Saturday, August 28, 2010

Rakhi - Divine Bond

Hi guys..
Rakhi- Pavitra Bandan

Today is a day of a divine relation between brother and sister.. It's an Indian festival called Rakhi, Rakshabandhan. On this day sister tied a rakhi on her brother's hand with blessings that his brother achieves great success in his life and God always protect her brother from all bad things, failure and negativity. On the other hand brother gives a lovely gift to his sister with a promise that he will protect his sister from all the difficulties of life ahead. And in each rough path of life , he will be there to protect her. :) So sweet.. Right!!!!

There are many holly stories related to this festival. This festival started in time of Pandvas. Kunti had tied Rakhi on hand of her son Yudishthir when he was going for the battle of kurukshetra for his protection. Another story is Draupadi - The wife of Pandava had tied the rakhi to God Shri Krishna and at time of her Chirharan by Dushasan God Krishna protectd her as a brother. The rakhi which Draupadi tied to krishna had 108 fibers and at time of her chirharan Krishna given 108 sarees to her to protect her and her dignity from Kauravas.. And there are many similar stories.

Unfortunately I don't have any sibling so I used to go at my cousin's home for this festival. And I am glad that they give the same love as own parental brother give to sister. I thoroughly enjoyed the festival. I also went to old temple of Mahakali MA. There was lock and I afraid if we couldn't find keys, I can't see her and pray there. But Thanks to my cousin, he found the key. And we prayed there. I lighten up the holly lamp and incense stick. Then after talking with her we came back to my uncle's home. My aunty came back from his brother's house. On my demand she made tea for us. But she ad put some condiment in tea because of my cough and made tea too spicy so I could ave only two sips of it. Well then I given it to dad. Then we came back to home. It was nice day and I got good gifts from friends as well.

And it's over.. So This is R J Aashaka signing off today. Catch you tomorrow again at same place. C U sabba kher. Good night. Till then this is R J Aashaka signing off. Be happy and make everyone happy :)

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  1. I love this festival. We are two brother only, But on this festival many cousin are tie a rakhi on my hand and that time i feel i have so many sister, i love all.