Friday, December 31, 2010

Day-2 of Goa trip 26-Dec-2010

Here is the Day-2 of Goa trip 26-Dec-2010

Early morning of next day around 6:30 AM, we got out off the train at Thivim. People were taking snaps and also cracking jokes. Funiest was Karan. He was shoting like a auto driver and name of places were of Abad like Kalupur, Maninagar, Civil.

We had to wait for sometime for the Bus. Finally got the Bus which took us to the 4 star resort. The morning view of Goa was beautiful. When we reache at resort, we got 1st bad news that we can't get check in untill 12 PM. Bcz as per the rule check in time is 12 PM. I find that behaviour of hotel staff was bit rude towards Indian tourists and biest to forigners.

We had nothing to do with and even didn't got morning tea :( We put out lugage in lugage room and went to beach called Calangute. From far It seems to be a huge blue wall. When I came nearer I was mesmorized. I have seen ocean for the first time in my life. It was great feeling. Local vendors harresed a bit. Specially earing and tatoo vendors.

I sat there on a beach. People were started taking snaps and so on. After sometime We go to get tea. As I am Brahmin by cast, I even don't drink water before taking bath. At that day I had to take tea bcz of Dad and lack of managment of the company. :( I was with the PHP guys and multimedia girl. Then we had gone to see dolphin fish. We went in the middle of the sea. Dolphins were not coming out. Boatman took us here and there. Then he stopped engine and started playing songs. And when he played song "Tere mere bich me kesa hai ye bandhan anjana..1 dor khiche duja doda chala aye.." 2 dolphins came out. Though it wasa gimik of song as dolphins were far away, we staretd saying Dolphins love this song. LOL.

Then we came to hotel and finally got check in. Room was for 2 people but we have to stay 3 people there. One room partner of me was very creepy by nature. She was creeping from the morning with managment and then also creeped with another room partner of me. They were littreally fighting and asking me to judge roght & wrong. I was feeling like Oh Gosh what to do as i didn't knew the whole matter. Well then we gone for luch. I didn't liked it much so ate very less. I tasted bit everything and mostly ate rice only. Then came to my room. Changed clothes..

Then 1 partner of me called me to go out with her but i was quite tired so wanted to take rest. So i refused. But then room service and all disturbed me a lot and i couldn't rest. So I decided to go out. Though my room partner was far away. Then I gone with other girl to the beach. I weted my legs in the sea and enjoyed my evening there. It was really great feeling.

Finallyb I came back to the resort. I was feeling bit bad there as i had no group and missing my parents so i was bit upset as well. Then gone for the DJ bcz my RP-1(Room Partner-1) forced me.. I danced a lot and had great great great fun there as i m crazy about dancing. And I also got reminded that i m here to enjoy myself so i should nit care is there any 1 with me or not. I am here to enjoy my lonelyness... There was few people who were drunk over there. One of them came to me a speaked something in my ear. I couldn't here it so asked to repeat and that silly man said "I Love U". I given very weird expression and gone to the next side of the dancing group and asap got out of the DJ. BTW We did Garba on english song. Gujarati people never leave any chance of playing Garba :D Then I took dinner. Went to my room and wached TV till late night.

And then went to bad, actully sofa as I slept on sofa cum bad :) And that was the end of my first day in Goa.

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