Thursday, August 12, 2010

Does SEO has no future??

Hi guys

Hows going on?? My day was as usual had too much of work so there was nothing new. But at night I had real fun. I had debated on the topic of my title that's the Does SEO has no future?? And does SEO really unnecessary?? with my collage time friend on a social networking site. Let me introduce him. Ah no I am not going to reveal his name just the intro of him. He was with me in college, just a hi hello kind of friend. And after college we had also worked together in a comapny for a year. At that time I was working as a developer, content writer, site administrator, server administrator, adsence, affiliate marketing, trainer, SEO and a foreign education consultant. I was doing multiple jobs because I am multitasking and multi- talented as well. :) And he was developer, server administartor, client supporter and worst partner of my boss of New Zealand. So you can say he was also my boss but I hav never taken kim like one. Not because he was my friend but because I never seen that quality. Whatever he is.. But he is very good developer (with bad arrogance LOL) and has no knowledge of SEO. HE even doesn't know about S of SEO.

Now lets come to the point he told me that "SEO is really not important and not needed for future scenario specially". He told me that "Microsoft has launched some tool or something which gives automatic SEO". I replied no tool can give the result which organic white hat SEO gives".Then he said "Google is moving towards automation. Google updates database daily. And what actually needed to get good traffic is keywords because SEO people work on keywords and content.." On this I would like to say "Google will never ever approach any automatic technique for indexing. Even in todays advanced time Google is still using algorithms and crawling techniques to update the indexing. Another thing Google might update database everyday but not index everyday. It index pages periodically. And yes SEO people work on keywords to bring keyword up in SERP because there is a tough competition on net for keywords. Unique keyword really doesn't work at all. Of course unique conetent does but unique keyword doesn't. Because people will surf for common keywords not the unoque one and Google is there to serve people." He said "good traffic brings PR higher". I would say "Dear dear... Your concept is so unclear. Traffic does not really help to bring PR much higher. As there are many sites who has high traffic and low PR and contrary also does exist. Traffic and PR are not really related." Then he said " Orkut, FB doesn't use any SEO but thet are up" " Dear they have other techniques of internet marketing you can say sister of SEO. By giving offers, applications, free sms and money also"  To prove this he told me to get reference from our common SEO friend who might told him few of facts from these. That friend has done course of SEO and has more experience then I do. But I just simply say experience or mere reading will not make you expert, Specially in SEO. As I always said SEO is a mind game. You can learn it only by your on knowledge. It's really easy to know about SEO and it's techniques but to get into it and bring result is not for all. You can of it only by your own strategy and skill plus logic.It doesn't matter how much time you spend in SEO but what really does matter is how much you actually learn and how will you implement it by your logic.

Apart from these I told him that I am starting my own site: ashseo. So he said business needs certificates. I said none of my clients ever asked for any kind of certificate. Even they never asked my education till that. And for your kind of knowledge I have international clients. And honestly client never cares how many degrees you are carrying with you. They just want result they are looking for. He said for big projects you need certificates. I would say "Dear for big project client need your previous results of satisfied clients.."

And I am not saying developing is bad or not good. But SEO is not bad at all. Let me tell you one thing. A developer gets a site once to develop it but SEO people get sites once forever as even after getting the indexing, traffic and PR, you have to maintain it. Now you tell me what's the best??

And at the last I will share the funniest quote made by him. For creating his new site he has given content writing job to a film writer. LOL. And the most funniest thing is the film writers are Gujarati movie writers. LOL. I am rolling on the floor. LOL. I am not laughing on the writers, they are really nice and must have good English knowledge. But I find Mistry very funny as in a way he announced this fact to me was very funny. LOL. He has an attitude of I am the best and others are the worst. And I hate it. I also have the attitude of I am the Best. But I never consider others are worst.

I have challenged him today that Though you are in longer in your business than me but we will see who reaches where after 5 years. We will surely meet at 15-August-2015 to see the position and progress. Best of luck to him.

OMG the post becomes too long. But SEO is my favorite topic and I am also too talkative. Anyways it's 1:40 AM now. And I also have to go to office tomorrow so good night, sweet dreams.. This is R J Ash Signing off for today and will catch you tomorrow on same place.... :)


  1. WoW! I m impressed of your post. Ash!

  2. Giving wonderful ans for all the question, I am agree with you with your all ans is very politely and also perfect. You have such a good knowledge of seo. When i open your blog i haven't mood to read all the things, but slowly slowly i just abdicated your post like just a smoker abdicate with cigarette. You are also good writer. I wish u will update all the new things in your life like this. And yes all the best for Finding new destinations.

  3. Good attitude!
    I like to work with you but I need some of your work samples.Can you send it to my id ?

  4. Congratulations....!
    Very well done miss aashka...!
    we are really happy with your services...
    and your blog writing is also impressive..!
    keep going...!
    i hope you will serve us more in future with same satisfaction...!

  5. Hi ashwini here you have argued for the Seo PR and the Traffic but i am not able to get one point if traffic does not really mean to generate the PR than how can we make the site to High PR.Hope so i will get the Favourable reply from you soon