealous from me and my success.. But why you are not leaving your name u fattu (timid person)

Well ok byeee....  Ah don't go still there is one more post coming.. What why??? You know me no I am too talkative ;)

Friday, September 3, 2010

New Company's freedom feels good and strange as well

Hi guys...

How are you doing?? Ah I am doing great and quite bussy these days. I want to talk so many things with you but the thing is couldn't get the time that much. As you know I have joined a new company. There is too much of freedom in this company.

In my previous company we had many restrictions. We can't talk. We have to wear id card. We have to put tea cups in dustbin. We have to be on place at exact 10 AM in the morning and exact 2:15 PM after lunch. We can't talk loudly. We have to come before office time and go after office time. Means the employee who sit for 7:30 or more are considered good eventhough they just sit and do nothing or less work. And employee go on exact time at 7 is not so dedicated though that person has given more work. We have to shut down PC and cover it up properly. We can't play music, not even in earphone or headphone. Mobile must be on silent. We can't open any unrelated site and personal id and mail checking is strictly prohibited(I think that's ok and only valid rule of the company) And so on. There is long list of rules and regulation. It was feeling like we are admitted in convent school. And principal take care of everything. That was our HR. She used to go on rounds to check the id card and this and that...

Now in new company the scenario is completely different. People used to talk loudly and also crack jokes. No restriction on talking. Employee rarely wear id card. I was the only one who wore it for the whole day(I like to wear it :) ) Tea comes in mug so no need to put cup in dustbin. Tea man gives the tea and after completion take up the cups. Tea cup is quite big with too much tea. For me more than enough. Sometimes I feel oh God why the tea is not getting finished. LOL..Lunch break is 1 to 2. But people start taking it before 1 and get back to work till 2:15.. Phone can be on ring. We can play music on phone. And the most surprising thing for me we can open social networking sites including facebook, orkut and personal id as well. When I seen my collegue opened FB and chatting with her friend, I surprisingly asked "Is it allowed??" She sais "It's not restricted :) " .. She sit in middle of me and our TL. She used to open FB, way2sms, recipe sites and also sit quitely soing nothing. Our Tl see this but say nothing. I feel strange because she is not working then why TL is not speaking anything?? May be because TL himself chat a lot on FB and keep surfing girls pictures in FB. You can say almost whole day. He open analytic on one tab and on another FB. :) People start moving around and doing time pass before half an hour of off time. Office time is 6:30. People come betweem 9:30 to 9:40 and at 6 start doing time pass. And at 6:29 send report and shut down PC and at exact 6:30 the leave the office. Today I sit till 6:35 and guess what my TL gone away at exact 6:30 :).. So there is too much of freedom. It feels like I was in a convent school and now I am in college where professor (our TL and Boss) think we are mature enough to understand our responsibility and we know that we are there to work and we are aware to give performance (just like in college professor leave it on student to study or not.).. Though I feel there must be little restriction. They are paying us so they should watch us. Well it's their company and their decision... And there is no cctv camera in company and my past company had cameras everywhere and sir keep watching us and taking screen sots of our PCs...

All these freedom is good but I find it very strange.. Because as I said there must be someone who put some restriction so people work full time and not take disadvantage of freedom. My previous boss had made very bad image of mine in my company that I was doing SEO of any other company which is so not true.. Me, my God and my friends knows me very well and I didn't had to give any explanation to them. They told me we know you and sir both so forget it. We know u r a work dedicated and loyal person. That's enough for me because those people and their thinking matters for me..

Eventhough we have these many freedoms I have not taken advantage of it. I reach office at 9:10 to 9:15 and sit till 6:30 to 6:35. I do only my work and no time pass at all. I have net at home so I never open any social networking site or my personal id or chat.. I always give my 100% to my work and my relations as well. But only few people can recognize it..

