Saturday, November 2, 2013

Random Incident and Thoughts in AMTS

Even after these many years I still travel in AMTS bus. Yesterday evening I was going home from office in a bus. A girl was sitting besides me at window sit. I was looking at the running Ahmedabad from window and accidentally I read an sms in that girl's cell phone. Of course, I know it's bad manners. It's really bad manners, but it wasn't intentional and I never read nor support such practice of reading private stuff of anyone intentionally. Now coming back to the topic, rather than talking about good or bad manners stuff. The SMS was “I Miss You.” As and when, girl read that message she started calling on same number again and again, but the next person was just not answering the call and every time call gets disconnected, and the girl keep calling back.

And I started thinking about different stuffs related to same situation like she was sitting so calmly, suddenly SMS come now she became restless. I shouldn't be judgmental who can be on next side of phone, but whoever is at the next side shouldn't message her. If you are missing someone and you know that person might not be pleased with your expression of missing, then why to bother anyone? And, if you are really missing, then why are you not answering the call? I mean if you have started a talk, then just take it further and if you just do not want to discuss the why the hell do you start a conversation? I have also met such people who just start an idiotic topic and we start confronting or get eager to know more they just say “leave it. I don't want to talk on this.” In such situations, I feel completely pissed off. I used to say like if you were really not interested to finish the topic, then why the hell did you started?In past, I have also fought on such situation with many of friends and family. But now I have became bit conscious with these kind of people. The are just attention seekers and that's also may be unintentionally. Because they do not do anything with intention, but the put hand on paining vain just to actively involve you in an idiotic conversation which used to make you feel to bang your head in a wall. I have banged it often in past But with experience I have learned the best way to deal with such people is just ignore and do not give any kind of importance to them. If some say, [verbally or by gesture] “let it be, I just don't wanna talk on this.” The best ever reply can be “Okay.” Try this out and the next person will tell you the whole story one by one even if you are not interested to listen

Now coming back to original story, when I was thinking all these in between one more SMS was received by the girl “sorry.” But girl keep on calling and finally the next person answered the call, and girl just said like this, “What is this? What do you mean by mistake? Every time you make same mistake? Next time don't say this even in mistake.” Cell phone hung up. And, I exclaimed “wow! My queen of battle. My tigress.” Every girl must learn this thing. Don't think like let it be or what can I do? If you are not liking something just raise your voice against it. If you will be quite with thinking it will be ok with time then you are making a big mistake because people used to take “silence as Yes.” So Girls, be brave and start taking your stand.
Well I am also like that, I used to raise my voice against something pinching my soul, no matters, who is next to me. I do take stand for the one I think is right at the moment. If I am wrong I also do have guts to accept my mistake, apologies and take initiative to correct it. Everyone must think and act so.

Ok it's again too long post so I think time to say bye bye for now. I will catch you later soon hopefully. This is R J Aashaka signing of for now C U Sabba kher. And as Diwali is at corner “Happy Diwali”