Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Shravan Mas

As I already told you I am brahmin so I am very religious. And I respect all religions. But I have quite good Knowledge of Hindu religion So you will get many post on religion ;)

In Hindu religion there are many months completely dedicated for God and good for prayer, Alms-deed, Benefaction, giving. And Shravan Mas is one of the month. I have shared about Purrushottam Mas this before if you remember. From today Shravan Mas has been started. This month is dedicated to God Shiva. And as all Hindus know Lord Shiva has greatest place in all God and known as "Devadhidev". He drunk poison to save the world. He has three eyes. And he is very simple hearted. Shravan Mas is dedicated for his worship. People used to go for fast for the whole month. If they can't they used to take fast on Monday as Monday is known as Shiva's day. People go for Shiva's temple known as Shivalya either everyday or Monday specially. And pray for goodness as well as worship with milk and bilipatra(Special kind of leaf) to make him happy.

One interesting thing is if you are looking for your life partner and you are not able to find the one there is a way to get that one. The way is know as "16 Somvar Vrat " means 16 Monday Fast. You have to start fasting from 1st monday of Shravan Mas and have to fast consequetively 16 mondays then after. You have to go at Shivalya (Temple of Shiva) and pray to him. If you also bring red flower for Parvati Ma(Wife of Shiva) than it would be help you to get the one quickly. After 16 monday fast you have to give Junketing to brahnis and should do Alms-deed. And you will surely get the one made for you. Ah no I have not tried it yet but you can try it as next monday will be the first Monday of Shravan Month...

Ok guys its too late now 1:15 am and I also have to go to office tomorrow so for now This is R J Aashaka signing off. Catch you tomorrow same place.. Till than Keep rwading and Keep Blogging :)

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