In short I am very happy with my new job as there is no restriction. no target and full freedom .But I have maintained my dignity and work enthusiasm here as well and not thinking to take advantage or disadvantage of freedom. But yeah it's fun in working in not so pressurized environment. :) BTW the chairs are very relaxing and I used to get slip in it and work relaxingly.. In my past company unbelivable target has been set. For ex 90 forum posting a day. 200 bookmarking and so on. Here there is no target. We can do what we want to do. They just want result.. no matter u do forums or SB or DS. And the most importrant they concentrat on quality rather than quantity.

Well again a looooong post. Hmm bcz i m talkative...Well I have to go to office tomorrow as only 2nd and 4th saturday is off and tomorrow is 1st so I have to go. I am also tired and not wanted to on PC but just for you guys I have written 2 post. Eventhough I had a threating comment that if I write this Blog again he will make my life hell. Eventhough I lost my job bcz of posting here I am writing here and I will write here foreever..

Ok baba.. I am going now.Gooooooooood Niiiiiiiiight............. Goooooooood Byeeee.. Sweeeet dream. This is R J Aashaka siigning off for tonight. Catch u soon at the same place till then keep reading, keep commenting. Be happy and make everyone happy... :)

First day of new job on 1-Sep-10

Hi Guys

As I told you, I have joined a new MNC (Multinational Company). That company has 2 branches in ahmedabad. 2 more branches in India in other states. And 4 other branches in the world including at US, UK, Russia and Poland. The staff is 300+ in my branch. And there are many differnt departments. They do SEO of inhouse products.. There are 3 HRs. I think this much intro is enough for now.

Now let's talk about my experience. On the first day we had to do formalities.(I written we bcz we were 4 people joined on the sme day in different departments). It took around 2-3 hours. Then the sweet HR made me meet my TL. He made me sit for a while. There is one old uncle. He is extra sweet and more talkative than me. He asked me so many question when 1st time I had gone for an interview. On joining day also he talked a lot. Then I my TL took me inside the office and shown me my place. Made set up of PC and my new account. Then given me a URL and just say research the site. I said but what to research?? Keyword research or just site content? he said "yes". I though what yes?? There are 2 options.. Ah with his rough answer I had started keyword research and research on competitors. There is a girl sit besides me. She got very happy by seeing me because she was the only girl in whole department. Now she got my interesting and lively company. She is engaged so talked a lot about her engagement and fiance. Till break I had nothing to do except research. After break we had introduction meeting with whole SEO team that was just in my honor and introduction. After meeting and sometime my TL call me in a conference room and make me aware of the format of the company. And given me a dedicated project. On page SEO has been completed but he given me the document and told me you can give suggestion. Then told me to start work on it in a way I want in off page. I had started with Bookmarking. In short the first day was little boring because of no work. Transport system of ahmedabad also made me tired and haresed me. But overall it was good experience..

On second day I had tried my hand on content writing-article writing. Professional writer updated it but it was quite good..

By the way the work is really fast there. They given me my appointment later and id card on the first day. That was about my new job and new company. :)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ash Rocks

Hi guys

Today is Sitala Satam and today Gujarati  people doesn't cook anything because as per the tradition today gujarati woman doesn't burn the gas and has to eat cold food which has been cooked yesterday (at radhan chhat where Gujarati woman cooks a lot).. There is a long story of sitla mata but today I wanna talk about my victory.. :)

First of all I want to tell you when you listen or read the name of Ash widen up your mind. I mean Ash doesn't mean Aishwarya.Aishwarya is an old and retired bollywood actress called Aish. But I am Ash. And mind one thing I am not fan of Aishwarya at all and I even don't wanna be like her. So please don't you dare compare me with her. Got it everyone?? That's good.

Now I want to tell you something about my success. As you know there were problems with my current company and Since last wednsday I am not with that company as sir told me not to come.. After that on the same day I had sent my CV to 4 companies and updated my CV on job portals. Till the evening I got call for an interview from 3 comapnies.

On next day I went for interviews. I got selected in first interview in first round with much more salary than  my previous comapny with the position of Sr. SEO Executive TL. Then I went for the second interview. In between I got the cal from 2 more comapnies for the interview. And till end of the day I had given 4 interviews and got selected in 2 with much more salary than my previous company and higher position as well. Third comany tried to convince me to work with them in less salary. And 2 calls for an interview next day.

