Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Best Kali Chaudas of my Life

Hey guys

I wanted to share this on the same day but I couldn't find time. As on kali chaudas means at 4th Nov I had to work till 3 am as I had to go out of station on Diwali for worship and I also have to submit the reports to client.

So let's talk about the fun I had and I was too exited to share with you guys. On 4th Nov we had Diwali celebration at office. I went to office on my time. When I reached at office it was completely decorated but the 2 big glasses behind me were undecorated. My friend loves to do decoration as per her verdicts she given me before. And I also like to do it but I have one stat of mind either I let others do decoration and I sit quietly or if I start then I do it thoroughly as I always give my 100%.  Ok ok  I am coming to the point. A boy my office came and ask us to decorate our part and for that he given us few baloons and decorative strings. I took it for my friend as she like it. But after just started decoration, she has started feeling shy as boys were staring at 2 girls decorating the office. BTW in my office we are only 2 girls among around 40 boys. I was doing my job of decoration as I was not looking at others. But she was feeling awkward. I ask her to ignore them but she didn't. So after sometime, she gone outside for helping in Rangoli drawing but I keep decorating. I deorated my desk and others as well. :) People were seems happy and pleased and impressed from my decorating skills. LOL I am apreaciating myself but truth is truth. I did best out of waste as we got material not used by them. Some strings were broken and so on. But our part was looking too good :)

After that a boy of our company told us to draw another Rangoli as the previous one was not so good according to him. I thought let's give it a try. I had never tried my hand on Rangoli this berfore. But fortunately the first rangoli of my life was good. And there was equall contribution of my sweet friend in drawing it with another SEO collegue. A mobile computing guy was also came there to help but he was just taking chance of talking with girls. Ah boys will be always boys. LOL

After that we worked for a while and then in break time. For the first time we get down of our building and took too many snaps. I was really exited. We took snaps in stairs, lift, to cars, activa and so on. People were staring us but when Ash is in mood of fun, she doesn't care of anyone. She just live in her own world of joy and happiness but shetu(my frd) was lil shy so we couldn't take as may snaps as I wanted.

Then I had also took snaps of our office decorations. Mobile computing guys ask me to take their pics. So I took their pics also. When I go there with cam they just sat with a pose and dirt. I pointed to unarranged chairs and packet of wafers so they arranged those stuff and I took pics. For the first time I walked in 80% area of my office. Otherwise in past 2 months of my job I have used only 30% area. Boys were keep trying to talk with us ;) but we didn't given them much opportunities.

After some work we get breakfast. There was burger, Samosa, Kachori, Gulab Jamun and cold drink. I ate all that stuff except Kachori. Then we used to talk with each other. Not worked much as we were in mood of enjoyment. At the end guys were leaving the office early but as we were new comers me and shetu can't leave. So we just sat there and people came to us and wished us diwali. Surprisingly again that mobile computing guy came to us to say happy diwali and for shaking hand with us. I used to call him Chimpanzee.  I give him surprising look and then shook hand with him with an artificial smile. After he gone, my friend said "He didn't left a moment" LOL.

The most funniest thing happened at last. My friend gone to washroom for getting ready as his fiance was coming to pick her. And there is a bad habit of my office's boys that sometime they go in ladies washroom. But this time my friend just knocked the door until that guy came out. LOL. That was really funny and the thing she did even i can't. LOL I am sure that boy will never go in girl's washroom ever. LOL.

Finally the day ends at the office. So I just came home. Yeah AMTS troubled me on festival day as well. I had to wait for 1.30 hrs for a bus :( then I came home took rest and then work till 3 AM.

Ah as always a too long post. But what to do I am too talkative  :) Thanks guys for reading this long long posts. But why don't you live comment?? I would like to see your thoughts and views as well and would love to talk with ou. So in this new year leave comment. I"ll get snaps of office celebration tomorrow so I"ll post pictures here :) Ah no you can not see me but you will get to see my office and other people probably.

So Wish you guys great Diwali and a successful new year ahead. This is time to say good bye to you guys. I"ll try to catch you soon as I love to write here. Goooooooood Byyyyyyyyye, C U Sabba Kher This is R J Aashaka signing off ... Till then keep smiling. Be happy and try to make others happy.

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