Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine day - Journey of Emotions

Valentine day – The day of love is coming. 14th Feb is celebrated as the day of love to express the feelings to the one you love. It’s a great feeling when someone shows the love and care to you and make you feel so special. So if you have someone in your life or if you are in love with someone then this is the time to express the love and care you have for that person. J  Some people used to give an excude that every day is day of love then why to celebrate this day?? Then my answer for them id in our normal routine life, we don’t get that much time to make a day very special and unforgettable to our be loved. So this is the opportunity or a day to express all the feeling we have for the one we love the most or the one who is our lifetime companion.

I have also planned something very special and romantic for my valentine when I will go for my valentine for the first time J. I am going to ask a whole day from him by romantically proposing him day before valentine day with saying “sweet heart ! I am going to give you my whole life, so can I borrow a day from my life?? Will you please come with me on this valentine day and put fragrances of LOVE on this day of LOVE??” Ah ! how can he say no then?? J he will come of course.

Now in the morning, we will go for the romantic movie and before movie starts, I will present him a white rose with the words of love as “White is the color of peace. This white rose is a symbol of peace and I would like to urge u that in future for my any act or quarrel which makes u angry on me. Remember this white rose and the thing that I can’t bare your anger so forgive me and never be apart for my any mistake I made intentionally or unintentionally. Promise me that u will help me to maintain a peaceful life and love by accepting this white rose <3 ” and we will watch the movie by holding hands and my face on his shoulders J.

Then after movie we will go for a lunch of his choice, before we start a lunch I will gift him an orange rose with the words of love that “The orange rose indicates that u r the only one I am attracted to for the lifetime, and your heart and love is the thing which keep attract me towards u. I promise you that I will be attached to u with the same intensity of love till the last breadth of my life and I would like u to Promise me that you will be always as kind, loving and carrying as you are by accepting this orange rose”

After the lunch, we would go for the long drive my favorite where I put my head on his shoulder and just enjoy the great time of my life with his. In between this romantic long drive, I will present him a yellow rose and says “The yellow rose is the symbol of friendship and friendship is the relation which is based on transparency & trust. I would like you to be your best friend ever where u don't need to hide anything and to whom you can share everything u think and feel about without any hesitation or a thought. It's most important to be a friend before being lifetime companion so I would like u to accept this yellow rose with a promise that u will try to be my lifelong friend and we will share a friendship bond which won’t break in extreme conditions"

Then we will go for the candle light dinner with the romantic music and violin with smoke around and the red heart shaped balloons and roses. Before start of the dinner, I would present him a red rose and would say
I have found in u the love of a life-time
when I fell in love with u
the magic of ur smile touched my heart & made my world an enchanting place
when I fell in love with u
I realized that true happiness wasn't as farfetched and distant as I'd imagined..
when I fell in love with u
I could suddenly hold my head higher knowing that
I carried u and ur presence in my heart
when I fell in love with u
and looked into ur eys,
I could see the fulfillment of all my cherished hopes and dreams
when I fell in love with u
I vowed to fill ur life with perfect joy, fun-filled times and unending love
U r my life, my love...

accept this red rose which is symbol of love, an allow me to keep u in my heart for the lifetime and give me permission to steal ur heart. Will u be my valentine??

after the dinner I will present him a glass heart and a chain with a pedant of heart either with our pics or with half heart chain to him and half heart chain i l keeo tp me and will tell him by holding his hand in my hand that "take care of this heart. I am giving u my heart today and if u break my heart, I am gonna break u :) :D <3"

Then we will leave for the last few moments and most probably go to a river bank, or sea shore or pound or something and walk around for a while by holding each other’s hand together. I l present him few chocolates with the words "The sweetness of these chocolates r not as much as u spread in my life by being part of it. But its jst a gesture of mine to spread some more sweetness in our relation"

At the end when he drops me at my home or our home, Before the journey of emotion over, I present him a pink rose with saying that "Pink rose is symbol of thankfulness and gladness I have for you as u became part of my life or rather i d say u r my life. u r the 1 who always stood by me in all my good and bad time and I have faith u will always be with me ever in all situations. This is the kind gesture to show my gratitude towards u to make my life livable and I m thanking u in advance to be with me ever and never ever live me alone. I love u jaan <3 :) and I know u love me too… Happy valentine day…

How is it?? To romantic na?? but don’t tell it anyone.. ssshhh it’s a secret and surprise for him J
And what’s your surprise?? Share your plan with me Don’t copy my style okay?