Friday, July 1, 2011

Welcome me Back

Hey frdzz

remeber me or not. This is me Ash. yeah after a long time i am writing this post. A very new chapter of my life has been begun from today so I thought let's talk to you guys. From past few days, life was very unstanble or unpredictable. It was like everything was just happening and I was completely cluless what is happening to me and what is going on all around. You can say June was aa tough month for me. But before that I had lots of fun. I had everything I was willing to have including, frinds, relations, fun, fame, money, everything. But June was like Oh My Gosh....

On 8th June, I got first bed news and that was from my company that i need to leave the job and this is the last month for me. The reason is reduction in costing and they are reducing the staff. And targeted people are those who are newer to company. Decision is not based on performance but completely on senurity. I was quite socked on hearing my name there. Because it is month of increment and we were expecting appraisal. Well there is nothing we can do. Including me and my best friend many people faced this. And then I had started giving interviews. As always my interviews were going well but they find my salary expectations high. I was waiting for reply from companies and got another bad news that my best friend's bf got engaged with another girl. They were in relationship from 3 years and suddenly her bf got engaged with reason that he can't make his parents sad and can't go agaist him. In all these tensions and bad news my june gone. I made few major mistakes as well and also hurt few very close people of mine. But everything just happened and I was like playing

As my good luck and mahakali ma as well as your blessings, I got jobwithin 2 week. Very good job it was, but the problem was the office is too far from my home and travelling in bus is too clumsy as I have to take 2 buses. After getting that job, I got many calls for interviews but I refused to go there as I am fade up of this whole interview process and I am fade up of it. Then I got a call from a company which is nearer to my current office and easily reachable from my home so I went foran interview there. After waiting for half an hour there, HR asked me to wait for more 20 mins, I just losted at that time and said "no I m leaving, I"ll come tomorrow. You confirm the interview and call me at 12:45 that should I comeor not??" I talked quite rudely but I was angry at that time so. I felt that I shouldn't do that but I usually hate to wait and they made me wait a lot and in anger I talked like that. On next day I gone there and I had to wait for 5-15 mins and then interview started. They took my deep and thorough interview. They asked me to wait. But I was getting late so I told them to inform me on phone. They just call me in the eveningto meet again and they just hired me in the same way my current company did. I got very good package and senior position as well. So it was good for me. They just make me sign the offer later on the spot. and asked me to join asap butI insisted to join at 1st-July. I was happy because of it a bit. So I just went to pavagadh to have blessings of mahakalai ma. I visited pavagadh all alone and I couldn't believe that it was so flexible visit. I had never ever climbed pavagadh so early and easily. I felt like when you are alone, God is with you.

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