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Day-3 of Goa trip 27-Dec-2010 and second day in Goa

Here is the Day-3 of Goa trip 27-Dec-2010 and second day in Goa

I waked up early morning as we had decided to go for water sports on beach in the early morning. But 2 girls of my room didn't waked up so i lied on the bad again. Finally they waked up at around 7:30 AM. All 3 of us got ready and went to beach. We were 3 girls & 4 boys. they belongs to .net and sales dept. From beach 2 couple joined us. And then fun begun. BTW I wore Black pant and navy blue colored shirt. Others were wearing shorts ;)

First ride was called juchky. It is basically bike riding in the ocean. IT took 2 people. Me and Maitu gone in it. I sat in the front of bike. It was great fun. I was riding in the sea. And I dnt knw swimming :P Great fun.

Second ride was bumper. As kiran sir's daughter was crying we had decided he and his wife will go one by one. And for that we had to break pair of best friends called sam & Krun. As we had decided we will gon 1 boy and 1 girl. I had gone with Sam in Bumper. In Bumper they make us sit in small balloon boat which is tied to real boat and we jump in the waves. It was great great great fun. :) After getting out of it, I was falling in the sea due to waves. Sam helped me at that time by giving me support. Nice guy :)

Then 3rd ride was banana ride. In that there was a big ballon boat shaped like banana and shark. Was not exactly looks like banana but they used to call it the same. In that we were 5 people together namely Ash, Mit, Kalpu, Kir sir and Gaur bhai. In that ride we have to ride the banana which is tied to boat. Then they took us far in the ocean and turned around the banana which throw us in the ocean and then again we have to ride it and same thing happens near beach. When I gone for riding it a wave came and took me completely inside the water.I got my 1st complete dip. The sea water gone inside. Then it took us in the deep water and thrown us by turning around. I just gone dipped completely again and after few seconds xame out. Thogh I dnt knw swimming, my legs started moving around. I was worring of Sea creatures so wanted to go in as soon as possible. Bevause i knew that i won't drown bcz of my life jacket and life guard who was holding me. They get Kalpu and Mitesh 1st in the boat. And then my turn came. Kir Sire rided on the banana on his own again. Boatman forgotten to take Gaur up in the boat or may be he was thinking he will come up on his own as he is man. Kalpu & Mit was holding Gaur by jacket. I shouted to take him up and finally boatman took him up. 4 of us sat on the boat out of 5. But Kir sir asked us to have complete fun & get ride banana again. So except Gaur all of us rided it and again got a dip in the sea. B4 that Kalpu was shouting to take us nearest to beach and then only turn around the banana. LOL. It was really great advanture.

Then 4th ride was paracelling. We all gone in a boat and then they send us on parashote in pairs. He cahrged extra for dipping in sea. But we did it as all of us wanted to get the full fun. I had gone with Sam again. It was great fun. I was feeling like I am flying in the air. I was hanging up and there was huge unended ocean all around down. Ah what a beauty I had seen. It was a feling i cant express but it was the best best best moment in the Goa for me. I just don't wanted to go down. But I had to go :( Well All sports were over there...

Then we left the beach and move ahead for the resort. Me, Krun & Sam was together. We were playing antakshari on the way. It was really fun singing songs on the roads of Goa :D I had fast on that day as it was Monday. I didn't gone for lunch. Other took lunch and then we left for sight seing in the Bus. I sat with Vaisu Bhabhi. First we went to a famous church of Goa. I drank costly coconut water there. :)

Then Kir sir asked guide where are we going?? He told Meeramar beach but Kir sir misheard it and told us Mera MAl. LOL. It was fun. Then we gone to MeeraMar beach which is known as white sand beach. But water was mudy over there. But still I weted my feet in it. :D As this is the real fun to go at beach. Then I wrote my name on the beach. Made temples of sand on the beach. And then walked a bit around alone. As I love to be with myself :) Then We went out side and others started eating junk food called pani puri, bhelpuri and so on. I had fast so i was standing alone. I was enjoying my lonelyness intentionaly. As i said i love to be with me ;)

Then we moved ahead towards cruise. On the way we bought the famous nuts of Goa from Panjim. Then went to beach. We had to wait for quite long for cruise. Finally we got it. We had seen Santa and folk dances of Goa as well as portugal :) There was also dance for us. 2 girls with me didn't came with me but i coulnd stop myself & just gone on the dance floor and danced. :D Then we went to the bus again. Gaur and his son danced in the Bus. It was fun watching them We sung songs and did tooooooo much of fun on the way. Finaly came back to resort and had dinner. I had fast and but couldn't eat much as didnt liked the foos. But I ate ice cream well. Straberry ice cream was really nice. During that i got a call from a frd that she is getting married in 1st week of Jan. I was quite socked on that news as before 25th dec there was nothing like that. And as per the Hinduism we dnt arrange marriges in Jan till 15th Jan. Then why so early?? Why suddenly. It made me thinking. I tlked with her but didnt got answer. I can say this is what we call destiny.

Well then we went to our room. Others were playing cards. I was watching TV as per my nature. Maitu was keep saying Ash loves to watch Tv as whwnever i enter in the room I used to ask for the remote and on the TV> :D Well then they gone away. And I tried to sleep :) Suddenly i seen a dream that sea wave cam on me and wet me and woke up. Again tried to sleep and i had seen I sleeped from the stair of calangute beach and woke up again :D And finally i got my sleep ;)

The day was one of the most memorable day of my life and I will never ever forget even a single moment of it. I love u God and also very thankful to bring that day in my life. A flying kiss for u :-*

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