Friday, September 3, 2010

New Company's freedom feels good and strange as well

Hi guys...

How are you doing?? Ah I am doing great and quite bussy these days. I want to talk so many things with you but the thing is couldn't get the time that much. As you know I have joined a new company. There is too much of freedom in this company.

In my previous company we had many restrictions. We can't talk. We have to wear id card. We have to put tea cups in dustbin. We have to be on place at exact 10 AM in the morning and exact 2:15 PM after lunch. We can't talk loudly. We have to come before office time and go after office time. Means the employee who sit for 7:30 or more are considered good eventhough they just sit and do nothing or less work. And employee go on exact time at 7 is not so dedicated though that person has given more work. We have to shut down PC and cover it up properly. We can't play music, not even in earphone or headphone. Mobile must be on silent. We can't open any unrelated site and personal id and mail checking is strictly prohibited(I think that's ok and only valid rule of the company) And so on. There is long list of rules and regulation. It was feeling like we are admitted in convent school. And principal take care of everything. That was our HR. She used to go on rounds to check the id card and this and that...

Now in new company the scenario is completely different. People used to talk loudly and also crack jokes. No restriction on talking. Employee rarely wear id card. I was the only one who wore it for the whole day(I like to wear it :) ) Tea comes in mug so no need to put cup in dustbin. Tea man gives the tea and after completion take up the cups. Tea cup is quite big with too much tea. For me more than enough. Sometimes I feel oh God why the tea is not getting finished. LOL..Lunch break is 1 to 2. But people start taking it before 1 and get back to work till 2:15.. Phone can be on ring. We can play music on phone. And the most surprising thing for me we can open social networking sites including facebook, orkut and personal id as well. When I seen my collegue opened FB and chatting with her friend, I surprisingly asked "Is it allowed??" She sais "It's not restricted :) " .. She sit in middle of me and our TL. She used to open FB, way2sms, recipe sites and also sit quitely soing nothing. Our Tl see this but say nothing. I feel strange because she is not working then why TL is not speaking anything?? May be because TL himself chat a lot on FB and keep surfing girls pictures in FB. You can say almost whole day. He open analytic on one tab and on another FB. :) People start moving around and doing time pass before half an hour of off time. Office time is 6:30. People come betweem 9:30 to 9:40 and at 6 start doing time pass. And at 6:29 send report and shut down PC and at exact 6:30 the leave the office. Today I sit till 6:35 and guess what my TL gone away at exact 6:30 :).. So there is too much of freedom. It feels like I was in a convent school and now I am in college where professor (our TL and Boss) think we are mature enough to understand our responsibility and we know that we are there to work and we are aware to give performance (just like in college professor leave it on student to study or not.).. Though I feel there must be little restriction. They are paying us so they should watch us. Well it's their company and their decision... And there is no cctv camera in company and my past company had cameras everywhere and sir keep watching us and taking screen sots of our PCs...

All these freedom is good but I find it very strange.. Because as I said there must be someone who put some restriction so people work full time and not take disadvantage of freedom. My previous boss had made very bad image of mine in my company that I was doing SEO of any other company which is so not true.. Me, my God and my friends knows me very well and I didn't had to give any explanation to them. They told me we know you and sir both so forget it. We know u r a work dedicated and loyal person. That's enough for me because those people and their thinking matters for me..

Eventhough we have these many freedoms I have not taken advantage of it. I reach office at 9:10 to 9:15 and sit till 6:30 to 6:35. I do only my work and no time pass at all. I have net at home so I never open any social networking site or my personal id or chat.. I always give my 100% to my work and my relations as well. But only few people can recognize it..

In short I am very happy with my new job as there is no restriction. no target and full freedom .But I have maintained my dignity and work enthusiasm here as well and not thinking to take advantage or disadvantage of freedom. But yeah it's fun in working in not so pressurized environment. :) BTW the chairs are very relaxing and I used to get slip in it and work relaxingly.. In my past company unbelivable target has been set. For ex 90 forum posting a day. 200 bookmarking and so on. Here there is no target. We can do what we want to do. They just want result.. no matter u do forums or SB or DS. And the most importrant they concentrat on quality rather than quantity.

Well again a looooong post. Hmm bcz i m talkative...Well I have to go to office tomorrow as only 2nd and 4th saturday is off and tomorrow is 1st so I have to go. I am also tired and not wanted to on PC but just for you guys I have written 2 post. Eventhough I had a threating comment that if I write this Blog again he will make my life hell. Eventhough I lost my job bcz of posting here I am writing here and I will write here foreever..

Ok baba.. I am going now.Gooooooooood Niiiiiiiiight............. Goooooooood Byeeee.. Sweeeet dream. This is R J Aashaka siigning off for tonight. Catch u soon at the same place till then keep reading, keep commenting. Be happy and make everyone happy... :)

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