Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Finally One of the most awaited moment came

Hey guys

Hows life going on?? Mine is pretty cool and busy. As you might I have changed the title of my blog because this Blog is really my place where only Ash rules. ;)

Now let me talk about the one of the most awaited moment of my life. Ah no no i didn't find my prince charming. It's related to my religiousness. As you all might know I blindly trust Goddess Mahakali and honestly I love her :) I wanted to go to Pavagadh where Mahakali ma rules to meet her and to pray since past 11 months. And as I am a girl i can't travel that long. And I try to convince my friends, they do convinced but at last moment something goes wrong and I couldn't go there. This time also this thing happened again. We were 4 girls who decided to go to Pavagadh on Sunday - 24th Nov, 2010. But at Saturday night at 9:30 PM one friend refused to come as her mother in law was seriously sick and admitted. Second refused becauseshe had picnic on saturday and was really tired. Now apart from me there was only one frind remained. But i had no hope from her side as She never come for hanging out even at Ahmedabad where we do live. So how can she come to Pavagadh? I lost hope. I was literally crying as I really wanted to go. As I was really stressed out and Pavagadh is the place where I feel relaxed and get the peace of mind with positive energy and strength to fight against the situations :) I was trying to convinc my other friend to come with me or go to Pavagadh alone. But dad was refusing to go alone 190 kms far. :( After loosing all hopes, I made another plan to go at sunday so i don't feel much bad. And accepted the truth that I can't go as Mahakali Ma doesn't want me to come :( . But finally the miracle happened and at 11 PM my friend who never come even for a movie or any nearer place got ready to come with me. I was so happy, I can't tell you. I was literally jumping. We have decided to go in bus of 7 AM.

I waked up earlier and got ready to go to Pavagadh for what i was really exited. We went to ST Bus Stop. There was a bus for Pavagadh standing there but I couldn't go in it as my friend was late. Then finally she came and  after waiting for sometime we got the Bus. Still I couldn't believe that I am going to Pavagadh...

After long journey of 4 hours we reached there. ST Bus dropped us at Chmpaner and from there we used to get another bus for Machi from where we have to start climbing the mount of Pavagadh. But my friend insisted to start climbing from Champaner. And I agreed.

The so called shortcut from Champaner to Machi was quite tough and adventurous as well. It was kind of small forest and big and small stones where spreaded around all the way. I was feeling like I was lost in a forest and searching for a way to get out. Whenever I get to see high way I feel super exited as I felt we reached but then my friend say "There is still more to cover". The feel was quite adventurous as it was kind of small tracking. But my opinion is 2 alone girls should not go on that way. Though due to Mahakali Ma's blessing we didn't find anything wrong. But that's the long forest where you can't get any kind of help if you are caught by thieves or monkeys or any other trouble. Both of us were sick as well so after walking and climbing little we get tired and sit on stones. But honestly it was kind of fun and i think everyone should experience it at least once :) Finally we reached at Machi

View Of Pavagadh Mountain
We were damn thirsty and we had emptied a bottle of water on the way so we bought water first. Then we started climbing the real mountain of Pavagadh. And as I told you we were sick so after climbing little we get tired and sit. And we sit for too long which made us too late. We took 1.15 hrs for journey of Champaner to Manchi. And took around 2 hrs to climb Pavagadh. I was not believing myself that I was in pavagadh eventhough i was climbing the Pavagadh. We get very good sight of Mahakali ma. Though there was crowd, we could stand there for 5 to 10 minutes. My friend prayed for that time and I used to see Mahakali Ma. It was great feeling. I still can't forget that moment. Usually we can't stand for that long in temple, the security guard push you out within few seconds but this time nobody even told us to move. That was really great.

Finally we get out and started coming out. Then I get believed that yes I am here at Pavagadh and seen Mahakali Ma :) Then there was a coconut breaking time. My friend told me to ask boys to break it but I said let us try and then if we can't we"ll take help. I broke up 2 coconuts and miracally the whole coconut came out which is really lucky as per Hinduism. One more thing happened we lost wallet of my friend but finally we got it. :) And you know what my legs were shivering badly, I don't know why?? But I was enjoying it too :)

Then we came down at around 5:30 PM which was quite late and the direct bus to Ahmedabad was  after 2 hrs so we took bus for Baroda and then from there to Ahmedabad. Then we came to home in rickshaw. :)

Because of climbing 3 kms forest and 10,000 stairs of mountain Pavagadh my legs were aching. I had ate only a packet of wafers which i had share with my friend. I was damn tired so I just get to sleep with a happiness.

Finally I visited Pavagadh and I am really very happy. I will share religious story and history of Pavagadh in my next post with you guys.

So I think it's time to say bye. But before that say Mahakali Mat ki Jayyyyy. Gooooooooood Night .... Goooood Bye...C U Sabba Kher... This is R J Aashaka signing off .. Catch you at the same place soon. Till then b happy and make others happy.. :)

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