Saturday, August 28, 2010

Project Presentation on Monday

Hi guys..

I didn't knew that there is people reading me here. I thought it's just my one close friend reading this. But seen few comments to update the blog. Thanks for both your love and hate..

As I told you that I had a project presentation on monday. So let's talk about the experience. I had presentation at 9:30 am. And the place of exam is quite far from my  residence. So I left home around 7:30 Am. I was suppose to take either laptop or CPU for the presentation. I doesn't have the laptop and  couldn't arrange the one. And taking heavy CPU with me is not possible for me as I was going through Bus. Ahmedabad transport harrased me a lot. So I used to took private transport. Though it was quite expensive but I had no other option. I reached at the RC, Chharodi, Near Nirama Uni. at 9:30 AM exactly. I was pretty nervous on being late. But what I find there, there was not even things set up. Sir is not available yet. So they tell us to wait..

All the students got sat in a room. The mam told me that you are not allowed to give exam because you don't have laptop or CPU. I felt like what a fish!!! At least let me give the presentation. But no she didn't agreed. She advised me to talk with other students and borrow their laptop. I asked a girl to lent her laptop, but she doesn't had Then another girl. She was nice. She got agreed on 1 condition. She will give me laptop only after her viva completion as she was afraid that if I insert my pen drive and her project got corrupted. So she might be in trouble. I said no problem. Give me after presentation. She was the last candidate. And sir was taking around an hour or half an hour for each candidate. My turn was second but because I didn't have laptop, I have to wait for her turn. It was taking too much time.. That girl was quite nice. She was teaching me the fundamentals of .net. I had not made that project. It was of my friend's project and I forgotten the .net. Because I have not touched .net since last 1 year. And my project had 1200 errors. yes you are reading right that many. So I was not able to run i....(I hope the sir who taken my exam is not reading this. LOL) That girl was really kind. She taught me many things. Thanks dear.. I know you are not reading this but still thanks a lot.. You are very sweet.

But I wanted to get out from the tension of exam as soon as possible.. So I tried to get another laptop. An another girl got convinced to give her after her turn so I was pretty happy as it will complete soon. But when she came out she said I have to go now and you can check your project if you want but I can't stay for your turn. What a fish!!!! What can I do nothing. I said good bye. :) And was again upset. The actual thing is I have to reach somewhere at 3 PM but I was not getting in.. Finally there was a daring boy. I asked him to run my ppt in his laptop. He just got ready without any scare of lost of his project.. His turn was just after me but he just hand over me his laptop. Thank you very much dear. Well finally I got the laptop so I got the chance to go in..

I went inside. There was an elder professor sitting. He asked me to copy my ppt in his pendrive. I did it. He asked me to show the presentation. I started it in my own way with full confidance. Ah that's what I love about me and others as well. I can perform confidantally, though I am in pressure or nervousness. God gift. Thanks Mahakali ma(She is my fav. Goddess).. He asked me "why I am running the project from pen drive" I explained about not having laptop. He said no problem go ahead. I shown him whole project presentation and explain it quite well. He get into Gujarati but I sticked to English because of 2 reasons. 1st I am habitual in speaking English and 2nd English impress people. He was pretty impress from me. Not even asked to run the project. I had not drawn ERD and DFD so he asked me where it is!! I give n an explanation and said if you want I can draw it right now. (BTW I am good with diagrams so I can draw any diagram at any time). But he said "Ah no. No need. I know you know many things. Great." Then he asked few questions related to database. And I was good enpugh to answer as I am good with fundas and logic. Then he asked about my graduation. I said "I was ranker in Gujarat University"(and it's true) He said "I felt so". Then he asked me about mu job profile. And after hearing he said ask for more salary. And then wished me luck for my future. In short viva was great.. And sir was very kind and gentle.

You know what as i told you about the project and laptop. First I had thought not to attempt the exam and give it next time as my friends are going to give it in next sem so I can have their laptop and runnable project as well. But I am the person who never give up without trying or fighting at least once. Because I always believe failure will be there if you not try for sure. But if you try at least once the chance of winning will be ther of 50% at least. So never give up without trying. And believe me it really works as I always won with this strategy. And I give all credit to my God and my well wishers blessing for all I have and achieved.. Thanks to all of you.

Ah as always it's quite long post so bbyee.. This is R J Aashaka signing off. Catch you again and I"ll try to be regular here. Till then be happy and make people happy. Love you guys for all your support. :)


  1. Hey Ash

    Nice blog on Project Presentation experince....
    This is the first time i am visting this website... as after long time i got enough time to surf net...I had ur mas regating ur blog so though of checking it out...nice work..:-)

  2. I have started reading ur blogs today! I love it. Itz really very interesting n amazing! Do u knw ash you made me learn lot.................. u r grt........... Even i want to take suggestions for my life........... my dam frustrated and bewildered to fight against my destiny. But u really heped me lot...... means somthing very same like u happen to me.........reply me.......