Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ash is back

Hi guys..

Ash is finally back. I was not blogging from quite long but finally I got the net at hoe so I will try to blogging everyday as I love to do it. First of all I would like to give my brief introduction for them who yet not know me. My name is Ashvini Vyas. I am avadit sahstra brahmin of Umreth, Kheda which is situated near Dakore in Gujarat. But from my childhood I am living at Ahmedabag, Gujarat, India. I have name Aashaka at social networking sites.. why?? Even I don't know. May be because I like the character of Aashaka Mandal in a gujarati novel Aashka Mandal. And it also sounds good and start with "A". I am working as an SEO Executive (TL) at well known SEO company at Ahmedabad. My mood is unpredictable like girls. I love red color. I like roses, chocolates, teddy and all other stuff that other girls like except beauty products. As I strongly believe in simplicity. I believe that Real beauty is in simplicity. And God is wise enough in his job. Though I came accidentally in SEO field but now I am loving it. I think its enough for now right...

If you want to know more about me keep following me. ;)

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  1. Hello Dear.
    This is very nice blog and keep going ahead. I'll try to visit your blog everyday as possible as for me. Keep rocking Ash!! But can you tell me about Aashka Mandal. keep in touch!