Thursday, September 9, 2010

Small but impressive meeting with a legendary young old man

Hi guys

I know I am very irregualr these days in posting. But what to do?? I have too tight schedule and tiring day as well so couldn't update Blog regularly. And the life is also usual so there is nothing to share..But today there was something different.. :) Though I was too tired today, I decided to share the experience with you..

My day was as usual busy working day.. At evening I missed my bus just because I was 1 minute late. Believe me it really hurts when you see your bus is going in front of you and you missed it just for few seconds... Well then I waited for long but my bus didn't came so I went to University in another bus to get optional Bus to my place. And after wait of few minutes I got the alternative bus and get in to it. It was too crowdy as usual.. A kind lady take me in to stand so people doesn't crush me(specially cheap boys). Thanks aunty.. After standing auite long I got the seat beside that aunt. After few minutes I hear some voice so look at back seat. There was an old man sitting at back seat and few biys were covring him. I thought old man will start talking something as usually old people do and boys will make fun of him.. So didn't took attention at that side..

After few minutes aunt sitting besides me said "He is a freedom fighter and showing his snaps with Gandhiji and other big politicians." So just for curiosity I looked at back side.. And that old man was showing snaps. Snaps were showing that he was getting national awards.. He had pictures with Pratibha Patil, Soniya Gandhi, Abdula Kamala and so on.. I got more curious and happy to meet him.. And other people were too. Few boys left their seat and start watching pictures

That old man was 82 years old but still quite fit. He was thin but strong. His face had many wrinkles, but a great brightness. He can see without specs. He had sitting straight with a proud that yes I fought against Britishers for freedom of my India. There was a great positive energy in him.. He has very impressive personality as well.. I got good positive vibes from him.. He was old but seems still so young. So I called him young old man

He joind freedom fight with Mahatma Gandhi when he was just 15 years old. And he had taken part in freedom fight. He met all the legendary politicians and freedom fighters. He had  very good knowledge. He told us then he got chance to be minister in past but he refused that. Then he spoken a very good poem. I couldn't hear it clearly unfortunately. But I heard few words of it and the meaning was never give up in any difficult situation. Just fight for it with a positive attitude to beat the problem and win the battle. Then everything is possible. So true and inspirational.. I just forgotten all tiredness, tensiona nad problems. And there was a big smile on my face. I was feeling sooooooooo very good I can't tell you..

Then he shown us a black and white picture of his young days. Oh my Gosh!! I can not tell  you how handsome he was!!! He was tall, fair and tooooo handsome. Any girl can fall in love with him at first sight for sure. I was just mesmerized.. I was feeling to shake hand with him and tell him that I am really gald to meet you. But I couldn't  because of my shy nature and boys standing around him. That boys were quite cheap as all young boys. He were getting interested in the talks of that young old man.. Bu after each talk those boys looks at my side with a smile. I hated it. And I was afraid if I shake hand with him and get some cheap silly comment of those boys. Usaully I use a simple cell phone with FM only. There is no camera or memory card. Because I am very simple girl and use things which are needful. And I feel cell phone is just to be in contact with others so use very simple one. But today I was feeling really bad as I didn't have camera in cell phone. I wanted to take snap of that old young man.. Ah man I couldn't shook hand or took his picture. But I asked his name.. He was MansukhBhai. A boy shown me his name and year written on his young picture which was of year 1956. I was very happy to meet him. But I really wanted to shake hand with him.

Finally my stop came. I didn't shook hand but given him a very biiiiiiiiiig smile with expressiona that I am really very glad to meet his kind of legendary personality. Aunt sited besides me said "It's a luck and opportunity to meet this kind of great man" I really agreed with her. It was a great opportunity. When I seen him, I decided to write about him on my blog. I felt I should tell him that I am going to write about you on my blog as he might feel good..

You know what a strange thins.. It's not the first time I met any freedom fighter. But that young old man has something in him. A very impressive personality and positive vibes.. Honestly before I met him I was feeling really bad and sad and tired. But within few minutes, I had a big smile on my face with gladness.. I am very glad and happy meeting that young old man called "Mansukhbhai". His name means happiness/ peace of mind. He has the same personality.. Thanks to meet me :) I stll have a big smile as I am writing about him..

Well it's time to go. I wish you to meet you soon with some great shares of my life. I"ll catch you soon at the same place. Till then this is R J Aashaka signing off. Till then keep reading and keep commenting.. Be happy and make everyone happy!!! :)


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