Friday, December 31, 2010

Day 1 of Trip at 25-Dec-2010

So let's start talking about my trip of Goa.

My trip started on 25th-Dec-2010. My dad came with me to drop me on the station. We reached at station at exact 10:10 AM as per the call. Few people were already there and gradually all collegues gathered there. My dad asked my HR to take care of me. Then asked another sir called Mihir to take care of me and also implied that she is going alone so far for the first time so plz take care of her. It was like he still thinks i m a school girl. But it also made me feel great as it was showing his care and love for me. Then all of us gone to our platform for the train which was no 6. My coach no was S3, seat no 8 & train was okha Emalumpur Exp :). Train was bit late but finally we got it. In my coach there was a man called Bhavesh with us with his wife called Hetal. Bhaveshbhai was really kind and took great care of me. He was like an elder brother of me. Took complete care. I sat with Bhabhi for few hours. There was no lunch arrangment of lunch and dinner in the train. Though I was not hungry BhaveshBhai & Bhabhi forced me to eat so I ate little just to respect them.

Then I came back to my seat. It was really fun sitting alone. I was enjoying myself. Then a south Indian girl came & sat on my Seat in remaining place of birth. She was looking like mentally gifted kid. She was asking me to take my leg & but i refused as I thought it's my birth. She was littrealy disturbing me. Then my HR came to take me with her. I wanted to be alone & wanted to enjoy my lonelyness but due to her force I gone with her. Then I get to meet few more employees of Indianic. Played Antakshari. And people was saying I am very rich in song. And I am the master. Well thatr's true ;) It is very difficult to beat me in Antakshari. Then I came to my place late night and lied on my birth. Thogh dednt slept as i can't sleep in travelling asd didn't ate as well. That was the end of Christmas and first day of my trip. So let's go to second day in next post... I"ll catch u there

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