Friday, October 22, 2010

Ash is back with reply to comments of my visitors

Hi guys

Hoes life going on?? Mine is too busy and too loaded with work and that's the only reason i m not updating my Blog. But now i think i should write.. Today before i logged in my Blog i had not decided what to write. but after entering the blog i have seen few comments i got and then decided to lets answer their questions.

First question was  how can we make the site to High PR. by Mr Fervid. Dear Fervid. for getting high PR you have to generate many quality backlinks for your sites. That you can get by doing theme based and quality link building SEO techniques.

Second interesting comment was from my old company employee. I think i should say a loyal employee. I have not approved her/his comment because i don't want any mesh here. I might be harsh here to answer her or you might think that i have too much of attitude. But i think now this is time to answer. Because after bearing so much of injustice and break of trust from the old company i have not spoken anything that worst or harsh for that company. Because i thought it might be misunderstanding or their way of thinking or their way of getting more and more profit. And I don't want to disgrace anyone. But the people are making me speak so i have to answer because i was not wrong at all. They played a game with me. So here are the answers for fake Mr. Robinson

The person thought i was not fit for my old company. Then dear there is a very old saying that Only a Goldsmith knows the value of Gold, for blacksmith gold is just a glitter. I think you got my point. ;) Then she written she has no time to write on my Blog. Then dear who had given you the invitation to come here and write. Just get lost. It's as simple as that. Then she was trying to defend the companies rules and regulation and the strictness. So dear remember one thing every company has rule and the TRUST on employees that they are not kids who will break it. The company knows that an employee know his responsibility very well and he is answerable to authority so he/she will be in his limits and work for sure. So there is no need to stand behind his back with a stick. There is no need to make an environment like convent to make a mature guy to work. Then she said put my kids in deshi(local) school which doesn't have any restriction and manners. Then dear you might not have the knowledge of local schools so don't open your mouth. Local schools gives much more knowledge and etiquette as well with love and care. Rather then silly punishments. And in your owncompany 98% employees are came from the local schools. Then she said we need HR to control the employees. Then dear HR must be a calm and mature person who can make an angry employee calm and make him understand without messhing up the situation. Rather than shouting and make a calm employee angry. My company has 3 HRs and all 3 of them are mature enough to understand the situation and handle that clamly. And if you want to know the truth then why don't you hold a secret survey about your HR. I am sure 95% people will give the negative review. In fact i was the one who always defend your HR from E3 people and few other known friends by giving an argument this is necessary for company. Even I had always take side of managment even when i know managment is wrong and I used to get the comment you will always take side of authority because you love this company. So taking side of wrong. The she said about the basic things of putting cups in dustbin and shutting down pc and so on. Then dear i would say employees are not kids. they know the responsibility. They know the things. Even in my new company there is no penalty if we doesn't turn off our pcs. We turn off it and put the things at right place. You are most welcome to come at my home to see the cleanness and things at their place with covered pc, keyboard and cpu as well. :) And I don't think music stop people working. In fact music freshen up the mind and can boost energy to work more. And dear in your company the work is just copy and paste so i don't think music can stop them working at all. And i have forgiven you for your apology of talking about my present TL as i am a big hearted person. I would like to clarify you that yes he is doing FB and chatting and all that stuff. But at the same time he knows his responsibilities as well and he is giving the answers to management and required work as well. So don't worry about it. And what do you think your tls are not using fb, orkut and chatting. Oh please come out of dream. The 98% TLs are breaking 99.99% rules. Ands your HR knows that and then also not taking any step against them. Just check that out. And my TL or my company need not to worry about my posts. Because only liers and negative people should worry as i will speak what is truth and it will be straight forward here. I don't want to pretend at all as i do in my professional and social life. It's my place. Mind it!! If you are doing wrong then beware of me!! And i would give you a suggestion just stay away from me!! It will be goos. And I had left writing here. But thanks to you as you have pushed me again to write up here., And yes I will write on and on. There is no invitation to anyone. If you don't like to come here then get lost!!! One more thing after this much humiliating behavior and injustice still i have not taken the name of your company or any of your staff or sir as well. This is what i can say loyalty because whatever they did with me. I don't want to disgrace them. And about the publicity then I would say I really doesn't need it or want it. You might not read my old posts where i have written. I don't need any traffic here. And i don't care who is reading here and who is not. Even I get damn if i get the zero traffic. Got it?? And last thing for all the loyal old company employees. I just don't want to remember all that injustice and politics of last company. I don't want to discuss it here anymore. So just stay away from here rather than writing longest comment with a line that i don't have time to write here. Just go to hell!! Thanks

Sorry guys for such acidic post but it was necessary. As it's more than enough now. From tomorrow we will not talk about the past and will enjoy the fun life of present. OK??

So For you it's time to sleep so Gooood Night, Gooood Bye.... C U Sabba Kher... This is R J Aashaka signing off .. Catch you at the same place soon. Till then b happy and make others happy.. :)

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