Friday, December 13, 2013

Story of Ambe MA, Gabbar, Gujarat: Ambaji holly Story Part 2

In my previous post, I talked about the story of Ambe ma and Danta's king. Today I will share the legend of swing [julo] of Ma Ambe. Ma Ambe used to go to mountains for cow grazing. She used to start swinging on a swign and her cows wander here and there for grass with other cows of a cow boy. It was daily routine. Once that flockman seen those stranger cows with her own cows and decided to follow her.

When cows of Ambe Ma was returning back to her, as per his decision neatherd followed those cows and reached to Ambe ma. He asked for wages for grazing her cow. She smiled at him and given him dustpan with oats. Cow boys walk away with that and got furious on this. So he just threw the oats and went back to his home.

When he reached his home, he talk about this to his wife. When her wife checked his scarf she was astonished. There was 4-5 pearls and Diamonds. Four – Five oats which he threw away was stuck to his scarf and converted into earls and diamonds. He just realized her mistake and repentance a lot on his stupidity. He just ran back to the place he met Ambe Ma, Wandered near by places but he lost everything he got. And never got anything back.

If you climb the mountain Gabbar, There will be a place called “Ma no Julo” means swing of Goddess. There is an idol of Ambe ma in swing. And as per the legend it is the same place where she was swinging. As per devotees, people say still if you keep your ear there on that rock where swing is places and if you have pure heart and trust on Goddess, you can hear the voice – noise of swinging swing. So if you go to the gabber, you can try this.

The moral of the story which we can use in real life is nothing and no one is of less importance. Always value what you get. If you devalue it and loose it with your arrogance, time will teach you the real worth of it and then nothing will be left for you except remorse, penitence, contrition...  

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