Sunday, September 12, 2010

Am I lucky?? or I made myself lucky??

Hey guys..

How's going on?? Let me warn you 1 thing, this post is going to be quite longer because I have to talk so many things and I am going to talk a very important topic here. And at the end of the post there will be a question for you and looking forward to your reply so please read it carefully and reply me.. ok?? Thanks


As you all guys know that my past boss took me out of the job and then I given few interviews and got selected by many and I selected one company.. Remeber company didin't selected me.. I selected the company. :) Oh please don't think I am proudy. I am just happy for the achievement. And you also know that I had refused that offer as I got one another opportunity to work with an MNC company with good package. And right now i m working with that mnc company as an seo executive.

The day before yesterday the owner of the company whom i refused after accepting the job(and i apologized on my blog for that) called me up.. He told me that he really want to work with me any how and do someting. He insist me to work for him. But as I can't leave my current job, I said I can work for you from home. At a time he agreed and asked me to meet him to discuss the deal. So yesterday I had an meeting with him. And we made a deal that I"ll work for him as an SEO Consultant. I"ll work for 3 hrs a day and I am suppose to go to office once in a month to coordinate the seo team of the firm(as i have off at 2nd and 4th saturday in my working job so any 1 saturday I am suppose to go for 3 hrs) and he will pay good money for that. So I am very happy as he doesn't know me much but still he trusted me and given so much of respect.. Thanks buddy!! I would also add one thing I am very very very thankful to my previous Boss who took me out my job. Because if the y didn't fired me, I would never ever leave that firm because of emotional attachments and I could never get to know my real value in the industry.. So sir if you are reading this then thank u so very much for your decision. I can say I am the only person in this world who is exteremely happy to get fired from the job. LOL

Real thing comes now:

So the real thing or my question comes now. As I was very happy to get theses much success and respect in my field, I shared this to all my freinds. Only one did congratulated me. And others are lazy and money savers, not even msged me.. :( .Whatever!! One of my friend told me that "you got it just because of your good luck and blessings!!!!" I said yes but "you forgotten the hardwork and skill." He said "Hardwork and skill is not so important, bcz the labors also have both".. I was quite amazed by his sentence. I know him very well as he is not jealous of my success. He is not that kind of person but what I felt that he might be frustrated because he is not getting that success in his field.. I know it's not like that.. I am thinking wrong may be but I couldn't understabd his meaning and intention to say so..

What I believe:

See I am a kind of person who strongly believe in destiny. I believe that u do anything but u wil get only what is in your destiny. But at the same time I give importance to hard work. I mean u can't sit by depending on destiny only with thought I wil get it if it is in my destiny. You have to work lil for it. What I believe is God has written our destiny with IF-ELSE condition. He has written 2 options. Means he might written that if ash will try for this then she wil get this or she will get that. For ex: if Ash will go for mnc company then she will get opportunity to work with both mnc and local company else if she go for local company then she will get only local company else nothing more than a housegirl :) .. This is my logic about God's thinking and destiny.. So to get something best you must have both destiny and hard work and skill. Alone none can help you. right??

My Payment to this success

He said I got this success just because of my good luck. But only I know how much I paid for this success!! And you won't believe from the time I get to understand things, I was thinking I am very unlucky and I can't get anything easily what I want.. As I told you this b4 also if u remeber there are always bumps ahead in my life.. There is a fight between me and destiny.. But yes I am also feeling that I am so many years or I can say for the first time in my life I can say that time is in my favor or I am feeling lucky.. And I don't think this is just because of my skills, talent and hard work. I believe it is because of my God's and well wishers blessing to me. But on the same time I think my hard work also played a good role in it..

For getting this position and success I have paid many things. There are so many sleepless night and restless days.. I have lost the golden days of life... In college time everyone enjoy their self by bunking the lectures and go for movie and stuff. But during 3 years of graduation I have seen only 1 movie and 3 lecture buned by me. I reached early to college and then spend my time in library in reading. Then attend all lectures. After coming back home, I read till late night or I can say till early morning :) Even in the reading vacation of college when no 1 goes to college, I was the one who was hassling the professors with difficulties and digging books in library. That was college time

In school time, I had given exams of 1st and 2nd standard within a  year rather than 2. As I was a bright student and my mom was teacher, she wanted to save my year. So I jumped a year.. And for that I read syllabus of 2 standards in a year.. And also got medal for that :) When I was in board, I wsa reading so much, my neighbors and dad were started worried about me and telling me to stop reading otherwise you will be made or sick :) but I didn't given up..

During my masters in first sem, We get out 1st lecture on 16th oct and we get to know we have final exams on 3rd December. I was doing part time job at that time. Within 1 month I covered whole syllabus which was of 6 months without taking leaves from my job. I was reading during travelling as well. And during my MCA, I was working for dull time so I managed both work and study. And recently I had given my last exams. So yo can imagine my dedication to my success. Bcz I don't think it's easy to work for 9 hrs, 2-3 hrs struggle in transport in AMTS and then reading for your studies.. Do u think it is easy??

And even after joining the SEO field I had given myself to it. Within few time I try to get a good knowledge of the industry. As you all know I was working in the firm for 9 hrs, then after at home I was researching SEO till midnight.

And most painful thing I have lost few close relations for this success. I couldn't given them enough time because of this tight schedule and I was also became lil frustrated and short tempered because of this pressure. And they couldn't understand me and they left me alone :)

And from tommoro my schedule will be like this:

I have office timings of 9:30 am to 6:30 PM. And it takes around an hour to travel to the company from my home and waiting for bus can be 2 minutes to 2 hours. So u can say around 11-12 hours I will be on work. Then after coming home, I am suppose to work at least 3 hours in a day. So from 24 hours there will be 14-15hrs as working hours for me.. So u can see the hard work and time i m giving to my profession and my career.

My Question:

So now my questions is:
Do you think I got this success just because of my good luck??
Or do you think I deserved it as I have sacrifiesed many things to get this success??
What can be the intention or meaning of that friend by saying skill and hard work is not important just luck worked for you??
What do you believe in?? Destiny or hard work?? Or my theory of both IF ELSE condition of GOD?? :)


What I feel about my success is yes my destiny worked for me with blessings as there are many people may be more talented than me who can't make it what I did. But at the same time I think my hard work and skill also played an important role in getting this success. And if I am lucky or God given me good luck then I would say I deserved it. I deserve to get this luck bcz I have paid enough for getting this.. Am I right??

Moral of the story:

When you reach at the peak of the success, you will be alone there .. There will be many eyes on you but there will be no one besides you :)

As i told you it is a longer post. And I know you guys gives your precious time to read such long long post of mine. That's really sweet of you.. I have just 1 request, if you can give few minutes toread the whole post, you can at least give few seconds to write a small comment as your suggestion and thoughts really matters a lot for me so please leave comment.. Right now its around 1 AM and I did worked today also so I am very tired and honestly I couldn't see clearly because I am too sleepy and sleepiness is in my eyes right now. And I have to wake up early for office.. But I given time to write this for you guys so you also give me time and leave comment for me :)

Gooood Night, Sweet dreams.. C U Sabba kher... This is R J Aashaka signing off for tonight.. Catch you soon at the same place till then keep reading and keep commenting.. Be happy and make everyone happy !!! :)

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