Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ash Rocks

Hi guys

Today is Sitala Satam and today Gujarati  people doesn't cook anything because as per the tradition today gujarati woman doesn't burn the gas and has to eat cold food which has been cooked yesterday (at radhan chhat where Gujarati woman cooks a lot).. There is a long story of sitla mata but today I wanna talk about my victory.. :)

First of all I want to tell you when you listen or read the name of Ash widen up your mind. I mean Ash doesn't mean Aishwarya.Aishwarya is an old and retired bollywood actress called Aish. But I am Ash. And mind one thing I am not fan of Aishwarya at all and I even don't wanna be like her. So please don't you dare compare me with her. Got it everyone?? That's good.

Now I want to tell you something about my success. As you know there were problems with my current company and Since last wednsday I am not with that company as sir told me not to come.. After that on the same day I had sent my CV to 4 companies and updated my CV on job portals. Till the evening I got call for an interview from 3 comapnies.

On next day I went for interviews. I got selected in first interview in first round with much more salary than  my previous comapny with the position of Sr. SEO Executive TL. Then I went for the second interview. In between I got the cal from 2 more comapnies for the interview. And till end of the day I had given 4 interviews and got selected in 2 with much more salary than my previous company and higher position as well. Third comany tried to convince me to work with them in less salary. And 2 calls for an interview next day.

In 2 days I had an offer from 4 good and big companies. And I had out them in hold. MEans I told them "I"ll let you know till monday. I have to think". And those companies were trying to convince me and giving me attractive offers. Ah it feels so good when you have the power. It feels awesome when you get to knw you have the choice to choose the company you want to work with rather than company choose you from 100s of candidates. It feels fabulous when you get to know top companies are competing and running after you, just to get you in their firm. I can't explain the feeling. I was feeling like I am flying in the Air. And I would say that is all because of blessings of Mahakali ma and my well wishers.

Finally I said yes to one company but then next day call from a company came with which I wanted to work. But I said "as you haven't replied in 2 days, I said yes to another company" They convinced me to meet them and discuss the matter.

So next day I go there and sit with a ruling pose in front of HR and SEO HOD. SEO HOD told me "say Ms Ashvini". I said "What should I say!! You say..." Then both of them started convincing me but I had the power and I took complete advantage of it. I was dancing inside and in indian language "bahot bhav khaya mene" Finally I got convinced on my terms and conditions. My expected salary (not a rs less than what I wanted). Ah and they lost against me and given me what I wanted to get.

They were bit insecure may be with threat that if again my mind change and I"ll go with any other company. They made me sit for 10 mins and on the spot they made my offer later and took my sign and promis that I"ll join from the next day!!! Ah I was flying in the air. It was so much of fun, I can't tell you.

Then I went to Dudheswar Mahakali Temple to say thanks to her. Because as I told you I believe in Mahakali ma a lot. And I believe one thing you can't get good things until you have blessings and good destiny. Because there are many people who might have more talent and skill than I have but they are working with less salary and less package. My friends used to say that you got all tehse good job offers and respect due to your own talent, skill and confidance but I say "no it's just because of Mahakali ma ni mehar and bhagavan ni ami drasti" Means blessings of God so people get impressed by me. My friends also ask me "What does they ask?? How do answer them so they just say yes to you in first round of interview??(Usually there are 2-3 rounds in corporate interview)" I just say "I reply same answer as u might give because SEO question has same answer. May be I have good confidance or convincing power or I don't know. But I have blessings that I know.. Thanks a lot to my Mahakali Ma. Thanks a ton to my well wishers and thanks a bunch to my enemies. Yes thanks to enemies. Because Enemies always gives you more strength to fight and show them you are the best and make them jealous with your success. Thanks to all of them. And a special thanks to a special person because whom I get to know that I am so much important in SEO field.. I can never know my value without him. I"ll tell you the name later on. But right now if you are reading this thank you so much for everything you did for me..

And believe me all these things are fact. It's not like that I am just talking to get your impressive look of yours or for extra hype. No not at all. All these are true.. And yeah the company I said yes before I had refused the offer with heavy heart as I know the needed me really but now I can't be emotional. I have to be practicle now. Becauses I learned that emotions has no soace in this corporate world. Emotions make you fool end of the day here. So I am sorry for refusing you dear. I am really very sorry and thanks for understanding me and my problem. And yeah owner was great man. He had given me the open invitation to join them any time I want to join them. Thanks you very much for this honor.

By the way here are the name of the companies I got slected in Hiddenbrains, Attune, 6sensetechnology, openxcell , Indianic Infotech and one more(I don't remember the name). I used to not right the names of others but written here. If anyone has doubt  that I am lieing then you can call all these companies and you get to know I am true teller.. :) Thanks for your congrats and best wishes

Ah again it's too long post as always because I am too talkative. Yeah you know me.. Hey you visit me but not leaving comments why?? Leave the comment otherwise I"ll not post more..

This is R J Aashaka signing off for tonight. Have a great time ahead.. Goooooood Night.... Goooooooood Byeeee.. Sweeet Dreams... C U Sabba kher.. I"ll catch you tomorrow at same place. Till then keep reading and commenting... Be happy and make everyone happy :)

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