Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Aashaka Mandal Novel


As My visitor wanted to know about Aashaka Mandal I thought why not write a post on it. First of all I would like to tell you one thing Aashaka Mandal is my favorite novel forever.

Aashaka Mandal is a desert treasure story. Aashaka Mandal novel is written around the time of royal palaces and kingdom. And the same time when Britishers were partially ruling India. Aashka Mandal is a novel written by very famous gujarati novelist Mr. Ashwini Bhat. (Coincidentally we share the same first name). Aashaka Mandal is the heroin of the novel. She is very pretty and beautiful. She was a daughter of freedom fighter which has been declared as bandit by Britishers. Her father had a group of bandits which was collecting gold and money to give a good fight to Britishers and get them out of India. They have placed all the treasury in middle of the desert and the way to the treasury was very difficult. There are many sand dunes which were uneasy to recognize and also the people between the sand was very wild Aboriginals.

Sigaval is the hero of story and his father who was king of Rajstan got killed by someone. He was trying to  figure out who is the killer of his father and during all these situation occur which made situation very defuclt for him by killers of his father. Her mother god kidnepped and kidneppers asked him to get that tresury for them and get her mother back. And all these thing make him meet the heroin "Aashka Manda" and he fallen in love with her. The love at first site. There was one more boy who was in love with Aashaka and he was Aashaka's childhood friend and in the group of her father for freedom fighting. Aashka Mandal wanted to reach at treasury to meet his father as she was thinking that his father is there protecting the treasury. And then a tresure hunt started in the desert. There are three groups in this treasure. First group of kidneppers who wanted to get that tresury and want to become rich. Second Sigaval wanted to make his mother free and win the heart of Aashaka. Ans third Aashaka and her group who are searching for Aashka's father and their leader. And a suspence and thriller start as one by one people start get killing and many difficulties arose on the way. And on the other side Sigaval continusouly try to win Aashka's heart in very romantic way but trust me Aashka was very difficult to win. If you want to know does Aashka won by Sigaval?? Did they reached to the treasury?? Which kind of difficulties they faced?? Does Aashka met her father?? And who got the Aashka??

Aashka Mandal's nature was stubborn and I am also like her. If once I decide to get something I do harder efforts to get that.. She was also very brave and intelligent, you believe it or not but I also have the same features.. And that's the reason I live Aashaka Mandal.

Now you say do you find the Aashaka Mandal interestring??

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  1. Hi,
    I read your post n I like Aashaka's character as you have described but now I want to read more about this because I also like to read novel and I m sure that it'll be interesting. As you've said that Aashaka is stubborn girl but I don't think so that she is like that please share more details about that in my personal Id.I am eager to know about her.