Thursday, December 12, 2013

Holly Story of Ambaji, Aarasur

Holly Story of Amabaji Gujarat
I am a religious person as you guys already know. I visited one of the very famous temple of Gujarat, namely, Ambaji. Goddess Amba's temple is there. Ma Amba has many names like Ambika, Amba, Ambe-Gauri. She is the most beautiful goddess according to Hindu mythology. The place I visited is known as Ambaji, but originally the name of that village is “Aarasur”. Today, I would like to share the mythological story attached with that place and Ambe Ma. There are three different stories attached with it, so I will share it in three different posts.

Today I will talk about the legend of Ma Ambe and king of Danta. As per the mythology, Ma Ambe resides at Aarasur and used to play Garba [Gujarati folk dance] there. There was a king who resides at Danta [Pronounced as Daanta] Village in his palace and rule Aarasur as well. Once he seen a beautiful girl playing Garbas and just got allured towards her with her mesmerizing beauty. She asked to come to him and be his queen. Ambe ma agreed upon, but put a condition one condition. As per that, the she will walk behind the king and king is not suppose to look back in any circumstances. He has to put blind trust on her that she is coming behind. King agreed upon and both of them start moving towards king's palace at Danta village. After walking some miles, Ambe ma stopped the sound of her anklet. So the king felt something suspicious. He thought that girl must be escaped and not coming behind. So he turned back to check weather she is coming or not and he lost the condition. At a vary moment, earth get split and Ma Ambe het in to the earth and fissure seales behind her. After that Danta and Aarasur also split into two different villages.

Still there is an Arasaur chawk in main temple at Aarasur – Ambaji where she was playing Garba. And devotees plays Garba in the evening called “Aanad no Garbo”. If you climb the Gabbar mountain there, still there is a place where Ma Ambe got in to the earth. There is an old people tree known as “Paras Peepadi” where married woman tie their bangles and pray for long life of their husbands. As per the fable, the gap where Ambe ma get into earth was till as high as the Mountain Gabbar. As the mountain itself get split caused in split of earth and Ma ambe get into the earth.

The moral of the story can be have faith. Have trust on people and thing you have. If you will suspect on that you might loose them forever.

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