Sunday, September 29, 2013

Many questions & answers of past years

Hey there,
Is there anyone that side? Do u remember me? J Yeah it’s been long. It’s been quite long I have written here. Almost 2-3 years I guess.  I still remember the day when I started this blog and writing here. I used to write till midnight, it was really fun. But then many things changed and one of them was my habit of writing here.

So wont you ask where were I? Don’t you wanna know what I did in past years? J The situation of I left writing here and now just back to write again reminded me a song of bollywood movie where audience used to ask Mohini – the heroin of movie. “kaha thi aap?” and she replied “me kar rahi thi kisi ka intezaar.. jisase me karti hu pyaar aur jisase karti hu minnate bar bar”. For those who doesn’t understand Hindi. I just written there is a famous bollywood song & one of my fav of course. Audience asked the heroine “where were you are?” and heroine replied “I was waiting for someone. The one whom I loved. The one whom I pleaded again and again” and the song starts. Well not talking about the song and talk about me J
I was busy in building my career and my identity. Somewhere my building my dreams J I might chasing the things and people the happiness and so many other stuffs. Just been busy in many personal and professional stuff. Well the past 2-3 years proven to be fruitful of course. It given me many experiences, made me more better than yesterday. Made me manager from a team leader J   Made me good daughter & so much which can be feel and just can’t expressed in few words. Concluding those years I am able to say I find myself and built a very good base of mine.

Now coming to the question. Why I left writing here?
I answered it in short that I became very busy. Though I’m still very busy. But the other thing was like when I was writing before that is just for my sake. I was writing because I liked to write. I liked to share my views. I have never written anything by keeping anything in my mind or targeting someone or to get more readers or subscribers. No never. Whatever I written and I do write is just because I like to write. And when I was writing in past I though no one is reading my blog. I’m the only one who is writing this and few friends with whom I shared direct link are reading this or may be they are also not reading it as I might not be so favorite of them or they might have more important people in their life to know rather than me myself J As I never targeted this blog for getting audience I never did any special stuff to get it in high rankings as I just never wanted this to be famous. So being an SEO & knowing the SEO strategies I can say I practice all practice which can take me higher in search engines [of course never did black hat seo :P] in simple words, did not done anything special to get eyeballs, readers or subscribers. I used to write so lengthy posts so I also thought no one dare to read such long long posts :D until and unless that person in my diehard fan. And I am a mango girl so why should anyone be my fan? :P So as no one was reading except me I just forgotten that I own a blog  [my place] and stopped writing here without any thought.

Now the question is then why am I writing now?
As I said I am manager now, Internet marketing manager. Thanks J [assuming you are congratulating me] me and my bosses got a same thought [we used to get same ideas many times the only thing is they either implement or speak it before I do :D that’s why they are my employer and I’m their employee :D] Coming back to the point, we got an idea to let’s ask the team [staff of my company] to write a blog on our foundation anniversary. By this they will also get the platform to enhance their writing skills & will also get a place to showcase themselves. The selected blog will be published on our company’s blog. With this thought to encourage my colleagues I written a blog post [on another blog which is a technical blog on digital marketing] on blogging as personal branding tool. At time of writing that blog, all of the sudden I reminded that I own a blog & just to check what’s the state is it crawled by Google or not, I just googled the link of my blog and my eyes just came out when I seen the result :o  What I see is my this blog which is so inactive since years & never had any SEO is getting 1000+ traffic. I was like whoa there are readers who are still reading this blog. Apart from this incident I attended an SEO event in my city where a girl came to me, confirmed me that I am the Ash or not and then said I am your fan and I was regularly reading your blog. You were so good. Why did you stop writing it? I was feeling like whoa. So cool J she insisted to write again.

These 2 incidents made me feel like there are people who are reading my blog. They are liking it. Who might wait for my piece of writing. Why? I don’t know but  I feel like if there is someone who is giving me privilege as writer then it is my humble duty to write for them. So I decided to write here again J so for now I can say Ash is back. For how much time? Can’t sy as my life is more busier than before but still as I think it’s my responsibility somewhere to write for my readers I will try to write as regular as possible.

Does this mean I will be in rat race of getting readers & subscribers?
Neah.. I will write for the same reason I was writing before. To express myself, my experiences , my thoughts. I am not going to promote my blog to new reader. Not going to pass links to my known people & not even going to ask old readers to I have started writing again & you can read it. But yes this time I will write for me & the audience who likes to read my views & life around me because as I said somewhere it is my responsibility towards my readers.

I think for today I already made a really very lengthy post & I wonder who is going to dare to read it :D So concluding it here. One last thing I would say before I say bye is If you are actually reading this I would love to hear from you. Because it might make me more aware and excite to write here. It will appreciate me to write more [regular not length posts I know you are scared of reading long] Your comments can tell me my strength & weakness which can make this blog better for you to read. Because as I said when I seen 1000+ readers to blog I feel to start writing here. So if out of 1k readers at least 10 left comment, I might never left writing J by thinking aivey no one is reading. In short, leave your views & thoughts in comment. But ya do not try to leave promotional anchor text as I am also an SEO. When I am not doing promotion of any of my own services, how will I allow you to spam my blog? ;)

So let me say bye for now but I will catch you sonner at same place with something new. This is RJ aashaka signing off. CU Sabba kher. Be happy & try to make others happy.

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