Monday, December 16, 2013

ShaktiPith in India - Ambaji holly Story Part 2

So have you enjoyed my past two legends or holly stories of Ambe ma? Today is time for third and last fable related to Ambaji – Gabbar. As per a mythological story, “Sati” daughter of Himalaya got married to God “Shiva” and Himalaya was unhappy with this marriage. Once Himalaya organized a Havan [Worship] and invited all God and Goddess except Shiva. Sati got ready to attend the event at his father's home. Shiva tried to convinced her to not to go there, but she still gone to be part of the holly event. Himalaya insulted his on daughter because of his anger against her wedding. He also insulted Shiva verbally in front od Sati. So Sati decided to give her life after getting humiliated by her on father and thus jumped into the flames of havan and died. When shiva seen the body of Sati, he was surrounded by so much of grief. He carried the dead body of Sati on his shoulder and started “Trandava Nrutya”. God Vishnu realized it will invite the and will destroy the earth. So he threw his Sudarshan chakra and cut the body of Sati in 108 pieces. Wherever the part of body of Sati fall, that place became “ShaktiPith” and that place is devotional by the humans. At Ambaji the heart of Sati fallen and that is why it is one of the ShaktiPith.

So this was the last mythological story of Ambaji. Apart from this there are many tourist places like Kailash Tekari which is also known as sunset point of Ambaji. Kumbhariya where temples of Jains are situated since ages, Koteshvar, gulf of Valmikiji who written “Ramayana” , Gupt Sarswati, nobody knows where is the end point of the water. And many more such places.

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