In 2 days I had an offer from 4 good and big companies. And I had out them in hold. MEans I told them "I"ll let you know till monday. I have to think". And those companies were trying to convince me and giving me attractive offers. Ah it feels so good when you have the power. It feels awesome when you get to knw you have the choice to choose the company you want to work with rather than company choose you from 100s of candidates. It feels fabulous when you get to know top companies are competing and running after you, just to get you in their firm. I can't explain the feeling. I was feeling like I am flying in the Air. And I would say that is all because of blessings of Mahakali ma and my well wishers.

Finally I said yes to one company but then next day call from a company came with which I wanted to work. But I said "as you haven't replied in 2 days, I said yes to another company" They convinced me to meet them and discuss the matter.

So next day I go there and sit with a ruling pose in front of HR and SEO HOD. SEO HOD told me "say Ms Ashvini". I said "What should I say!! You say..." Then both of them started convincing me but I had the power and I took complete advantage of it. I was dancing inside and in indian language "bahot bhav khaya mene" Finally I got convinced on my terms and conditions. My expected salary (not a rs less than what I wanted). Ah and they lost against me and given me what I wanted to get.

They were bit insecure may be with threat that if again my mind change and I"ll go with any other company. They made me sit for 10 mins and on the spot they made my offer later and took my sign and promis that I"ll join from the next day!!! Ah I was flying in the air. It was so much of fun, I can't tell you.

Then I went to Dudheswar Mahakali Temple to say thanks to her. Because as I told you I believe in Mahakali ma a lot. And I believe one thing you can't get good things until you have blessings and good destiny. Because there are many people who might have more talent and skill than I have but they are working with less salary and less package. My friends used to say that you got all tehse good job offers and respect due to your own talent, skill and confidance but I say "no it's just because of Mahakali ma ni mehar and bhagavan ni ami drasti" Means blessings of God so people get impressed by me. My friends also ask me "What does they ask?? How do answer them so they just say yes to you in first round of interview??(Usually there are 2-3 rounds in corporate interview)" I just say "I reply same answer as u might give because SEO question has same answer. May be I have good confidance or convincing power or I don't know. But I have blessings that I know.. Thanks a lot to my Mahakali Ma. Thanks a ton to my well wishers and thanks a bunch to my enemies. Yes thanks to enemies. Because Enemies always gives you more strength to fight and show them you are the best and make them jealous with your success. Thanks to all of them. And a special thanks to a special person because whom I get to know that I am so much important in SEO field.. I can never know my value without him. I"ll tell you the name later on. But right now if you are reading this thank you so much for everything you did for me..

And believe me all these things are fact. It's not like that I am just talking to get your impressive look of yours or for extra hype. No not at all. All these are true.. And yeah the company I said yes before I had refused the offer with heavy heart as I know the needed me really but now I can't be emotional. I have to be practicle now. Becauses I learned that emotions has no soace in this corporate world. Emotions make you fool end of the day here. So I am sorry for refusing you dear. I am really very sorry and thanks for understanding me and my problem. And yeah owner was great man. He had given me the open invitation to join them any time I want to join them. Thanks you very much for this honor.

By the way here are the name of the companies I got slected in Hiddenbrains, Attune, 6sensetechnology, openxcell , Indianic Infotech and one more(I don't remember the name). I used to not right the names of others but written here. If anyone has doubt  that I am lieing then you can call all these companies and you get to know I am true teller.. :) Thanks for your congrats and best wishes

Ah again it's too long post as always because I am too talkative. Yeah you know me.. Hey you visit me but not leaving comments why?? Leave the comment otherwise I"ll not post more..

This is R J Aashaka signing off for tonight. Have a great time ahead.. Goooooood Night.... Goooooooood Byeeee.. Sweeet Dreams... C U Sabba kher.. I"ll catch you tomorrow at same place. Till then keep reading and commenting... Be happy and make everyone happy :)