Saturday, January 1, 2011

Back to Ahmedabad at 30-Dec-10

Finally the journey ends. When my eyes got opened there was light dark in the sky. Gradually light started spread out. I have seen the complete sunrise today. It was so beautiful. But unfortunately i didnt had cam at that time :( Gradually everyone woke up. Halt came. Our driver was using typical Gujarati when he stops the bus an ask us to go for washroom. It was too funny and bit embracing as well.

I took tea only bcz as u knw i dnt eat or drink anything before bath. But due to bad condition took tea. Then again get back to the bus. After long journey cam back to ahmedabad. And the journey got ended. My cousin came to pick me up and took me to his home at Maninagar. I drank 3 cup of tea and also got fresh n up. I traveled around 26-27 hrs continuously. Then I left for home but they have sme work so i traveled ahmedabad and reached home at 3:30. I was so tired & sick so just go to sleep. After 1-2 hour wake up and seen the mails and back to the normal life. So much pending task is there. I have to deal with UK client. Take interviews. boost up ranks and so on...Ash is back to the reality from dream world. And the tour ends..

Tour ends but still i have to write some unsaid facts and feelings so I will devote a compete post for that. So don' forget to read my next post.. I love you :-*

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