Sunday, November 7, 2010

Diwali - Hindu Festival chain of Happiness and Joy

Hi guys..

Happy Diwali to all of you. Finally I got time for my place. Today I would like to talk about the biggest Indian festival which is known as Diwali. Ah don't worry it won't be long speech. It will be short and sweet introduction to the longest Hindu festival

Diwali is festival of 5 continuous days and 1 day come after the break. :)

Diwali starts with Vag Baras. In English it's Tiger Twelve. LOL. funny name.. From this day Diwali get stared. People starts lighten up their houses, offices and also start eating good food as Indian loves eating good foof. Specially we Gujjus. ;)  Our mother used to make many items at home like Mathiya, Suvari, Gugara, Puri, Chevado and so on.You have to be my guest this diwali to taste it :)

Second day is Dhan Teras. In English it's Money Thirteen. :D On this day people used to worship their jwellary and money and pray to Lakshami mata who is Goddess of Money. And for Indians money is adorable. On this day people also do worship of Books and notebooks. On this day we pray to Lakshmiji to be with us forever and give us wealth. :)

Third day is called Kali Chaudas. In Eng. it's black 14 :D . On this night our moms make special food called vada and she glance off us and our home. She used to pray that black looks and negativity stay away from us and our home. And She go and put that vadas at circle. This procedure is called "Kakarat kadhvo" LOL means get discord and negativity and fights out of our home. Forign people might think it's weird or funny but for us it's our tradition and we love it :)

Fourth is Diwali. There is Mythical belief that on this day God Shri Ram came to his kingdom with his wife Sita and younger brother Lakshaman from exile after 14 years. And that's why his city people celebrate that day. And lighten up the whole city. They made firework and eat sweets in happiness. On this day they got their God back. So we people on Diwali lighten up our houses and do firework.

Fifth day is New Year which is hindu new year. On that day as per Hindu calender our year changes which is called Vikram Savanr. This time we have entered in Vikram Savant 2067. On this day we used to go and meet our friends and relatives and wish them best wishesh for new year.

Then comes Bhai Bij. In Eng it's Brother two. On this day brothers go to the home of their married sisters and his sister make good food for him and serve him with her love. And brother give good wishes and gift to his sister. As per mythical belief on this day Yamaraj (God of Death) was gone to his sister's house for feast.

This 6 days are continuously enjoyed and celebrated as chain of festival. And after 10 days a estival called Dev Diwali which is part of Diwali. Again on that day we lighten up our houses, offices and do firework..

So that was about the Diwali. Ah no I am not going as still there is few more posts to come :)

So keep reading and also commenting as I would like to know your views :)

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