Friday, September 3, 2010

First day of new job on 1-Sep-10

Hi Guys

As I told you, I have joined a new MNC (Multinational Company). That company has 2 branches in ahmedabad. 2 more branches in India in other states. And 4 other branches in the world including at US, UK, Russia and Poland. The staff is 300+ in my branch. And there are many differnt departments. They do SEO of inhouse products.. There are 3 HRs. I think this much intro is enough for now.

Now let's talk about my experience. On the first day we had to do formalities.(I written we bcz we were 4 people joined on the sme day in different departments). It took around 2-3 hours. Then the sweet HR made me meet my TL. He made me sit for a while. There is one old uncle. He is extra sweet and more talkative than me. He asked me so many question when 1st time I had gone for an interview. On joining day also he talked a lot. Then I my TL took me inside the office and shown me my place. Made set up of PC and my new account. Then given me a URL and just say research the site. I said but what to research?? Keyword research or just site content? he said "yes". I though what yes?? There are 2 options.. Ah with his rough answer I had started keyword research and research on competitors. There is a girl sit besides me. She got very happy by seeing me because she was the only girl in whole department. Now she got my interesting and lively company. She is engaged so talked a lot about her engagement and fiance. Till break I had nothing to do except research. After break we had introduction meeting with whole SEO team that was just in my honor and introduction. After meeting and sometime my TL call me in a conference room and make me aware of the format of the company. And given me a dedicated project. On page SEO has been completed but he given me the document and told me you can give suggestion. Then told me to start work on it in a way I want in off page. I had started with Bookmarking. In short the first day was little boring because of no work. Transport system of ahmedabad also made me tired and haresed me. But overall it was good experience..

On second day I had tried my hand on content writing-article writing. Professional writer updated it but it was quite good..

By the way the work is really fast there. They given me my appointment later and id card on the first day. That was about my new job and new company. :)

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