Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Life's Path - Always Bump Ahead

Hi friends

I am in lil bad mood today. And the reason is fight between me and The Destiny. I think it must be the same with everyone. Whenever we start thinking now all set and life is going to be smoother ahead and you will face a bump which will spoil all your planning of get settle down. And Give you a new kind of challenge or you can say in simple language unexpected situation to check you out. I think it's necessary as these bumps will help you to classify yourself from the crowd. It will give you 2 options. 1st accept that you are lost and go with whatever is going on and live smoothly but unhappily and ordinarily. And 2nd (My favorite) accept the challenge, fight against your destiny decision and try to get the best rather than compromising. I always go for the second option. And my dearer God and enemy destiny know this so whenever I feel like yes now everything is under my control and stable life is here. God creates a bump for me. I know facing it will give me the best or better than what I have right now but sometimes I feel like why me dude??? I mean give me a break... Let me live my life smoothly but no God always planning some excitements for me.

Now you must be thinking will ash tell us what is the bump for her now?? Then I would say why not. As you know I have been moved to affiliate Marketing and we have recently launched our affiliate programs so there is only one client for our affiliate program and that's my sir itself. LOL. So there is nothing to do as an admin or manager. What I used to do is promotion and more over it research, research and research and lots of research for affiliate marketing. And I have surfed and researched more than enough info for it. And I am just fade up with it. I mean I have no interest in AM and moreover it I have researched a lot. So you can say there is nothing to do in the office for me. I am free bird. Even my follow upcolleague told me to get relax.. But I am not kind of person who like to earn for nothing. I mean I am kind of person who loved to be busier and that's the one of the major reasons I have chosen SEO field as there is constantly new things apear so you will always be busy with your clients and projects and learning new techniques. Same reason of liking to be busy I got net connection at home. As I have no interest in girls talks of beauty and fashion or chatting or watching daily sops or gossiping and blah blah blah. I am very career oriented girl. But now I feel things are going wrong. So now I have taken final decision to change the company seriously. I know if I"ll goto sir and ask about this he will surely do something and might give me new project but I don't like to ask for. I mean I really don't like to go to sir like a child and say "Sir sir I don't like this chocolate of Affiliate marketing, give me my ice cream of SEO back". Ridiculus. I also know when I"ll get a new and a very good job he will start convincieng me to stay with less salary. And I also know that 90% I will stick to the company as I am kind of an emotional persona as almost all humans are!!! And I hate it as I can't opt my benefit. :( But that's what I am!!!

I really don't understand what to do!! As things, authority, power everything is in my hand but I am not happy with it. This before I was just an SEO Executive TL but now I am SEO Executive TL and an affiliate Manager - means double position and respect(Ah not double salary as all companies my company is also stingy which increase only work not salary but thats ok as thats what business is). But I am not happy because I am not working what is of my interest... Finally I got an internet connection but I am not happy as still I didn't got what I was looking for and thinking to got.. The people who had moved out of my life and with many difficulties I had learn living without them happily has started pinging me. Things are really going wrong!! Let it be. I will tackle it. But sometime I feel I am tired of fighting against destiny and situation and plz God now no more bumps please. And for each this request he adds 2 new bumps.....

I know guys you are getting bored and thining to leave from here but today I am really frustrated and upset. So bare me :)

Let me share something .One of my friend told me that some of your posts are quite lenghty and boring so try to make it interesting. Another told me to put some love quotes, Sayaries, Lovw stories to be more interesting with post and bring more traffic to your Blog. My dear friends thanks for reading my posts and giving me your valuable suggestions. But I have not created this Blog for marketing or to make other people happy by interesting post. I have created this Blog for myself. This is the place where I share my feelings and I can talk what I like to. So I really get damn what other think about my posts(except my lovely friends as they r imp for me). And I think it will be great if I get less traffic. So I can write whatever I want rather than stopping myself with thinking that he.she might be upset or feel bad with it. And that's what I am facing right now. As sometimes some of my friends really irritate me or make me angry or upset but I can't mention that because they are one of my readers.. :( So less traffic is good for me ;) And as you might noticed my blog name which is Ash - All About Me means everything about me, no one else. This is the place Ash rules. I hope my dear friends got my point. And thatnks for reading the posts regularly. I know my this post might make you upset or will result in lost of you an an visitor(not my world as I"ll not let you know) but that's what the bitter truth is!! And that's what I am with my Blog..

I know it's a boring post and I am also bored today. And time is 1:15 am and I have no excitment to goto office as I had in the beginning of this Blog creation :( Anyways This is R J Aashaka signing off for tonight. Catch you tomorrow at the same place. You are coming no tomorrow!! Good :)


  1. I think u deleted 1 post, But it's ok. I was read. In this post some line are so funny. Especially "Sir sir I don't like this chocolate of Affiliate marketing, give me my ice cream of SEO back". u r challenging girl and i like it.

    I want to one suggestion for u, if u don't mind.
    Plz change blog them, bcoz when i read it, eye have some problem.

  2. Hi joky

    Though I used to do here what I like to do but you are the reader. So you might spend more time here than me in reading. So for your eyes I have changed the theme. I hope now your eyes are ok with this theme.. :)

  3. first of all thanks for listing me and nice them select. You've strong hold with visitors. and again thanks a lot.