Saturday, September 4, 2010

Who is jealous from me and my success??

Hi Guys..

As I had mentioned in my yesterday's post I lost my job because of one of my previous post. We will talk about my job termination soon. Now the thing is after that I am getting negative comments and threats from silly people of my past company... I had also got a comment in which commenter written if you will write on this Blog then I will make your life hell. That was my ..... Yeah the king of game. :) I am really important so even after all relations cut from past company I am spot of attraction :)

Now I can't say that I know my sir very well but yeah I know that he really doesn't care of an employee who leave the job once so I know sir is not involved in this. But the thing is there is few people or should I say some one who is doing cheap thing here by leaving negative comment here. And you know what that man is idiot number 1. Ah I am not joking at all.. He has written a stupid comment. I didn't got angry but felt too funny.. :D

That stupid fellow written comment on my post "Ash Rocks" and his first line was "don't write about my company" LOL You chaman (means idiot) I have written about my success and other companies, there is nothing about my old company... Then he written "u r nothing" Then for that I would say "Ala bogha(means fool) I am the best as companies are running for me to get me in their company.. In fact you are nothing so you are still there in one corner of company" The he written "how dare u??" Then
I would say "A fattu(means timid person) I am not like u who has no guts.. I am writing what I feel and what is true with my own name and identity.. And you fisancani fus(means timid person) not have dare to leave cmt with your own name!! You are using fake name. If you have dare to face me than write your own name. sala bayla.. (means gay).."

And then he reached the height of stupidity.. LOL. He has written that publish my post in 2-3 business days on your Blog.. Don't you dare to delete it otherwise you will get SEO penalty from my side.." LOL LOL LOL.. Hahaha.. I want to say on this "ala gagha(means duffer) Google tara bapa nu 6?? Means IS google is your father's property.. Do whatever you want. Go and give me your SEO penalty. For your kind information I have did no SEO for this Blog and as I had written earliere also I just don't care if I get 0 traffic.. Because this is my place and I will do whatever I want to do.. Rather than behaving or doing what I am doing in my real life.. Being a goodie goodie girl with smiling face and always try to make others happy eventhough I am unbhappy because of them.. Here I will show what I am thinking inside. If you have guts to read the truth than come here otherwise BMJ(Means go to hell).. I have deleted your post and will never ever publish your any post. I have much more dare than this as I am still writing after getting many threts for not writing her. got it???

Then that silly goat written I am wasting my time after you (might be in reading my posts) and I really don't want to and like to waste my time after you.. I would say "Ala chachundar(means rat) tne tara bapa ye amtran apyu 6 mara blog vachva and taro faltu time waste karva?? (means who invited to come here and waste your already wasted time??)"

And after all this stupid sentence he has written publish my post in 2-3 business days.. Plz Plz Plz. Hope you understand... C ya honey.. This made me rolling down on the floor with LOL... Hahaha.. I think that person want to be on my Blog and have literally requested to publish his post.. LOL If you want to get place on my Blog as a commenter the first go and wash your face and then write a positive comment then I"ll think i want to publish it or not!! And one more thing don't u dare try to threaten me because I don't scare of anything.. And have much more dare and guts than you have ever imagine.. And next time use your real name u fake person..

As I said I got negative cmts these before but never talked about it because I don't want to be popular or not want to get publicity or target.. I  am writing here because I like to write here. It's my place and the place where I don't need to lie to be sugar person.. I have written this post on that comment because I find it really funny and interesting.. And I also wanted to answer all that persons who thing I am scared of them or not speaking anything on your cheap comments. I am not speaking anything because I am not your kind of cheap person and not want anything negative here. Because it's my place with positivity.. I have written many time it's my place in this post to make you aware that this is my Blog and I will do what I want to. Don't you dare try to teach me anything.. 

I had heard in a movie that when people starts writing against you means you are successful so guys I am quite successful with proof ;) And as my title of this post people may e jealous from me and my success.. But why you are not leaving your name u fattu (timid person)

Well ok byeee....  Ah don't go still there is one more post coming.. What why??? You know me no I am too talkative ;)

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