Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Something About Affiliate Marketing for Affiliate Merchants

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I couldn't update my blog because of my bad health. Because of many sleepless nights and days, constant sitting against PC and working I caught by illness which force me to take rest and sleep. Yeah now I am back. As I stated in my last post that I have been moved in to affiliate marketing and I have researched a lot on that. Unfortunately there is not enough information available online for Affiliate merchants but yeah you will get lots of information and tips and tricks to be affiliate. But don't worry as Ash is here then no fear.. So let's start

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is known as SOPS by experts. It means Sale Other People's Stuff. In Affiliate marketing there are 3 parties involved.

1. Affiliate Merchant who will pay commission for affiliate referral sale or per click(depends on affiliate program and revenue type)
2. Affiliate who will sign up to affiliate programs of an affiliate merchant and will out marketing material on his own site and try to bring business as well as visitors to Affiliate Merchant's business. For each referral lead he will get paid some commission from Affiliate merchant
3. Clients/ Visitor who will get reference of affiliate merchant's services from affiliate site and who will either join affiliate program and be another affiliate or will buy service offered by affiliate merchants. Mere visitor will be counted only if revenue type is pay per click.

I am not going to give any tips to be an affiliate as there is more than enough stuff available online. But yeah for affiliate merchants there is nothing so hereby I am sharing you some useful tips which I learned from my own logic and meta information I collected from my research. And here it is:

Tips for Affiliate Merchants
  • First of all make a professional home page for your affiliate site. Don't make it attractive. Keep it simple and sober
  • Navigation system must be simpler as a child can also navigate.
  • Content must be unique, impressive and should be like visitor get convinced that this is the best affiliate program he was looking for
  • You should offer attractive commission
  • Never ever put any sign up fees
  • Promote your affiliate programs in webmaster and marketing forums
  • Use social media sites for promotion of your affiliate programs
  • Start email marketing for your affiliate programs. Better is to contact your current satisfied clients (as if they are satisfied with your services they would love to refer you to others by joining your affiliates
  • Do some SEO for promotion
I know it may be bit confusing for new comers but I have tried to made it easier and I hope you understand about affiliate marketing. Affiliate Marketing is very good now-a-days and it also have quite good future. You can earn well through it if you become an affiliate. And you can also earn good if you work as an affiliate manager or affiliate merchants. But honestly speaking This is really not made for me. This is not what I like to do or in which I have interest. I was working with my firm because I was enjoying my work and loved to do it and that was the only reason to be sticked with current job evenif I got many good offers and good salary packages from other companies of my territory. But now they have assigned me a job which I hate to. I am giving my 100% to this job also but I am not enjoying myself in it. And this is leading me to change the company as my career ambition is to become an SEO Expert, nothing else. So I have uploaded my CV in good sites. And hopping to get either transfer in my SEO Department in my firm or good job as an SEO.

 Ah as always it's too late... Time is 1:50 AM here and I have to go to office and do that boring job of Affiliate Manager so This is R J Ash signing off for tonight.. See u soon at the same place till then keep resding my blog and keep commenting :)

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