Friday, December 24, 2010

Happiness is all around :)

Hey Guys.............. :)

How are you?? I am very good and very happy these days as there are so many reasons to be happy all around me. First reason is my close friend is getting married in this feb and we have started planning the wedding. I am going to be her best man(woman ;) ). For that we have started visiting parlours and shops for the wedding shopping and planning so much. Today we gone to 2 very famous sari shops in ahmedabad called Asopalav & Deepkala. I must say people of Deepkala doesn't have sense of handling customers at all. Both of us were gone in lunch break from office so wearing formal dresses. I liked a sari in 1st glance at Deepkala & I exclaimed "this one is beautiful". A silly rude salesman over there just speaked very rudely "It's of 23,000". I felt to leave the shop at a moment bt i had to be calm bcz of my friend. Then we gone upstairs to see Chaniya choli and the attender was as rude as the one at downstare. He might thinking that we might dnt have enough money to buy costly stuff from there. I felt like after all u r a cheap salesman. We have more than enough money to shop from here or even more costly shop. I just felt they have lost 2 future clients. Their badluck. But I would recommend not to go at deepkala ever as they don't have sense of attending a client, specially if you are not looking rich to them. x-(

Then we had gone to Asopalav and i must say the service was mind blowing. They knew that we are not going to buy anything today but still they had shown sarees in our range so nicely. And even they given demo as well. I really liked the way they attended us. My frd decided to buy sarees but nw i m also going to buy 1 for my mom.
Looking For New Happy World

It is not like that i am doing SEO of Aasopalav but this is what i have experienced. I would like to say this to everyone don't u ever judge a person from his clothes or look as he can be more than what he or shee looks. I had selected saree of only 23K but I have capacity to buy even more expensive.. Whatever let's not spoil mood.

Second reason of being happy is my papa's friend is coming to India from US so I am planning much fun and travelling in Jan. Also going to do so much wedding shopping. Apart from that we have planned a blasting celebration of Utarayana with frds. And mind blowing marrige in feb..

Now coming to present, I am going to tour to Goa tomorrow. I am going to have Christmas holidays of 5 days at Goa. And I am very very very happy about it. As finally I can get time for myself. I am going to do too much fun there. I am going to find the naughty bubbly Ash again of college time which i have lost in the professional Ash. There will be no client, no boss, no SEO, no lead, no Emp, No phone calls. Just me, My lonelyness and beaches of Goa. I can see a girl sitting on beache of Goa and have a sweet smile on her face and trying to get whole site in her eyes. Ah do much of fun!!!! I"ll share all details after coming back. I am looking for the new world!!!!!!!

As my habit I have talked a lot and now it's time to say bye for now as i haveto do so much preparation for tomorrow's trip as still i have not packed anything. So this is R J Aashaka signing off.. Till then Gooooood Byeeeeeeee.. Take care.. C U soon and Merry Christmas in advance... Have a great time.. Love you all. Be hapier and try to make people happyier around you :)

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