Saturday, September 4, 2010

Myths in SEO peersons

Hi guys

Now lets talk about my todays day. It was really good and full of fun and most surprisingly Ahmedabad transport have not haresed me today. Both time I got bus immediately. And day was fun working day..

Now I want to talk related to my title..

Today a girl came to my new company for an interview for the post of SEO Executive. She has done a certified SEO course from some institute and has 3 months working experience as an SEO Executive. Her salary expectation was 10 k. Now the real thing come .Our TL took her interview and shared the experience of interviewing her to us. After giving her intro which I given in beginning of this paragraph he said "I asked her what is back links??" She said "Don't know" He asked "ok np what is inbound links??" She said "don't know"  Then he asked "Ok what is crawler??" She replied "a tool" LOL( I though If I am interviewing her on this note I say when did the crawler tool launched?? Give me the download link so I start crawling my site rather than doing so many link building. LOL). Sir said "After all her this kind of answers I asked her an easiest question what is seo?? and she replied it perfectly and been happy. She should not be unhappy that she couldn't give any answer... " For the current job that girl had written an SEO Executive in well known IT Company at Ahmedabad but she had not written name of the company so sir asked her "Why didn't you written the name of your current company??" She replied "I thought it's not required to write the company name".. LOL it was the classy answer I guess.. I mean name of the company is not required bcz that's a well known IT Company.. hahaha.  If I was an interviewer I would say "Dear company name is required. After reading the name I will decide or get to know wheather it's a well known IT company in ahmedabad or not.. LOL.. Before few months a man came for an interview who had 5 year SEO experience. He was doing job in SEO for 5 years and the n for sometime he went to abroad and after coming back again he wanted to start his career. When Sir interviewed him and asked SEO related questions.. He replied "I did all that and also worked as SEO for 5 years but right now I forgotten" Sir said I thought then you should come with revision. LOL... We were laughed a lot on this interviewee...

When a person work in SEO for few moths or year, they start thinking that they are expert SEO people. But they don't know they have done mere link building which can't make them SEO Experts.. Eventhough you know all kind of link building, you must have knowledge of some SEO theory and techniques to be an seo expert.. Otherwise your years are just wasted.. You have to be actively aware of all the facts and updation in SEO techniques and SERP factors and much more... Though I know all the answers of all those questions asked by my TL to that girl, I don't think I am an SEO Expert.. I feel like there is many things which are remaining and still I have to learn in SEO. In fact SEO is a field where everyday new technique emerge and an SEO person has to update his/her knowledge. For example when initially SEO had started there was only SES and DS but now so many link building techniques are there.. SEO profession is like medical profession. As in medical everyday new disease come in existence and new medicine invented to cure it. Same in SEO everyday search engine launch new crawling and SERP techniques(disease) and new techniques to beat that algo and get high rank.. In medical doctor can be specialist or physician. Same in SEO a person can either know all techniques or master in any one SEO method for example DS...So we have similarities.. Ah sorry I went to off topic. Now as I said an SEO person after doing few months link building start living in myth they are the king of SEO and can earn a lot.. Ah no guys you need something more :)

Apart from that few developers and IT people who has know or low knowledge of SEO thinks that SEO is a kind of data entry.. And sEO doesn't require brain so I would say this is just a myth.. SEO is not mere data entry. Yeah there is some link buiding technique where copy paste work has been done but that's not data entry at all. And developers also do copy paste for same kind of code. For example they copy paste the code of insert/delete/update buttons. So does it mean developers does data entry?? And according to me in developing once you get to know the coding then you don't need much more brain bcz then almost all applications are same except few corrections and modifications as per the requirements.. But in SEO everyday new search engines introduce and new T & C and crawling rules and algos and so on. So we have to use more brain and logic. We have to invent a technique to beat so powerful and intelligent search engines.. So don't you think SEO people have to use more brain.. Developers and non seo people think SEO doesn't has as much scop and importance as a developer or designer has. I would say that's the myth again. Because a developer or designer get a site only once to deveop or design it or 2-3 times to redevelop or redesign it. But when a site come in hands of an SEO person, site never goes back :) Because even after getting high SERP and PR, SEO people has to maintain the position. So once we get the site for an SEO  that site becomes permanamt work resource for us. So how can you say SEO has less scop. In fact I think we have more wider scope?? Am I wright!! They might have all these myths because they have never worked as an SEO and are not aware of SEO facts.. What?? What did you said?? I can't speak about developing bcz I don't have knowledge of developing... Ah dear you are mistaken here. I have worked as a developer for a year and have knowledge of, VB, JAVA, PHP, WORDPRESS and CORE Joomla.. I was a good developer who has an excellent developing logic. You can ask this to my boss and my college professors as well. I made many difficult applications So I know the developing and SEO both so I can compare... :)

Few of my friends when go for an interview of SEO post they told me know technical questions had asked to them. But when in the same company I go for an interview they asked me many many technical question.. The reason is they try to inspect your actual knowledge. If you keep giving right answer with technical knowledge, then they go ahead  to check your depth knowledge. But if you loose to answer in initial stage.. How can they ask more depth when you don't know the basic answer.. Right?? For example in today's girl interview my sir asked many questions but when can't get good answer he asked what is SEO? So enhance your knowledge in SEO theory with practical. ok?? :)

So if you are thinking to go in SEO Field then don't listen to the people with myths of SEO and doesn't know importance of SEO field.. You have opted the right field and if you really want to be an SEO expert then apart from practicle SEO, start reading SEO techniques to build your base of SEO expertise. Because you can't beat the GOOGLE until you don't know it's algo and linking tactics. right?? :)

I think I have explained enough.. right?? Was it informative for you?? No need to thanks guys.. :) if you want to or need to know anything else in SEO then let me know. :)

As always it's too long post. So Gooooooood niiiiiiiight.... Goooooooood bye. C U Sabba kher.... This is R J Aashaka signing off. I"ll catch you at the same place. Till than keep reading and keep commenting. Be happy and make everyone happy :)

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