Sunday, August 29, 2010

Baud Chauth

Hi Guys

As you know I am Brahman and religious as well so I know many religious stories and as I told you I will keep sharing with you.

As I mentioned earlier as per the Hindu calendar, this is Shravan Mas. Shravan mas has many hindu festivals and there is a series of festivals which has been started from today. Today is the first festival from the series which is known as "Baud Chauth". Ah no it doesn't have any relation with baud rate in IT terms.
It's a hindu festival and there is a very good story related to it. There was a family living in small village. In that family there was a daughter in law and mother in law living. Daughter in law was pretty silly. They had a cow and calf. Every morning cow go for grass eating in the village and come back at evening. One day cow went for grass eating. Mother in law told to daughter in law that "Dear I am going to temple. Till the time I come back you crush the gaulo and reduce it to powder".  And she gone for the temple. Gaulo is Gujarati name of wheat. And coincidently calf has the same name "Gaulo". Silly daughter in law thought that her mother in law told to crush the calf and convert it into the powder rather than wheat. And she did exactly the same. After few hours when mother in law came back she asked the daughter in law about the work she had given of crushing. Daughter in law replied "It's done". After few minutes mother in law amazed why Gaulo(the calf) is not bellowing. Why there is not any noise of calf?? She asked about it to daughter in law. She replied "Mom I have crushed the calf as you told me to do so" Mother in law kept in grieve and scold daughter in law for her foolishness. Mother in law get worried about the cow. She thought when cow come back, she will try to find the calf and if she  find it dead, she can do anything. So she told her daughter in law to go and bury the ruins of calf under the ground. Daughter in law did the same. At evening when cow came back, she started searching for her calf and started bellowing for calling the calf. She get to know there was something wrong to her calf and she ran away. She reached the place where daughter in law had hidden the ruins of calf. Calf started hitting the place with her horn and leg. And then due to miracle of God calf came out from the ground all alive... :) This was considered as a miracle of Cow.

Because of this story on today's day means on baud chauth hindu mother's doesn't eat wheat at all. And pray to cow for long life of her child.

In Hinduism cow is really adorable and Hindu think cow has 33 cores of God in her whole body. And that's why they used to call cow as Gaymata. Means she is adorable like a mother..

So that's it for today. Say Gaymata's Jay. God bless everyone. And if you are reading my posts regularly then leave comments. I would love to see your thought on my posts. :) So This is R J Aashaka signing off for tonight. Ah no I am not going to sleep. But pretty tired and have to go out tomorrow so just goingto relax and watching tv. So C U Sabba kher good night sweet dream. I"ll catch you on the same place till then Be happy and make everyone happy :)

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