Friday, August 13, 2010

Finally I am moved to Affiliate Marketing

Hi guys

So how was your day?? Ah mine was quite different today. Yesterday I thought I will write about SEO misconception but today something new happened to me and also feeling bored so will write about my day.. BTW my friends used to ask me why don't u sleep till late night?? May be my eyes don't have space for sleep as they are waiting for someone... Got it?? :) Ah I am blushing.. Mona will surely comment on this tomorrow I am sure.

Ok I used to go off topic and extend the converation. I also do it in my team meeting. I go off topic and start giving them motivational lecture. At that time(in the meeting) Mitesh gives expression like Oh Gosh not again!! Khusbu think like "Oh Ash please make it short as I have to achieve the target". Bhumika might think "Go on.. Who cares". But Siddhi and Krishana both always encourage me to give more inspiration and knowledge. They always gives expression like yeah Ash truly right and we will surely try to implement what she is saying. And they are also reading my blog regularly. But sadly they never left comment. Hey girls leave comment for me..

Again I went to the off topic. Now come to the topic. Since last few days I got a news that I will be moved to affiliate marketing and Siddhi will take my place but it was not happening. I was feeling bad for Siddhi as that people made me announce this without confirmation. I want her to be TL as she was willing to. On the same not honestly I don't like AM at all. And sir if you are reading this then I am telling you I am just doing it to learn it. I will stick to SEO field only. So IF you will not move me back I will move the company..  But yeah If I start getting fun in it then we will think :) Ok sir was suppose to giving me training. And he just called me in the office and told me to watch out all the videos on AM. So during almost all whole day I watched the videos and the effect is now my prounanciation has changed to foriegn people. As right now I am speaking and typing. It's fun. The videos were also off topic. For example there wasa video for uploading pdf tutorial. Just for that they had shown how to create word doc. Then how to download open office and then convert word doc to pdf and then upload it. Petty funny and irritating also. Joy had stolen my headphone in break and put is old broken headphone. Not good!!! I am upset with u. Whatever!!! My collegue who seats beside me called Jay Singh was also watching the video and I keep smiling on that as he doesn't understand anything but then also watching it. LOL

After all I had a meeting with sir but that was about the old task. BTW Anthony took my exam as well like how much I really learn. And I passed it :) But still Sir remained. Sir was tired today so we will have meeting tomorrow on that.

I also got an opportunity to do some research kind of work for  e-commerce. So it will definitely increase my surfing skills :) Apart from that I am also learning more on SEO as I got net at home. Though I have not implemented it for my own site. Thinking to start it from next week.

Tonight had not read anything on SEO except my keyword checking. I was feeling bored so send sms to friends and chat with friends and check msgs. After long time I had also entered in my fropper account. I think the people got worst there. Twitter, Facebook and of course orkut is good. I have account on many SEO sites.. Whatever.

Ok though I didn't wanted to write too much it's again a long post :) I am talkative I can't help it. Though I am not sleepy yet as usual but it's 1:35 AM and tomorrow I have to go office early. So  Good night... This is R J Aashaka signing off and will catch you tomorrow for sure. Till than keep following me.. Love you guys :)

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