Monday, November 1, 2010

Holly story of Pavagadh

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Now lets talk about Pavagadh. Pavagadh is a heritage place of Gujarat. You can get the history of it's heritage tombs  on Google so i m not gonna repeat it. I am just going to share the holly story of Ma Mahakali who is residing there.

There was a king called Patai Raval who was ruling the Champaner which is situated in the foot of Pavagadh. That was the golden time of Pavagadh and Champaner as Ma MAhakali was residing there happily. Mahakali ma was not so dark at that time. But she was very beautiful, fair and pretty. She used to go to Chmpaner to play Garba. And Patai used to see her. He got attracted towards Mahakali Ma.

Bhadrakali Ma is elder sister of Mahakali Ma. Bhadrakali get to know that king is looking Mahakali with dirty looks so she stopped Mahakali to go for playing garba. But Mahakali refused to stay and went for playing garba. As Bhadrakali is elder sister and Mahakali didn't listened to her at all, She got upset and angry with Mahakali. And that's why she sat in opposite side of Mahakali. Still if you go to Pavagadh, You can see the temple of Bhadrakali which has Bhadrakali's Back towards Mahakali Temple.

After ignoring Bhadrakali, Mahakali went for playing garba. When she was playing garba, king Patai forgotten everything against her beauty and decided to make her queen of him. He just went to her with a dirty look and hold her Palav(sari). Mahakalai laughed and said "Poor king! Leave my sari. I m like your mother". But Patai said "No I wont leave you at all. I am going to make you my queen". Mahakali got very very angry and became too black and darker in anger and give him curse that Champaner and your complete kingdom will destroyed completely. Now no one can save you and your kingdom" After that curse Mohammad Begada attacked Champaner and won it. Patai got destroyed completely. Because of Mahakali curse Champaner was compelety destroyed and there was no people for long time..

After giving curse as a woman Mahakali feel embarrassed and felt that a man looked dirtily and talked like this with me. She thought I just want to diaper and fill in the earth. Soi she ran to Pavagadh and started filling in earth. But at the end Sandasah Pir (brother of  Mahakali) hold her hair and said "If you will be completely filled in the earth and disapear then who will honor you or who worship you? You have to be here and give blessings to your followers as you will be the Goddess of Kaliyug. So Mahakali stopped filling inside at the moment. So only eyes are apear and the whole body of Mahakali is in cave below the temple of Pavagadh. The look of Mahakali in the cave is too dangerous and scary. So nobody go there and as per the saying whoever see that get scared so much, he will be died at a moment.

There is one more cave below Bhadrakali temple which starts from Pavagadh and ends at Bhadrakali temple, Lal darvaja, Ahmedabad.

So next time whenever you visit Pavagadh surely mark these things as per the story. First Bhadrakali's temple is completely opposite with showing back to Mahakali temple. Second In Mahakali temple only her eyes and head is visible. And third Sandsa pir resides above Mahakali's head who stopped her from filling in to the earth.. :)

Apart from that there are many place you can visit like Sat Kaman, Sat Kothar, Tomb and so on

 Mahakali ma as she used to get angry sooner, There is one very famous saying which i would like to share with you guys. That's " Rije to ape rajpat ne khie to kare khedan medan" which means if she get pleased from you she will give you the royalty and kingdom but if she get angry, she will completely destroy you in a momnet.

So say Jay Mahakali MA... Lil louder Mahakali Mat ki Jayyyyyyyyyy...

So it's time to say bye guy. As always again a longer post but i m helpless as i m too talkative. :)

Gooooooooood Niiiiiiiiiight, Goooooooood Byeeeeeeeeee. Have a great time.. C U Sabba Kher... This is R J Aashaka signing off .. Catch you at the same place soon. Till then keep reading and keep commenting. Till then b happy and make others happy.. :)


  1. A vry low percentage of people know about the temple opposite to Pavagadh "The Bhadrakali Temple" have u gone there?


    1. yes i have gone to the bhadrakali temple. It's not as huge as mahakali temple. just a small temple. There is 1 more saying that there was a secret cave below the bhadrakali temple pavagadh which has end at bhadrakali temple Laldaravaja, ahmedabad.. IT was build to escape in worst situation for kings. now there is nothing to see like this but it's a history

  2. Replies
    1. There are few Dharmshalas. JAin Dharmshala is best option.