Monday, August 30, 2010

Nag Panchami

Hi Guys

As I told you the series of festivals has been started.Today is Nag Panchami. On today's day people pray to Nagdada(Cobra). Hindu people make realtion with every object and animals as well becuase they are very loving. For example we used to cal gaymata(mother) to cow, Chandamama(maternal uncle) to moon, Surajdada(grandfather) to Sun, Nagdada(grandpa) to Cobra and so on..

So let's move ahead with the holly story related to nag pancham. As always there was a village where a family was living. In that family the youngest daughter in law has no one in her maternal or parental side. She was alone as well as poor. So her mother in law and sister in law hares her. But she was very kind so bare everything with smiling face. At one time she got pregnant. But no buddy was taking care of  her. One day she cooked kheer (Indian cuisine) for everyone. She used to eat after everyone finish their meal. When everyone finished their lunch, she gone to eat the kheer but what she seen. The pot of kheer was empty. Only the ruins of kheer and milk was there. She though I"ll eat it after taking bath in river. So she went to river, put the pot of kheer there and gone for bath into the river. There was a female cobra residing near the river. She was also pregnant and hungry. So she ate all the left kheer from the pot and went into her whole. When the daughter in law came out she seen the empty pot. She kindly said "God bless the one who ate my food." The cobra  was amazed as she was expecting abusive words but she got blessings so cobra gone out and met the daughter in law and told her that I ate your kheer and you can ask anything you want. The daughter in law get emotional and started crying and said I am pregnant but there is no one in my parental side who can take me for my delivery. Nagmata(cobra) said "you start preparation I will come and take you to naglok for your delivery" Daughter in law was very happy by hearing this and went to home. She told her mother in law to start preparation. But her 2 sister in laws laughed on her. After much begging her mother in law said yes to her and on the day of celebration Nagmata(cobra) came in human outlook with too many gifts and take young daughter in law with them to naglok. Both daughter in law and nagmata delivered on the same day. She had a cute baby boy. Nagmata went her to her in laws house with too many precious gifts. And then she lived happily ever after. So as the nagmata(Cobra) helped young daughetr in law, help everyone.

Ah lovely story.. Isn't it!! You might thinking everyday I am writing a story and all but not about me. What is happening in my life. Well nobuddy is asking for it so I am thinking rather than writing about me. Let's be lil religious. By the way, why don't you tell me?? As you are my readers. I would like to know what do you like?? Do you like to read the stories, poems and so on or about me?? Because my friends told me to write stories and poems but what do you like?? Ah don't think I"ll do the same as u say. Because this is my place and I"ll do what I like to do. But yeah I"ll sure keep your liking in my mind and try to do so..

ah where are you going?? I have not written about me yet.. What don't want to know.. ok
 the this is R J Aashaka signing off for tonight and catch you tomorrow at the same time. Till then keep reading, keep commenting. And be happy and make people happy.. bbyeeeee

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