Friday, December 31, 2010

Day-4 of Goa trip 28-Dec-2010 and 3rd day in Goa

Day-4 of Goa trip 28-Dec-2010 and 3rd day in Goa

I got ready early morning. Today was day leisure. So we were suppose to do whatever we want. .net frds of mine were 4 namely sam, krun, vimu & Maitu. So they rented 2 activas. So I left alone behind :( Though it was expected so i was ready with backup plan of giving whole dday to myself and spend time on beach. But then Kalpu forced me to go out. She was on activa with Mit & I met a new person called Raj.. He was quite inteligent. He was also brahmin but used to drink and eat non veg :-| He shown me nut tress. He also taught me palm reading a bit.
We visited many Anjuna beach, Vagator beach and Armbol beach. Really nice places. Arambol beach is famous for it's sunset view but 20 km far from city. The way to the beach is tooooooooo romantic. I was feeling like i wish my dream boy could be with me here rather than rajeshbhai :( But i enjoyed the beauty. And had great fun as well. Again i had enjoyed my lonelyness on beacjes intentionally. All of they were walking on the bank but i was inside the water.

We had halt for lunch at noon. But I was not feel to eat so sisn't ate ya but kalpu forced me so tasted the food. It was better than resort. Rajbhai ordered bear. Me and a boy Umang tasted it by taking a dip of it. Then i came out of hotel and was talking with a frd about it on phone at other side of road. Suddenely a foriegner cam and stand lil far from me, removed his gogles and put it on his head, stood in a style and start staring me.. I given a weird expression and came on the other side of road where the boys of group i came with standing. That forigner took a llok on me & went inside the hotel. Boys was saying "go go he is trying to impress you. Go and have snap with him". LOL but i didn't. After having great time we came back to resort. We got freshed and then to taste kaju feni and vodka mw and kalpu went to Rajbhai & Mitesh room. I tasted Kaju feni by taking a sip or 2. Then I tasted vodka. But by mistake i drunk neat sip of vodka. It was burning everywhere in a single sip. My eyes were not opening properly and i was keep twinkling.

Then we went for DJ but nobody was there so gone for dinner i was quite hungry. Then I did palm reading of so many people. But deeply read palm of Sam & Krun. It was fun. Then all of us except kalpu & meet went to the beach. On the way I got good tuning with Sam as were keep talking so much. Sam shared so many things with me. Then we went to beach, sat for a while, cracked jokes and had much fun. Then came back to resort. We sat in the boy's room for few moments and then went to our room. Maitu and Kalpu was doing packing. I was done it before as i had least lugage in all and keep packing unnecessary things. I lied on the bad. Though couldn't sleep until lights got off. :)

And that was the end of the last day in Goa tour. Tomorrow we suppose to check out early morning as we need to catch train at 11:20 AM. The check out time was of 8 AM..

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