Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My Childhood Dream

Hi guys

How are you?? I have not decided what to write today. But when I started writing I thought let's share a dream I was seeing from my childhood. Usually girls, specially Indian girls see a dream from childhood is one day her prince charming will come on white horse and will take her to land of angles where she will live with his loving and carrying hubby and cute children.

But as you all know guys Ash is quite different from others so my dream is also different. There is a dream which brings smile on my face and always want it to happen. Ok I am not taking much footage ;) and revealing it. My dream is I enter in the office wearing feminine business suit (without tie) and employees get stand up with saying "Good Morning Mam" and I just keep walking with sweet Good Morning smile on my face and walk towards my own glass cabin. ;) I just come at home and just sat for the dinner and phone ring and I say "yeah yeah just wait I am coming now and go back to office for work" :) I have just reached at family wedding and keep instructing my employee about work and then within 5 minutes, I need to walk out from the wedding :) Office stops working or face too many problems when I take leave :) yeah my dream is to work toooooo much. I love to be busy. I love to work till mid night or over night.

You know what when I was kid and played house house, I never ever stayed at home. I have always been a working girl and goes to office and have much work and just give a call at home that I can't come for lunch as i have lots of work. :) I really loved it and still I love it.

When I talked about it to one of my male friend, he said "you are talking about girls, a guy will also not see this kind of dream". Ah but that's what I am ;)

Ad due to God and my well wishers blessing I am on the right track. As I have clients for my SEO work from overseas like US, UK, Dubai. I am regularly working for 2 multinational firms. And as you might read my previous post, I have very tight schedule. I used to wake up at 8 AM and work till 1 AM minimum. Yeah I take breaks for lunch, dinner, travelling and usual things. But you can say I used to work minimum 13 hours in a day and be on net more than it. :) Ans sometime this hours increase. As I used to work till 3 AM at night. And believe me it's really fun :)

Even when I was studying, I used to read overnights and on library. Can you believe in my college time I had only 1 bunk. Yeah that's true. I used to reach college early and goto library and read untill prayer finish then atten all lectures. And I still remember in FY I had evening lab in BCA. My lab professor used o ask me to go and I say "just 5 more min" and practice too long. I used to g oat college even in reading vacations with my queries. Ah believe me it is really fun being busy. :)

Okay okay again lmy post is going off topic and also long so I will talk to you later soon. And I will really like if you leave a comment here. I will surely reply back that's the promise.

Ok this is time togo for me now. Ah no I will not sleep. I"ll watch TV till 1 AM as I should give lil fun time to myself as well right?? So Goooooood Niiiiiiight... Gooooooooood Byeeeeeeeee. C U. Sabba kher. this is R J Aashaka signing off I"ll catch you soon at the same place till then be happy and at least try to make others happy..


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